Choosing a cabinet for our upcoming bathroom renovation took a lot of thought and planning! Here’s a look at the beautiful bathroom vanity cabinet I chose!

Almost a year ago now, I mentioned that my kids’ {teenagers’} bathroom had sprung a leak and was beyond repair. It’s one of those situations where the tub needed to be replaced but they don’t make the same size anymore, so we’d have to patch the floor and the shower surround, and so on and so on….the snowball effect.

So YES! My 3rd bathroom renovation is set to begin!

I previously posted 6 different design boards with ideas for their remodel. While I didn’t choose one specific board to follow, I pulled from a few of the boards to create a design that is affordable and practical, but also pretty. Today, I’m sharing a look at my cabinet selection!

Bathroom Cabinet Selection

For my latest bathroom project, I choose SEMI-CUSTOM CABINETS so that I could choose the style and design without breaking the bank.

You can read more about the pros/cons of stock, semi-custom, and custom cabinets HERE.

I decided to shop at my local Lowes store because I knew that they had one really knowledgeable designer on staff. Lowes carries a few different semi-custom cabinet lines at varying pricepoints. I was open to any manufacturer and ultimately made my decision based on COLOR and PRICE.

I ended up choosing DIAMOND CABINETRY. The quality isn’t quite as high as a few of the other brands Lowes carries (like Kraftmaid or Schuler), but then again, neither is the price! Primarily, the quality difference is that the center door/drawer panels are MDF and not solid wood. Their interior drawer boxes are also shallower than other brands.

Inset doors really weren’t the look (or price) I was going for so I opted for full overlay. I also wanted drawer fronts that matched the doors.

You can read more about the pro/cons of Inset vs. Overlay HERE.

While MITERED corners tend to be more expensive than COPED, Lowes has a sale going that made the mitered doors less expensive than coped, so I took full advantage!

I chose the DELAMERE door with has sort-of a simplified, traditional look to it. It has a bit of detailing, without being overly fussy {read “hard to clean”} and a flat center panel. It also comes as a full overlay with the drawers having the same design as the doors {some just have what is called a slab front}.

Bathroom Cabinet Layout

For this bathroom project, I need DRAWERS! Quite honestly, my kids don’t really use cabinets and when they do, it’s only to throw stuff in and quickly close the door before an avalanche of stuff falls out.

I opted to go with 21″ sink base cabinets to minimize the cabinet size and maximize the size of the side drawers. For Diamond Cabinets, 21″ is a standard size, but with other manufacturers, it’s 20″.

I really wanted the three banks of drawers that were all evenly sized, but it just wasn’t possible with the standard dimensions in Diamond Cabinets. This is one of the tradeoffs that have to be made when selecting semi-custom cabinets. I could have gone with a different manufacturer, but then I wouldn’t get the color and style I wanted.

Here’s the layout I chose:

My plan is that my daughter will get 6 drawers and my son the remaining three because teenage girls have a lot of stuff!

Bathroom Cabinet Color

I posted a photo with three different color options on Facebook and most of you loved the darker blue at the bottom of this picture. I did too!

But, it’s important to look at cabinet color in your actual space and vertically! The color always appears slightly darker once it’s vertical {like your cabinet will be}.

I ultimately chose the lighter blue/gray color which in Diamond Cabinets is called SERIOUS GRAY.


Unfortunately, due to COVID delays, the cabinets won’t be delivered until SEPTEMBER, so I still have a while before the project kicks off.

While waiting for the cabinet, I’m purchasing all of the other items for the bathroom. I just found these pivot vanity mirrors on Amazon and ordered them. I’ll let you know if I like them once they arrive.

I also ordered these cute industrial sconces and they arrived, but I’m not 100% sure I’m keeping them. They might extend a bit too far for the small space…

In the meantime, there’s a big debate brewing between my two kids as to what type of shower head they want. Lol!

More to come about tile selection and plans, as well as accessories!

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    Hi there what size sink did you fit in the 21” sink base?

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