Not all trends are worth knowing about, let alone following, but I think these 2020 home decor trends just might interest you!  While no one REALLY knows what will be a success in 2020 just yet, we can speculate based on what’s happening in both the consumer and designer markets to make some educated guesses.  {This post contains affiliate links.  You can read my full disclosure policy HERE}

To me, home decor trends are no different than fashion trends. You see one thing on the runway, but no one really wears those outfits in the “real” world. But what happens is that some element of design from those items gets translated to an everyday look that is 1) more affordable and 2) more realistic for the average person. Similarly, a true home decor trend might only be created by designers to be seen in magazines or on TV. But if you watch, you’ll start to see how those trends changed so that can be incorporated into everyday living.

So that’s what today’s post is all about! The six 2020 home decor trends that can be tailored for the average person!

2020 Home Decor Trends

1. Navy is the New Hue

The Decorating Trend: Pantone’s color of the year is called Classic Blue, which is a shade of navy meant to be “a shade reminiscent of the sky at dusk”.   In similar fashion, Sherwin-Williams’ color of the year is Naval which is a bold navy shade.  In the decorating world, you might start to see this color pop up on walls and even cabinetry, making a bold impact or focal point in a room.

2020 Color of the Year Naval Sherwin Williams
Via Sherwin Williams



The Real Trend: With navy being earmarked as the color of the year, you can expect to see it pop up in all types of home decor, so you’re not limited to investment pieces if you want to incorporate a bit of navy.  Look at how beautifully these navy pillows from Pottery Barn spice up this room!  What’s great about navy is that it’s sophisticated and stylish, able to pair with a multitude of other colors, thus giving you lots of options when it comes to decorating.

Here are some great options if you want to incorporate navy through stylish accessories


2. Non-White Kitchens

The Designer Trend: For years, white kitchens have reigned supreme, but in 2020 you’ll start to see more color {and wood tones} enter the mix.  Some designers anticipate bold colored granite or black countertops, while others think we’ll start to see colored cabinets make a statement.

Via Michael Kaskel


The Real Trend: For those building a home or renovating the kitchen, yes, wood or colored cabinets might be at the top of the their list.  But for those of use who aren’t remodeling anytime soon, color can be incorporated in other ways to make your existing kitchen stay fresh.  One idea is to bring in wood accents, through a furniture style island, ceiling beams, or even kitchen decor.

White kitchen with wood beams
Via Crisp Architects

There are also beautiful kitchen countertop appliances made in a variety of colors to help diffuse what might otherwise be an all-white palette.  My current favorite is the Kitchen-Aid Limited Edition with Hobnail Bowl that my hubby got me last year!  Or maybe you’re in the market for a new range and are interested in these beauties!

Here are some more fun finds to liven up your kitchen

3. Floral Wallpaper

Designer Trend:  Wallpaper really is making a big comeback, especially with the great removable options like peel and stick that are so readily available these days.  And 2020 promises not just wallpaper, but specifically floral wallpaper.  Not only does this bring in a splash or color, but some nice organic shapes to help soften a space and create a big impact!

Via Little Greene

Some of my favorite florals



The Real Trend:  I do think wallpaper will be a real trend, not just a designer trend, but when it comes to floral, there are many who are just not willing to take the leap.  Instead, I think we’ll start to see florals pop up in textiles such that while the floral print may not be on the wall, it might be in linens, pillows, curtains, etc.

Via House and Home

Here are some ways you can introduce the floral pattern into your home but without the commitment of wallpaper.


4. Vintage Accents

Designer Trend: Furniture pieces are starting to see a bit more detailing like similar to vintage pieces of the 1800s to early 1900s.  Instead of entire room of detailed vintage pieces, though, it might just be a few accent pieces.

Via Spacecrafting/Bria Hammel Interiors


The Real Trend: Like wallpaper, I think vintage-style furnishing will also be a real trend.  Not everyone is looking to change up their furnishing, though, so vintage accents can be incorporated through accessories like coffee table decor, mirrors, lamps, frames, and more.  I’m always a fan of incorporating something vintage {or vintage inspired} into a home, though, because it gives the space a custom, unique feel and keep it from looking like a showroom.


5. Houseplants

This one is easy to do whether you’re a designer or an average homeowner.  The inclusion of houseplants in a room is on the upswing, which is great for the air we breathe, but from a design perspective, it’s a great way to include a natural, organic shape into a space.  While large plants have always been a great way to fill an empty corner, 2020 will bring them out into the open a bit more.

Via Southern Living


Fiddle leaf figs were all the rage, but you really have to find just the right light for them to thrive.  Faux olive trees like {this} one are now popular, so expect to see more olives incorporated.  Two of my personal favorite live plants are the ZeeZee plant and {this} one because they are super low maintenance.  But as much as I like real plants, there are some great faux alternatives available!



6. Rattan and Wicker Furniture

The Designer Trend: Making its comeback this year is rattan and wicker furniture.  These pieces are a great juxtaposition to the modern style and a nice complement to traditional.  Whether painted or natural, these pieces add a lot of texture to a room.  I love {these} blue bistro chairs in this kitchen!

Blue french bistro chairs
Via One Kings Lane


The Real Trend: Look for rattan and woven accessories in stores this year.  No matter your decorating style or color palette, you’ll be able to find something that will work for you.  I love rattan in my own home because most of my decor is neutral and I rely heavily on textured accents to keep things interesting.

In my mind, textured accents like woven baskets, trays, wall hangings, rugs, etc. never go out of style.  Here are some of my favs!



Which of these trends, if any, do you think you’ll incorporate?  And what are you hoping is OUT for 2020?


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  1. This is a great post, and I appreciate you sharing ways of ‘dipping a toe’ into these trends without upending our whole home. And I honestly think that really is the best way incorporate trends and keep our home looking current, but still keeping our home’s personality intact!

  2. Kim,
    I’ve missed your great posts and wonderful perspective on decorating our homes.

  3. Such pretty trends! No white, heavily distressed furniture? Perhaps it has seen its best days!

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