Your Decorating Style is…Eclectic


What is Eclectic Design

Your style is just as unique as you! An Eclectic style of decorating is just as it sounds – a little bit of this mixed with a little bit of that to create a look that is uniquely you.

Eclectic is a curated look that doesn’t reflect one particular style, but a mix that grows and evolves over time as your tastes change. Some say that Eclectic means you don’t have a style, but that just isn’t true! Eclectic design is fun and energetic and filled with beautiful eye candy!

When you gravitate toward a lot of different design styles, your home often ends up in the Eclectic category…as it should! Your home should be a reflection of everything you enjoy, so if you have varied interests, why shouldn’t your home represent them?

If you like a lot of design styles and aren’t one to follow the “rules” Eclectic is probably right up your alley.

Done carefully and with intent, you can create a style all of your own; however, done without planning, the mismatch of items can look chaotic and cluttered, so it’s important to know both HOW and WHAT to mix and match.

So how do you make an Electic style “work”?

The key to an Eclectic style is not to look for things that match, but rather, things that go together. This means that you can utilize dissimilar objects {in fact, contrasting objects work great} so long they all have at least one thing in common, whether it’s their coloring, scale, finish, size, shape, etc.

This is really an important element of an Eclectic style – everything has at least one thing in common with something else in the room!

Why don’t all Electic rooms look the same?

One tricky thing about describing your style as Eclectic, though, is that because it is so individualized, there’s no way for someone to get a clear image in their mind as to your style. You could primarily mix Traditional with Contemporary, or Modern with Industrial, and while both would be called Eclectic, they would have a very different look!

Eclectic Elements

While Eclectic rooms are quite varied in style and color, there are a few things that most have in common. Most Eclectic rooms use a wide variety of patterns, combined with intent. They also seamlessly mix old and new. So think of a contemporary table lamp sitting next to a collection of antique magnifying glasses! Lastly, there’s always a bit of unexpected in Eclectic design. Since there are no rules, anything goes!

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