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6 Small-Scale ideas for that Empty Corner in the Living Room!

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Inspiring ideas for what to do with those empty corners in the living room! Say goodbye to those awkward spaces and learn to complete the look of the room with these six space-saving ideas.

We’ve all had it happen to us at one time or another.  We finally get a room furnished and think it’s “done” and then it happens…that lonely and empty corner catches our eye and suddenly, looks as if it needs to be filled! 

It always seems that once a room is furnished, it’s the blank spaces that grab our attention. 

Sometimes empty corners are necessary to give our eyes a break and keep the room from feeling too crowded, but other times, they just feel…well…empty.  Even if you don’t have room to fill the corner with a large piece of furniture, there are still ways to decorate it on a smaller scale so that it looks complete, but without taking up too much space. 

6 Creative ideas what to put in that empty living room corner!


Here are 6 small-scale ideas to decorate an empty corner to make it feel more connected to the rest of the room.

1. Plants

A tall houseplant is an easy way to fill the void while adding a great organic shape to a room! I chose a faux fiddle leaf fig for the corner of my living room because the space didn’t quite get enough light to keep a real one alive. (Yes, I learned that the hard way.)

I have a smaller faux olive tree in the corner of my dining room that I adore! It comes with a weighted plastic base, which I just drop into either a bucket or basket and cover with moss.

Alternatively, a grouping of smaller houseplants fills the void equally well.

grouping of three houseplants in white containers on gold stands in a living room corner
{via Ashlee Raubach Pinterest}

2. Ladders

Another easy, but often more rustic looking idea is to prop a latter in the corner.  It adds height and texture but doesn’t have a lot of visual weight and so fills the space without overpowering it.

Here’s a look at the old orchard ladder I have in my family room corner.  I’ve used it to hold a small selection of grain sacks in the past.

white ikea ektorp section in a living room with round coffee table blue drapes and orchard ladder in corner

If you have a little more space, you can open up the ladder and use the rungs as display shelves.

3. Shelves

Corner wall shelving is a great solution for adding storage and/or display to a room.  If you want to minimize the look of it and keep it from adding too much visual weight, consider painting the shelving the same color as the wall, as shown below.

Alternatively, you can make more of a statement with your shelving by using a contrasting color and/or staggering the shelves for a more eclectic look.

4. Chair or Reading Nook

If you have the space, a reading nook always looks great tucked away in the corner, but if not, even just a small side chair can help fill the void!

small antique chair in a parisian apartment corner stacked with books and topped with a black vase holding white flowers
{via Pinterest}

A hanging chair is another great option because it allows for a bit of fun and whimsy, but keeps the floor space open which helps to give a more open feeling to the corner in general.

5. Art

Art is a great option for filling an empty corner because it adds a lot of visual interest and provides a focal point, but without taking up any floor space.  Below, a picture rail has been used to add character and charm!

These vertical frames continue the linear look of the space but help to visually break it up a bit.

And who says that art has to actually hang on the wall?  Here, it has been simply leaned and layered against the wall for a casual look.

6. Small Vignette

A small grouping of objects {known as a vignette} is another great way to add character to an otherwise, unused space.  A vignette is a great way to show off objects you love and helps to pull the entire space together.

small gold three legged side table filling the corner of a room topped with a lampa nd flowers
{via Apartment Therapy}

There are lots of other options that you can consider – oversize lamps, small tables, dress forms, corner cabinets – but whatever you choose, just make sure that it coordinates with the rest of your decor so that it doesn’t look like an afterthought, even if it was!

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