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The trees are blossoming and the birds are singing, so I know Spring is here, but it’s still too cold for my liking!  Actually, Spring and Summer are my favorite seasons, so I’m thrilled to be teaming up with Marty from A Stroll Thru Life to be one of 30 bloggers featured in this week’s Spring home tour series.  If you’re stopping by from Jenna’s lovely and dramatic home over at Rain on a Tin Roof, welcome!  I’m Kim and I’m thrilled you’re joining me today.  If you’re new here, you can always check out my Best Of series to get a glimpse of my most popular posts.

Spring vignette with purple flowers, ironstone and feathers

For me, Spring is all about freshening things up and bringing the outdoors in.  While Winter decorating is all about being warm and cozy, to me, Spring is about lightning the feel and energizing the room, which is quite a refreshing change after a cold winter!  I love natural elements, so my interpretation of Spring decor is things like flowers, feathers, plants {real, dried, or faux} and baskets.  At the end of this post, you’ll find the full schedule of homes with links to each but for now, let’s start the tour!

Spring in the Family Room

My family room has always been a kid-friendly room.  It’s where we watch TV, the kids have sleepovers, we eat pizza on the sofa while cuddling the dogs, etc.  Basically, it’s a hard-working room that needs to be functional, yet stylish.  Last week I shared a look at our updated TV wall, which recently got a makeover to give it a lighter, brighter, farmhouse feel!  Today, I’m sharing the rest of the room with you!

Family room with white sectional blue curtains stacked suitcases as a side table

By far the biggest change in this room is the addition of the IKEA EKTORP sectional.  My old sofa was truly well-loved {read as “digusting”} so it was time for something new.  This sofa is brighter and more my style and I love how it looks in the room!  Plus, having a new sofa gave me a great excuse to rotate in a new batch of decorative pillows!  The striped ones are new from HomeGoods and the others are vintage grain sacks that have been turned into pillows.

Family room with IKEA sectional blue curtains and round coffee table

Of course, it wasn’t quite as long as I wanted it to be, so I’ve strategically placed a stack of vintage suitcases at one end to visually lengthen it and fill more of the room.  I got these for free off of a local Facebook sale group and their dilapidated state doesn’t bother me one bit!  I’m using them to store bird supplies for my canaries…

Stacked vintage suitcases used as a side table in a family room

I’ve had a clock above the fireplace in this house for 12 years now and I’m pretty sure it’s going to be a permanent fixture.  We overlook the family room from our kitchen and the clock is our go-to for keeping ourselves on schedule and on time!  My husband bought me my old clock as a gift many years ago, but it was always a bit too small for the space.  I scored this beauty from HomeGoods and think it’s a much better fit here!  {I also just discovered that this clock is available online HERE!}

Oversized french clock above a white brick fireplace mantel

My TV wall also has an updated, more farmhouse, look to it.  You can sign up on my website to access my free printables {and e-book}, including the ones I’ve framed here on my wall.

French Farmhouse Gallery Wall around a TV with leather recliner

I included two cloches on the TV console.  One has a collection of photos, my grandfather’s old books, my dad’s old pipe, and a key that a special friend gave to me.  The other has a grouping of flower frogs on top of some moss with feathers sticking in them for a Spring feel.  You can get ALL the details about this wall, plus tips for creating a gallery wall, HERE.

French Farmhouse Gallery Wall around a TV with tobacco baskets

I have a bit of lavender mixed throughout the room as well, but the faux lavender looked a bit too perfect and my dried lavender didn’t have enough color.  My solution?  Mix real, dried lavender into stalks of faux lavender.  This was I get the pop of color I want, plus the smell of real lavender!

Mix of real and faux lavender in a wooden bucket

I’ve never shown you my family room from this angle, but last week, someone asked me how we watch TV from the brown leather recliner chair.  Well, as you can see, we don’t!  The chair is part of a conversation group and we only use it when we have guests over.  Most of the time, we’re all snuggled together on the sofa watching TV and the TV is high enough that we can see it right over the top of the chair.

white and blue French Farmhouse Family Room from Tidbits&Twine

I hope you enjoyed the tour!  If so, please be sure to PIN it!

blue and white french farmhouse family room photo collage

Tomorrow morning head over to Laura’s house at Duke Manor Farm.  Her style is so warm and inviting so I know you’ll love what she’s got planned for you!

Until then, here’s the full lineup in case you missed any other stops along the way:

Monday – March 19



Tuesday – March 20



Wednesday – March 21

Thursday – March 22


Friday –March 23

Thistlewood Farm 
Hymns & Verses
Far Above Rubies

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  1. jeani miner says:

    I’m no longer getting your emails/blog in my inbox. Are you still doing a blog? Hope all is well with you.

  2. I’m on the look out for a new sofa and you just reminded me to go check the Ektorp, it looks really good! Well, your entire family room is what I want to accomplish when I get to work on that same room in my house. So comfortable and beautiful!

  3. Julia@Cuckoo4Design says:

    Such a beautiful spring tour! Love it

  4. jeani miner says:

    Seeing the room from this perspective the chair/TV placement now makes total sense . LOL. Yes, I did wonder about that at the time.
    Wonderful room; feels welcoming, livable and still so stylish – a trifecta!

  5. I love that your home has both character and a unique style that is soley you Kim! So honored to share this home tour with you! Cheers!

  6. The clock is well placed, Kim. A fresh spring feeling comes from each corner of your family room. May this beautiful springtime bring you the greatest feelings of gratitude, love, compassion, hope, and faith in your family. Happy Easter in advance.

  7. Jennifer@Decorating Delirium says:

    Your home is lovely! Your family room is my favorite. So charming.

  8. Thank you for sharing your family room. I love your couch. But if its a family room how do you keep it clean. Or is it a white slip cover?

    1. User Avatar Tidbits&Twine says:

      Hi Katy – It’s a light beige slipcover and we are definitely hard on our furniture. I have two kids who still turn the sofa into a fort, two dogs who use it as a bed, and a cat who has taken to sleeping underneath it. I read a TON of reviews online about whether the EKTORP sectional can be easily washed and everyone said yes. Unfortunately, I’m about to find out because my dog just tried to bury a wet, muddy bone in the cushions and got mud all over it! I’ll post an update as to how it goes. Worst case scenario, the ENTIRE sofa can be recovered with a new slipcover for $80, which I know is still a lot but it’s so much less than buying a new sofa!! :)Kim

  9. Marty Oravetz says:

    I love it all and the new gallery wall is so pretty. Mixing real and faux flowers is so perfect to get the look and the smell of the lavender. I need to remember that trick. Thanks so much for joining the tour, your home is always so warm and inviting.

    1. User Avatar Tidbits&Twine says:

      Marty – Thank you again for a fun tour opportunity!! :)Kim

    1. User Avatar Tidbits&Twine says:

      Thank you so much, Laura! :)Kim

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