Remember these fun, fur benches in that gorgeous living room that I shared with you the other day?

Living Room via Sally Wheat Interiors


This room was designed by the very talented, Houston-based designer Sally Wheat and she is the focus of today’s Designer Spotlight!

Sally Wheat - Interior Designer


Whether you know her name, I’ll bet you’re familiar with her work, which I’ve not only featured on my site before, but has also been featured in Decor, Better Homes & Garden, and the Wall Street Journal, to name a few.  Elegant, chic, and playful are some of the words I’d use to describe her style.

Sally Wheat Green Living Room
{via Sally Wheat Interiors}



Sally’s style reflects an eclectic look with a mix of styles, colors, and old & new.  In fact, she firmly believes that every room should contain a vintage piece {used in a unique way} in order to make the space memorable!

Sally Wheat Coffee Table
{via Sally Wheat Interiors}



As a mom, Sally understands the need for homes to be livable and chooses items that while stylish and chic, are also comfy and approachable.

Sally Wheat Contemporary Living Room
{via Sally Wheat Interiors}



Clearly, she isn’t afraid to use patterns and color in her designs, which give ordinary items a unique look!

Sally Wheat Entry with Pink Cowhide Rug
{via Sally Wheat Interiors}



What I’ve noticed about many of the spaces that Sally has designed, is that she uses white walls to create a blank canvas for her designs, allowing the furniture and accessories to really pop and take center stage.  And with so much color, texture, and pattern in her design aesthetic, the rooms never look stark or boring.

Sally Wheat Kitchen
{via Sally Wheat Interiors}



Sally’s advice for homeowners is to be sure and always accessorize a room because accessories are like jewelry.  Getting the basics in a room is of course important, but you’ll miss out on that extra something special if you don’t accessorize!

Sally Wheat Gold Details
{via Sally Wheat Interiors}



For more examples of Sally’s beautiful work, be sure to check out her website.

Sally Wheat Living Room Bookcases
{via Sally Wheat Interiors}



If you’re afraid of color or pattern, Sally’s work should give you some great inspiration for how beautifully they can both be incorporated into your home and hopefully, give you the courage to go for it!


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