Creating a Family Memory Jar

We all lead busy lives and sometimes, we forget to appreciate and celebrate the little things that happen on a day-to-day basis.  Thanks to Pinterest, I came across this fantastic idea for keeping a Family Memory Jar, which is a great way to keep things in perspective and to help remind us of life’s joys!

Memory Jar - Tidbits&Twine

At the beginning of the year, we start with an empty jar.  Every time something good happens, we each write a little note with the our name, the date and the good thing that happened and then we drop the note in the jar.  I also use the jar to keep track of cute things that the kids say or do.  Then on New Year’s Eve, we empty the jar and read all of the notes to remind us what a great year it was!  It’s a great way to celebrate as a family!

We’ve been keeping this for some time now, but I didn’t get around to decorating our Family Memory Jar until just recently.  I decided to leave the jar clear so that we could see the notes as they accumulate, but added a bit of embellishment to match my decorating style.


  • 1 Jar (I used a $4.99 74 oz. BURKEN jar from IKEA because it doesn’t require the kids to screw the lid on but still has an air-tight seal closure)
  • Naturals Burlap Sticker (on clearance at Michaels)
  • Recollections Chalkboard Label (40% off at Michaels)
  • Recollections Metal Rimmed Tags (40% off at Michaels)
  • Idea-ology Word Band
  • Twine
  • Vintage Key
  • Chalk Pen
  • CeCe Caldwell Kansas City Wheat
  • CeCe Caldwell Satin Finish


I chose to paint the lid with Kansas City Wheat so that it would better fit with my kitchen decor (versus the silver) over which I applied two coats of Satin Finish.  To complete the lid, I added a word band reading, “capture life’s moments“, a tag with the year written on it and a vintage key.

To decorate the jar, I layered two different stickers and added an “M” in chalk for our family name.

Other ideas for decorate the jar include:

  • A collage of family photos
  • Glass etching your family’s last name
  • Painted jar with a color that matches your decor
  • A vinyl decal with your family’s initial
  • Inspirational quotes around the outside of jar
  • A decorative band around the middle (using paper, wallpaper or adhesive shelf paper) embellished with ribbon or burlap or even a flower
  • Family handprints around the jar


Enjoy the journey!







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  1. Such a lovely idea! I pinned it to my Fun Project board.
    Love your blog.

    1. User Avatar Tidbits&Twine says:

      Thank you so much, Rita! It really is a fun way to keep track of the year. :)

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