The time has come. We remodeled our downstairs bathroom in 2015 and our master bathroom in 2019 and now we’re ready for our 3rd and final bathroom remodel. The upstairs teen bathroom has a leak that can only be fixed by removing and replacing the tub. Unfortunately, newer tubs are not the same size as our old one, so in addition to a new tub, I’d need to patch or replace the flooring. But the cabinets don’t really have any storage and my almost teenage daughter’s stuff is spilling out all over the counter! While we’re not quite ready to start the physical remodel just yet, I need to get ideas and pricing together. I created 6 different design boards with teen bathroom ideas and want to know which is your favorite!

collage graphic showing six design boards for a blue and white bathroom

Budget Bathroom Remodel

I say “budget” but this isn’t going to be something where a coat of paint can fix everything. Unfortunately, everything has to be ripped out, but I’m keeping the layout, plumbing, and electrical in place. I’m’ also looking at cost-effective options since this is a kids bathroom. So while these aren’t my dream bathroom ideas, they fit my aesthetic, needs, and most importantly, my budget.

Teen Bathroom Considerations

In this case, “kids” doesn’t mean rubber duckies and cute frogs. My kids are teenagers, but trust me, they are still messy! Here’s a list of my considerations for this remodel that influenced the 6 bathroom remodel ideas below:

Easy-to-Clean Surfaces

  • No natural materials that need to be sealed
  • Large floor tiles = Less grout to clean
  • Non-staining countertop, such as quartz
  • No glass enclosure on the shower/tub combo (since I know they won’t squeege it!)
  • Clean lines on the cabinetry for easy dusting


  • More drawers than cabinets to help the kids stay organized
  • Linen tower for added closed storage


  • Keep consistent with the rest of the house (primarily blue and white)
  • Silver fixtures (we upgraded their faucets a few years and will reuse them)
  • Nothing too trendy, as the kids will be gone in five years and I don’t want to remodel before resale

Design Boards: Teen Bathroom Ideas

Design Board #1: Sophisticated Elegance

I’m in love with the Pyne Hollyhock wallpaper design from Schumacher. Okay, so maybe it doesn’t really look like a teenager’s style, but I couldn’t resist trying to find a way to incorporate it into my home!

To complement the wallpaper, I chose a blue gray vanity for color. In the shower, I selected a porcelain arabesque tile design because it’s durable and easy to clean. For the same reason, I chose large, 12 x 24 porcelain tiles for the floor the mimic the look of carrara marble.

bathroom remodel idea design board with blue floral wallpaper gray blue vanity and carrara floor

Design Board #2: Contemporary Elegance

For this design, I used the same elegant blue floral wallpaper, but juxtaposed it with a large hex floor for a more contemporary look. With a blue floor, I decided to swap out the vanity for a traditional white one. I also changed out the mirror and sconces for something slightly more contemporary than shown in Design Board #1.

bathroom remodel idea design board with blue floral wallpaper and navy hex floor tile

Design Board #3: Contemporary Color

Like most teenagers, my kids like the clean, contemporary look and they love color. Design #3 includes a different wallpaper that gives the whole room a fresh look. I added a round mirror to play off the wallpaper pattern and a more industrial style light fixture. This design has lots of clean lines!

Design Board #4: Light and Bright Pattern

I took this design in an entirely different direction by using a lighter shade of blue. I came across these gorgeous 10×10 patterned floor tiles and thought they paired nicely with a herringbone backsplash. This design is very much in keeping with the rest of my home, but still has a bit of a contemporary vibe that might kids might like.

bathroom remodel idea design board with blue herringbone tile and pattern tiled floor

Design Board #5: Funky Modern Mix

I came across the fun gray and blue rectangular tile and couldn’t pass up an opportunity to use it! I added a round mirror and a fun retro schoolhouse sconce to break up some of the straight lines. This design is light, bright, and a bit funky.

bathroom remodel idea design board with geometric tile on the wall gray vanity and white shower

Design Board #6: Flirty and Feminine

I have loved this Artemis wallpaper from Anthropologie since I find saw it! I will tell you that I personally think it looks best when paired with a deep blue vanity and gold fixtures. Gold fixtures won’t work for me, though, so I tested it out with chrome. I love the soft, muted colors of the wallpaper and all of the graceful lines in this design.

bathroom remodel idea design board with pink and blue floral wallpaper blue vanity and white shower

I have yet to price these options out and admittedly, a vanity wall with either wallpaper or tile might be entirely out of my budget (paint, anyone?). But I love the process of exploring and designing options and had so much fun putting these teen bathroom ideas together.

So the time has come, which of the bathroom design boards is your favorite? Vote below!

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collage graphic showing six design boards for a blue and white bathroom

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  1. I like#1 and also voted for.

    Which thing grab my attention?

    Ummm it’s vanity wallpaper

    Lovely idea.
    Thank you

  2. Evelyn Marie Sandefur says:

    Love the wall paper in 6, but I don’t care for the shower curtain with it. all the boards are gorgeous and inspiring. Keep us updated with progress. You’re very fortunate. I was excited because we replaced the rusty porcelain sink and the old pull up knob faucet in the master bathroom this week. The pine cabinets will have to stay for awhile until I decide to rip out or paint. Our last house, we gutted and remodeled everything. Now, I have more of a tendency to think ‘if it’s not broken, use it’. We just moved about 2 months ago, so I think I have to live in this home for awhile.

  3. #1 fits more in with the rest of your home.

  4. Sharon Hadley says:

    Didnt see if there was a tub?
    But I prefer a “less is more” approach.
    Too much and the design is lost, best parts run together soooooo
    “Kiss” please #2

  5. #1! I second that emotion!!! Love the wallpaper!

  6. My personal favorite is #1…LOVE the design! I however voted for #3 for a “teenage” design. The basics could easily be changed to the elegance of #1 once they go off to college or out of the house.

    1. I absolutely love #4. The floor tyke is what sold me. Gaawgeous!! Love it!!

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