I love going to Open Houses, do you?  Not only do I actually really like to look at floorplans and get remodeling ideas, but secretly {sshhhh….} I like getting a glimpse as to how other people live.  It’s just interesting to look, isn’t it?!  So today, I’m going to give you a real-life glimpse into a much-neglected area of my home and one that has made it to the top of my project To Do list – my kitchen pantry!

Those of you that are regular readers of my blog will know that I hate cooking and while I do make dinner for the family every night, I really only make very basic things.  So right of the bat, you’ll notice that my pantry doesn’t contain any items of someone who enjoys cooking or cooks “real” food on a regular basis.  And while it’s a complete and total disorganized mess at the moment, I really do organize it and clean it out on a regular basis.  The problem?  The sections aren’t defined, so as I add new items, there isn’t a space for them.  Eventually, I just started randomly putting things in when unloading the groceries with the idea that I would go back and organize it later, but “later” only seems to happen once a month or so.  Also, without clear sections, the kids never put anything back in the “right” spot, which just lead to even more disorganization.

Okay, enough stalling, I guess it’s time to reveal the mess…



Keep in mind that I’m not complaining about my pantry in general…in fact, I realize that I’m fortunate to have a pantry and love it!  My last home didn’t have one and we had to keep all of our canned and jar goods in a cabinet out in the garage.  So I do love having a pantry in my kitchen!  I just need a better system for it.  So here’s a look at some of my favorite {real-life} pantry storage ideas from around the web.  As always, please be sure to Pin from the original source.  :)

5 Creative Pantry Storage Ideas via Tidbits&Twine



1. Stackable Canned Food Storage

This pantry from Shanty2Chic is amazing, and what I love is that they made the stackable canned food organizers and spice rack, both of which add so much functionality to the space!  You can find the canned food organizer tutorial {here} and the door spice rack tutorial {here}.

{via Shanty2Chic}
{via Shanty2Chic}



2. The Corner Carousel

As you can see, I don’t have a corner in my pantry, but since some of you might, I just couldn’t resist sharing this amazing idea from Emily at Decorchick!  Her dad made this pantry carousels {Lazy Susans} for the corner and look at how much storage space she gained!

{via Decorchick}
{via Decorchick}



3. Pencil Holder Storage

Have you ever noticed that little space between the doorjam and the pantry shelves?  Well, Ashley at Domestic Imperfection came up with a very creative way to make the most of her pantry space.

{via Domestic Imperfection}
{via Domestic Imperfection}



4. Tension Rod Organizers

Tension rods can be secured vertically between shelves to create storage fro narrow items like baking sheets, bread boards, platters, and more!

{via Martha Stewart}
{via Martha Stewart}



5. Under Shelf Storage

Some shelves are spaced taller than needed, so take advantage of the extra height and add some wire baskets underneath to hold extra items!

{via Better Homes & Gardens}
{via Better Homes & Gardens}



Since I’m just kicking off my pantry makeover project, I’d love to hear if you have any creative solutions for storage so please share!
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  1. These are some great ideas! I don’t have a pantry, just a couple shelves in the linen closet. But, I always love seeing ideas to make that space more user friendly! Blessings, Cindy

  2. Kim,
    You’ve covered all the tricks of the pantry trade and introduced me to a new one…the tension rods. I had no idea they made tension rods that small. That is a great idea. Our pantry is small and I love to cook so I’m forever organizing and checking it for needed staples. Still, it’s a space that can lose organization easily and we’re empty nesters!
    I know you’ll come up with some winning solutions for your pantry and it will be fun to see how you re-configure it.
    Your dog is adorable.

  3. I am re-doing my pantry now and these tips are perfect!! Spring cleaning is in full swing!
    xo. Leslie
    Segreto Finishes

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