Have you noticed the trend of mixing and matching dining chairs?  While the look might seem easy, uing mismatched chairs isn’t quite as simple as it sounds.  You can’t just go and purchase any chairs and expect to pull off the look because not just any mix chairs will work.  To properly pull off this look, there are a few guidelines to keep in mind.  I say “guidelines” as opposed to “rules” because there are always exceptions, but in general, the tips below will get you started on your way to create this unique and fun look!  {And be sure to cast your vote at the bottom of the post!}


Tips & Tidbits for Mixing & Matching Dining Chairs





1.Find {or Create} One Thing in Common

Pick chairs that have at least one thing in common, whether it’s color, shape, size, wood tone, etc., so that you create an eclectic look without feeling chaotic.  If you have a random mix of chairs, remember that you can paint them the same color {or same hue} in order to create a common denominator!

Electic Yellow Dining Chairs
{via A Beautiful Mess}


These chairs all have a similar wood tone, even though the styles and upholstery are different.

Mixed Print Dining Chairs
{via Country Living}


2. Keep Scale in Mind

When different styles of side chairs, make sure that they all have a similar scale.

Colorful Mix and Match Dining Chairs


3. Go Big with Head Chairs

The exception to the scale rule applies to head chairs, which can be the same size as the side chairs, or even bigger.

Wicker Head Chairs
{via Mallori at Vintage Finds}


4.A Note About Benches

If you use a bench on one side, consider using all one type of chairs on the other so that there is a bit of uniformity from one side to the other.  The head chairs can be different.

Green Head Chairs with Bench
{via Jen Langston Interiors}
{via BHG.com}
{via BHG.com}


5.  Mismatched Upholstery

Another way to create an eclectic look is to use all the same chair but upholstered in different fabrics.

{Mismatched chairs via Horchow}
{Mismatched chairs via Horchow}


6.  Use Opposites

For a more eclectic look, try pairing opposites, whether its modern and vintage, or heavy and light!  {But don’t forget Rule #1}

{Note that while the styles are different, both have a similar back shape and use of metal.  source}


7.Use a Consistent Seat Height

No matter what seating you use, always ensure that the seat heights are the same {or very, very close} so that no guest sits lower than everyone else.

{via Better Homes & Gardens}
{via Better Homes & Gardens}



One of my regrets about my own dining room is that I didn’t purchase a different style of head chairs for my dining table.  Yes, they are different in that they’re arm chairs, not side chairs, but I really wish I had purchased a completely different style of chair.  Normally, I like order and predictability, which is still true, but I really like the look of mismatched dining chairs because it helps to create a more individualized and collected look.

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  1. Clearly I’m in the minority on “thinking it over”. I love captains chairs for a dining room, but I think the jumbled look of a wide array of different style chairs would bug me. It’s a OCD thing. :-)

  2. I love the idea of mixing chairs! But the photo with the two huge green wing backs? just…no. Looks ridiculous.

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