I love browsing Pinterest looking for inspiration and I always find myself pausing to look at the beautiful tables that have been set for weddings.  How can you not stop and stare at these?!

Outdoor Wedding Ruffle Chair
{via Pinterest}
Outdoor Wedding Chair

Gorgeous!  But too fancy for everyday use!


As I was looking at these pictures, I noticed that the chairs are always dressed up for the occasion, adding to the overall look of the table.  Okay, so these are too fancy and too fussy for everyday use, but there are ways to dress up chairs in ways that will work in everyday life.


6 Fun & Easy Ways to Dress Up Dining Chairs


1. Ribbon

One of my favorite things about my Christmas decorations this season was the red and white checked ribbon that I added to my dining chairs and now that the season is over, I’m a little bit reluctant to take them off. I love that the ribbon adds a pop of color while not altering or damaging the chair itself in any way.


 I really don’t want to keep the red ribbon year-round and so am considering some of these other ways to dress up my dining chairs.


2. Corset Slipcover

Have you seen parsons chairs with these adorable corset slipcovers?  In addition to changing the whole look of the chair, the corset slipcover adds a fun detail to the back.

Bernhardt Corseted Chairs
{Bernhardt Westcreek Chair}


While many of these chairs are made this way and the corset can’t be removed, you can also buy slipcovers for your existing chairs, like this adorable two-piece one from Paula and Erika.  Wouldn’t this look amazing on the head chairs!

Paula and Erika Corset Slipcover
{via Paula and Erika on Etsy}


3.  Seat Covers

I also really love idea of using chair covers to add interest without overpowering the chair.  I’m not referring to chair cushions, but covers that enhance the lines of the chair.  I absolutely love these ruffled linen covers from Ticking and Toile.

Ticking and Toile Seat Cover
{via Ticking and Toile on Etsy}


Or these from Pom Pom at Home.

Pom Pom at Home
{via Wayfair}
You could choose a slipcover that just adds detail to the chair or something that completely changes the look of it!  Ruffled, box-pleated, solid, patterned – the options are limitless!


4.  Wreaths

Even a simple embellishment can change the way a chair looks, like a mini boxwood wreath.  You could also use dried flowers, but on a chair, delicate items like flowers will be hard to maintain over time.

Boxwood Wreath on Chair

Wreath and Corset on Chairs
{via Pinterest}



5. Handles

I don’t think there’s a way to attach handles to a chair without permanently altering the chair, but even so, I love how hardware creates such an impact – it’s like jewelry for dining chairs!  I’ve seen ring pulls in chairs before but they often have a more contemporary look than fits my style.

Ring Pull on Chair
{via Pinterest}


But I recently came across a photo showing drawer handles attached to the tops of the chair backs and I thought that the hardware added an interesting detail to the chairs!

Handles on Dining Chairs
{via Pinterest}


6. Numbers

Even a simple number on the back of a chair can change the look!  If you don’t trust yourself with a paint brush, vinyl numbers might work just as well depending on the surface material of your chair.

Numbers on Chair Backs
{via Pinterest}
Numbers on Chairs
{via The Magnolia Mom}


There are so many great ideas out there in blog-land for dressing up chairs for parties and holidays, but finding a way to dress up chairs for everyday use is a bit trickier.  Whether you’re hoping to embellish an plain-looking chair or transform the look of an out-of-date one, the ideas above can help you find a look that works for you and your home year-round.  When thinking about how you can dress up your chairs, look for ideas that are durable, simple, timeless, without being overly showy so that they don’t overwhelm or detract from the dining space.


So before you decide to toss out your old dining chairs, dress them up a bit!



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  1. The number chairs from Magnolia Mom, where actually from me and in Joanna Gaines playroom before Fixer Upper began.

  2. Kim, you’ve got me thinking of ideas to dress up our dark brown, wooden, drab chairs. I’m thinking ribbon would be adorable! Thanks again. Happy New Year to you & your family.

    1. User Avatar Tidbits&Twine says:

      Sounds like you have a fun project ahead of you, Amy!

  3. Hi Kim, Cool ideas for dressing up chairs – thanks so much. I sure enjoy your posts!

    1. User Avatar Tidbits&Twine says:

      Thank you, Anne!

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