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Tidbit Tuesday: When to Pick Your Paint Color

Tidbit Tuesday



Today’s tidbit is short and to the point: When designing a room, choose your paint color last so that it coordinates with the other items in the room.  The reason is because paint is available in virtually every shade and every color.  And what you can’t find, you can have custom mixed or matched!  Given the limitless options, it’s easier to start with your other furnishings – those that have more limited color options – and then choose a paint color that will complement.

For a fun {free} way to explore color palette options, try Sherwin-Williams Chip It! tool.  You can select images from a URL or upload your own and the site will turn your picture into a palette.  Just for fun, I uploaded my guest bedroom nightstand image and this is the color palette that the Chip It! tool selected.

Tidbits&Twine Guest Bedroom Chip It!

Of course, this doesn’t exactly reflect how the paint will look in your home, but it gives you fun color suggestions and a good place to startt!


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