An honest reivew of the IKEA EKTORP sofa based on price, style, quality, fabric durability, and comfort. Plus, I’ll share a tip for the best way to wash the slipcover!

IKEA EKTORP Sectional with blue striped french pillows in a family room

After living with my new IKEA EKTORP sofa sectional for a few months, I thought I’d share my honest opinion with you…and it might not be what you expect.  So read on for my IKEA EKTORP sofa review!

Those of you that joined me on my Spring Home Tour might have noticed that have a new sofa in the family room.  This room was looooooong overdue for a new sofa, as the old one had given us 10 solid years not only as a sofa, but also a trampoline, fort, dinner table, cat scratching post, dog bed, movie seating, sick lounger, and more.  I’m not one of those people that owns things to be looked at and not used.  Our old sofa was USED well-loved!

What shocked me when I started searching for a new sectional, though, was the price!  I had complete sticker shock!  Everything that I loved in terms of the look and style was a minimum of $4K and completely out of my budget.  Plus, as I just explained, we’re hard on our furniture, especially in the family room where the kids play, and I didn’t want to spend that kind of money on a sectional and cry every time something was spilled on it.

Enter the EKTORP.


After much debate, I decided to give the IKEA EKTORP sofa sectional a try.  I *love* the look and let’s be honest, you can’t beat the price. 

I paid $799 for the sectional, and that included the Lofallet Beige slipcover.  The EKTROP sofa retails for $399 and a replacement slipcover {which includes the base cover plus all of the cushion covers} only costs $49, which is much less than buying a new sofa should the current cover get ruined or I change my mind about the color. 

The price of the initial sofa and replacement covers does depend on which fabric you choose, but they are all close in price and there are quite a few fabric selections to choose from.

IKEA EKTROP Sofa Specifications

The sectional I purchased is no longer available, but aside from the length, the specs are the same for the EKTORP sofa:

  • Depth – 34 5/8 “
  • Height – 34 5/8 “
  • Seat depth – 19 1/4 “
  • Seat height – 17 3/4 “
  • Price: $399
  • Replacement cover price: $49

Style & Fabric Selections

I’m a fan of the relaxed look of slipcovered pieces and the IKEA EKTORP has a graceful design that isn’t too overpowering, even as a sectional.  I chose the Lofallet Beige slipcover, but also considered the Novdvalla Dark Beige and Vittaryd White.  Here’s a side-by-side of the fabric swatches so you can better see how they compare.

IKEA EKTORP Lofallet Beige versus Vittaryd White and Nordvalla dark beige

For those of you that are familiar with, or already own, Restoration Hardware pieces in Belgian Linen Flax, here’s a side-by-side of those swatches as well.  You can see that the IKEA EKTORP sofa fabric has a tighter weave but they are in the same color family.

RH Belgian Linen versus IKEA EKTORP Lofallet Beige

Construction Quality

The slipcover’s quality is very nice, with good construction.  The sectional is two main pieces that connect at the corner.  The base slipcover then goes over the entire pieces and then you place the five seat cushions on, followed by the six loose back cushions.  Each cushion has piping and a zipper closure.

The slipcovers fit the cushions perfectly, so you don’t have to worry about drooping or wrinkling due to excess fabric.

IKEA EKTORP Sofa Quality Lofallet Beige - Tidbits&Twine

The back cushions have a box edge, which I think gives the sofa a clean look.  If wrinkles bother you, though, this might not be the sofa for you, as the skirt can wrinkle with use {although I’m personally a fan of Downy Wrinkle Release!}

IKEA EKTORP sectional sofa in Lofallet Beige Review - Tidbits&Twine


For me, this is really the only area that the IKEA EKTORP falls short, and I mean that literally.  The seat depth listed on the website is 19.25″ and that’s accurate.  I’m 5’4″ so my legs aren’t terribly long, but even I feel like the seat depth is a bit short. 

If you’re sitting upright with your feet on the floor, it’s not that big of an issue, but if you’re watching a movie and trying to get cozy and like to pull one or both legs up under you, it just won’t work.  This sofa is the perfect size for young kids or people who sit properly in a conversational manner, but that’s it.  You absolutely can’t sit with one leg tucked up or criss-cross applesauce {can you tell I have kids?!} or your knees fall off the edge.

It’s also not particularly comfortable if you like to nap on your sofa unless you rearrange the cushions a bit.  My son’s friends were here for a sleepover and when I went up to bed, one had made himself comfortable in a sleeping bag on the sofa.  When I came down in the morning, he was on the floor and said he found the floor more comfortable than the sofa.  If you like to nap on your sofa, you’d really need to remove the back cushions for sleeping; otherwise, the seat just isn’t wide enough so as to be comfortable.

One last thing to keep in mind is that this sofa sits rather firm.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s not so firm as to be uncomfortable, but don’t expect to sink back and relax.  It really forces you to keep a more formal sitting position and posture.

Stain Removal

If I didn’t address how to clean the sofa, my review would be lacking because how can one USE such a light-colored sofa without getting it dirty, right?  I wish I hadn’t needed to tackle stain removal so early in my ownership, but well, life happens.  What I will say is that the cushions are very easy to clean!

During a sleepover/pizza party, one of the cushions suffered a major onslaught of pizza grease.  I’d like to tell you that I immediately sprayed the marks with stain remover and promptly washed the cover, but I’d be lying.  No, in fact, I completely forgot about the pizza and instead, let the stains set in….for weeks! 

Here’s a few of the pizza marks, but there were many more {like 10 fingers worth!}


I actually didn’t remember about the pizza until one rainy day, I saw this muddy face…

…and then found this.

Apparently, she felt the need to rescue her bone from the rain and thought my sofa was the perfect safe spot!

How to remove stains from IKEA EKTORP sofa sectional

How to Wash the EKTORP Sofa

To wash the EKTORP, I removed all of the dirty cushions and spray them with stain remover.  Then I threw them into the wash with regular detergent and cold water.  The directions say not to dry the slipcover, but I didn’t want to wait so instead, I put them in the dryer on AIR DRY. 

Just before they were completely dry, I took them out and put them back on the sofa.  The slightest {and I mean slightest} bit of moisture gave them just enough give to get them back on easily.

The stains completely came out and washing the covers was really no big deal.  Washing the entire cover all at once is obviously a longer process though, as it will take a couple of loads in the wash and longer to dry. 

The cushions didn’t need to be ironed after washing as the cushion itself pushes any wrinkles out, but the base cover will need ironing {or wrinkle release spray}.


Price – YES

At $799 with new slipcovers available for as low as $99, you can’t beat the EKTORP.  I don’t know of another sectional available at this price point that is as durable and solidly built.

Style – YES

Box edge cushions and a relaxed slipcover combine to create a stylish look.  There are also several fabrics and colors to choose from!

Quality – Yes

The slipcovers are a perfect fit and the overall sofa construction is sound. I’ve actually owned a Pottery Barn slipcover sectional as well and I think that the quality of the IKEA EKTORP is much better.

Stain Removal/Durability – YES

Washing the cover was easy and the stains released without much effort.  The base cover will wrinkle but you can either iron it or use a spray product like Downy Wrinkle Release.

Comfort – NO

This is a personal preference for me…The seat depth is short, which doesn’t allow you to sit any way other than with two feet flat on the floor.  It’s perfect for conversational seating, but not so much if you’re looking for the type of sofa that you can sink down into, pull your legs up, and relax.  The cushions are firm, but not hard.

So, would I buy it again?

No.  Well, at least not for a family room that is.  For the way in which we use our family room sofa, the EKTORP just isn’t comfortable enough.  As much as I’d like to say that we sit prim and proper while we watch movies, we don’t!  We like to snuggle in and relax, and the seat depth just doesn’t allow for that.  It is, however, very sturdy and easy to clean so if it’s mostly for kids and you want it to be durable, it’s perfect!

Now if this were for my living room, where it would be used in a more formal or conversational way {like chatting with friends who came over}, I would highly recommend it.  If you want something that looks nice and is comfortable for sitting {with two feet on the floor}, the EKTORP is an exceptional value and I would recommend it.

Still, I can’t help but love how it looks in this room!

French Farmhouse Family Room with EKTORP sectional

Will It Stay?

Yes, for now!  But I’m keeping my eye on the FARLOV sectional, which has only been out for about a year.  It’s a bit pricier but the seat depth is 25.25″ so it’s more in line with my personal preference and I think will be more comfortable for us to sit on.  It’s also a bit longer which will fit my room a bit better.  Unfortunately, they only have four covers available at the time of this post and the Flodafors fabric is incredibly scratchy!  I tried to convince myself that I liked it, but it’s pretty bad.  The Djuparp fabric looks nice and is much softer, but only available in gray and yellow-beige, neither of which work for me.  I’ll keep an eye out, though, and let you know if more fabrics become available!

More Decorating Tips:

Update: I decided to sell my IKEA EKTORP sofa and now have a Pottery Barn sectional!

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  1. Rose-Marie says:

    Hi, I too went looking for a new sofa and decided on the Ektorp sectional. I am not a small sized person and I nap on this frequently without removing the cushions, without issue! My 90 year old mother spends the night on it quite often and loves the sleep she gets, she does remove the back cushions. The only issue I have with it it the corner where it joins the other ‘seats’ , the wood underframe is noticeable. Other than that I love this sofa! However, the time has come to replace the cover and Ikea no longer makes this … so now I am searching for a replacement….not an easy task!

  2. I have the sofa and chair and love it! Seat depth is perfect for sitting with my legs up on the couch and under. I am about 5’3”. My husband is taller and takes up the whole couch if he lounges lol
    I do feel it takes a while to get softer. The couch is very firm when you buy it which is good or it would never last. We have had ours for 4 years and it is perfect. The middle cushion gets rotated as the two end ones get used most. Mine is due for a cover change now as I wash it quite often with two dogs, 3 cats and 2 kids. But if you don’t wash it that often it would last a long time. I always had to buy leather and with this sofa I can finally have a comfy fabric sofa!

  3. Where did you purchase your coffee table and has it held up well? Thanks!

    1. User Avatar Tidbits&Twine says:

      Hi Katy – I bought it on Wayfair and so far so good! The kids have spilled various drinks and greasy popcorn on it, but so far, everything has been wiped up with no issues. :) Kim

  4. Dallas Ingram says:

    I have to disagree that it’s too short for snuggle/ cuddle. I’m 6′ 3″ my wife is 5’10” and at the time of purchase we had a 95lb mastiff, 70lb boxer mix, 35lb beagle mix, and a 10lb cat and we all managed to sit comfortably. It’s neigh impossible to sit proper with that many animals so we have contorted ourselves about every way imaginable on it. We have slept on it on more than one occasion on nights that our baby refused to sleep. Obviously we valued the washable nature and ease of replacement of worn coverings most of all, but in 4 years it still is quite comfortable. Honestly the least comfortable part is the armrests. They have next to no padding so horrible for laying on. Anyway just thought I would give the perspective of someone that is much taller than you.

  5. I read your blog fairly often and you’re always coming out with some great stuff.
    I shared this on my Facebook and my followers loved it!
    Keep up the good work. :)

  6. Would you mind telling me how big the sectional is on each side? As in, from the back corner to the armrest on each side?

    1. User Avatar Tidbits&Twine says:

      Hi Kate! According to IKEA, it’s 95 5/8 from the corner to each of the armrest sides. :) Kim

  7. Nice Review. I wonder if you could sew a small weight behind the corners of the slipcover’s corners of the skirt. At JoAnn’s Fabric Store, I believe they have small weights that are often used in professional drapery to lay pretty. That might hold the skirt down and prevent that pull look.
    I love, did I mention love your taste and your posts.
    Keep them coming.
    Evelyn Sandefur

  8. I have the Farlov. It’s awesome. Super deep and has a bench seat cushion. Have it in white. Yes, fabric isn’t soft. You could always buy it without the cover and buy cover with Bemz or Comfort Works.

  9. My husband and I are going to Ikea this weekend to check out the new EKTORP 3.5 sofa. The seat depth on that is 22.5″, guess they came out with that new size because of the many complaints about the seat depth on all of the regular EKTORP pieces. I thought I would get the white slip covers, however I’m starting to rethink that and will probably get the Lofallet Beige if I like how it looks. We have white walls in our living room, and although I am redecorating in a coastal theme, I think the beige might work better. Perhaps they’ll start making the other sofas in the bigger size.

  10. Zahnwhea Harmon says:

    Hi, do you know if the flodafors beige nd the lofallet beige are the same shade? I know the material is different but I couldn’t really tell about the color. We ordered the Farlov today for our large family room and I’m hoping the beige is more sandy than dark.

    1. User Avatar Tidbits&Twine says:

      It’s been a little while since I looked at them, but I seem to recall that Flodafors was darker than Lofallet because unlike Lofallet, which is woven with white and beige threads, I think Flodafors is only beige. It also has a much bigger weave. I think this picture is pretty accurate if memory serves….

      Please let me know what you think of the Farlov when it arrives! Did you order a sofa or a sectional? :) Kim

  11. I am actually surprised that you don’t find it comfy. My husband and I are 6 feet and always curl up on the couch. We did get the ottoman as a coffee table substitute and did the sofa with chaise configuration. It fits us, our son, the dog, and sometimes the two cats. It’s so comfortable that my husband wants to sleep on it at night. We love this couch! Plus it’s held up so much better than any other couch we’ve owned.

  12. Pretty inspiration! I”ve heard such good things about the Ektorp. My sister recently got a sectional and absolutely loves it! I would be sure to stop by World Market when you”re in Tulsa sometime and look at those chairs in person. I was looking at some there and they were MUCH smaller scaler in person than they looked online. These are so pretty and might be great but something to consider!

  13. Marty Oravetz says:

    Love the look, but not sure I would like the small size either. I sent yo two emails about the Summer Tours. I need to know if you are going to join us asap. Please let me know.

  14. I have had the Ektorp sectional- and loved it even though the short seat length bothered me also, but gave it to my sister when we moved. In our new home I bought the Radley sectional from Macys and love it much more than the Ektorp because of the seat depth and the large corner piece for snuggling. Also, it is extremely comfy for napping, and overnight guests have slept on it comfortably with the back pillows removed. Bonus- it always goes on sale.

  15. I actually prefer the shorter seat depth and find it more comfortable than my Pottery Barn slipcovered sofa which is softer and deeper. I always have to put a pillow behind my back on the PB one. My Ektorp sofa and chairs have held up very well with 2 kids on them often.

  16. This was a great review, appreciate the honesty. I’m not in the market for a sofa, but I’m glad you mentioned the seat depth. When I’m at home I may sit prim and proper once or twice a year! If that…

  17. Teddee Grace says:

    Well, I’m not in the market for a sofa, but the photo of your smiling dog was worth the entire post! She obviously thinks she’s done the right thing. What a cutie!

  18. Thank you for this honest review. I have been looking for a sectional for our basement and like you, I had sticker shock. The basement is not an area that we are in all that much since our kids are grown. But we do have guests who stay in a bedroom down there and we occasionally use it on holidays when everyone is home. I found a comfortable sofa at a decent price at Ashley Home Store. I had never been in one but saw one near my daughter’s home and gave it a try. I was pleasantly surprised.

    1. User Avatar Tidbits&Twine says:

      Hi Bettye – Ashley Home Store has some really lovely pieces at much more affordable prices, doesn’t it? I personally haven’t purchased anything from there so I can’t speak to the quality, but I always enjoy browsing. For a basement that where you’ll use the sectional for occasional gatherings, you might really like the EKTORP. It really is nice for sitting in a conversational manner and the EKTORP has a fantastic reputation for holding up for many years. My issue is more related to how we sit on the sofa when we cozy up and pull our legs up….it’s really in those instances where I notice the short seat depth. Whatever you decide, good luck with finding the right sectional for your basement! :) Kim

  19. Kim, nice review! I wonder if something has changed in the manufacture of the Ektorp Sectional? My daughter bought one off Craigslist about 8 years ago and it is fantastic. True, seat depth is a little shorter but she has 3 boys and they all love it. When she got it it had the white cover but she recently switched to the Lofallet Beige cover and has no complaints (other than it’s rather large for the room it’s in). Thanks for the honest review, opens discussion!

    1. User Avatar Tidbits&Twine says:

      Hi Robbyn! I think it’s been the same design for years but again, I think it depends on personal preference and how you sit. It truly is great for kids, not only because of the price point but also the convenience for washing the covers and/or replacing them! I’m glad to hear that your daughter likes hers and that it’s held up so well for her! :) Kim

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