Tour this elegant white marble bathroom complete with white custom cabinets, pony wall shower niche, chandeliers, and freestanding tub.

The day is finally here!  These six weeks have flown by and today is finally reveal day for the One Room Challenge.  I’ve been working around the clock to finish my elegant primary bathroom makeover and my poor family and home have definitely been feeling my absence. 

My dining room table has become a dumping ground for accessories, my downstairs is a sea of laundry, and the fridge is looking a bit bare these days.  Not to mention that while my husband and I have been displaced for our own bathroom, we’ve had to share with our two kids.  And let me tell you, that is a challenge all of its own!

But none of that really matters because the primary bathroom is DONE and I’m excited to show you what a dramatic transformation it’s undergone!  First, though, I’d like to thank my incredible sponsors who supported me on this project. (This post contains affiliate links and products provided by Sponsors; however, all opinions are mine.  You can read my full Disclosure Policy HERE)

Hydro SystemsThe Builder Depot – – Plumbing Overstock

You can find a complete list of sources for all of the products I used in this makeover at the end of this post.

Wondering how the marble has held up and if it’s difficult to maintain? I’ve answered all these questions and more in my Marble Tile Guide!

First, let’s look back at what our primary bathroom used to look like in all of its 80’s glory:

One Room Challenge Master Bathroom Before Tidbits&Twine

And here’s what our marble bathroom looks like now!

White marble master bathroom with freestanding tub and hexagon floor
elegant marble bathroom with white hexagon marble floor white freestanding tub and shower pony wall

Primary marble Bathroom Renovation

This is truly such a different space that I still can’t believe it’s the same bathroom!  Removing the columns really opened everything up, as does the use of white everywhere.

elegant marble bathroom with white hexagon marble floor white cabinets and shower pony wall

Hexagon Marble Tile Floor

I was nervous that the 2″ hexagon marble floor would look busy, but it really just blends.  And I’m happy that I went with the 4″ border, despite the fact that the tile guy had a hard time guessing at the border when the cabinets weren’t installed yet!

Venato Carrara marble hexagon floor with subway tile border in french elegant master bathroom

Freestanding Tub

One of my favorite additions to this space is this gorgeous Michelangelo soaking tub from Hydro Systems.

Elegant marble bathroom with freestanding tub and ornate french wood floor mirror behind the tub next to a shower pony wall
Pink peonies and white roses in a French elegant master bathroom

French Floor Mirror

If you recall from my inspiration look, I love the idea of a full-length mirror behind the tub.  I had originally planned to purchase one from Restoration Hardware, but once delivered, it looked too heavy for the space.  Instead, I had the cabinetmaker construct a frame for me out of trim.  I then added the top piece and painted the entire thing to look like wood.  I’m thrilled with how this mirror turned out and it really is a statement piece in the bathroom!  To learn how I made this mirror, read {THIS} post.

DIY Wood french elegant floor mirror in white marble bathroom

Shower Pony Wall

Next to the tub, we created a pony wall {half wall} for our shower enclosure.  The wall not only helps with privacy but also storage, as you’ll see in next week’s post.

Elegant french master bathroom with freestanding tub next to shower with pony wall and white trim

Marble Shower

Remember this gold beauty whose door wouldn’t close?

The shower itself is such an improvement over our old one that I can’t even compare the two!  The walls are done in Venato Carrara marble subway tiles and the floor is a 2″ hexagon.

French elegant master bathroom with pony wall next to freestanding tub

Exposed Pipe Shower

I couldn’t imagine using anything other than an exposed pipe shower in this room and was so happy to find this line of faucets at Plumbing Overstock.

Sigma exposed pipe shower with marble subway tile in French elegant bathroom

White Carrara Quartz Counter

Long gone are my too-low, broken cabinets with their yellowing countertops.

I had these cabinets custom made to fit the space, and my needs, and couldn’t be happier with them!  I finally have a place to sit and put on my makeup!

White master bathroom vanity with makeup area and sconces
French elegant master bathroom with Sigma Series 350 faucet in chrome

Bathroom Lighting

One thing that this room isn’t lacking is lighting.  Not only do I have two chandeliers in the space and some recessed lights, but also these beautiful sconces that I found on  I added shades to each of the sconces that flank my vanity mirrors because I felt it gave them a more traditional look that is in keeping with the rest of my bathroom.

Allegri Floridia one light sconce in French elegant master bathroom

Bathroom Dressing Area

The dressing area wasn’t originally part of our makeover plans, but once we decided to have cabinets made, it just made sense to complete everything all at once.  It’s part of a seamless wall of built-ins now.

French elegant master bathroom with white double sink vanity connected to dressing area

I’m so excited about the storage in our new linen cabinet, which separates the vanity and the dresser.  The built-in dresser is perfect for our everyday items.

We now have shoe storage and a built-in dresser on this side of the room.  And a huge thank you to my mom who raced down to my house to make me a window treatment in time for this photo because I forgot to order one in time!

French elegant master bathroom with dressing area cabinets and shoe storage

Opposite the dresser is our built-in closet.  This space will likely get a rug at some point, but for now, I love seeing the light from the chandelier reflect on the tile floor.

French elegant master bathroom with built in closets and antique tin ceiling tiles

I am still in awe that this is actually my bathroom.  I was a little worried about having an entire marble bathroom, but it truly is my dream space!

French elegant white marble master bathroom with double vanities and freestanding tub

I so appreciate all of you who followed along during this six week challenge.  If case you missed any of the previous weeks, you can catch up here:

Week 1 – Week 2 – Week 3 – Week 4 – Week 5

You to continue to follow future projects on Tidbits&Twine, you can subscribe by email {HERE}.

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Source List

Paint Color: All walls, trim, & cabinets painted with Kelly Moore Swiss Coffee

Floor: Main TileBorder Tile

Window Shade: Blue Faux Silk

Vanity Area: Soap Dispensers – Sink FaucetSink – Chair – Drawer/Cabinet PullsSconcesTowel RingHand Towels

Makeup Cabinet Accessories: TrophiesFrench SoapLarge JarPrinted TowelsJewelry ClochesTissue Holder

Tub Area: Freestanding Tub – Tub Filler – Mirror DIY Project (detailed post to come soon) – Chandelier – Silver Table (Target but no longer available)

Shower Area: Shower WallsShower FloorShower Niche – Soap DispensersExposed Pipe ShowerTowel Hook

Water Closet: ToiletToilet Paper HolderTowel BarBath TowelsPrinted Towels

Dressing Area: ChandelierAntique Tin Ceiling Tiles – Small Bench (Target but no longer available) – Pearl & Unity Clasp Jewelry – Necklace ClocheBracelet Holder

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  1. Hello! Do you mind sharing what material was used for the pony wall? Specifically what the top part is made of (the part that is partially inside the shower and partially out)? Thank you so much!

    1. Hi!! It’s quartz! Its part of the same slab that we used for the countertop, bench and curb.

  2. Stephanie says:

    Gorgeous bathroom and so much helpful information!! Thank you so much! How long is your bench across and what are the dimensions of the niche above the seat?

  3. Your bathroom is gorgeous! I am in the middle of my bathroom renovation and am using the same honed marble tiles. I read about your favorite brand of grout cleaner but I am interested which marble cleaner as well as marble sealer you prefer. Thank you so much for the information. I greatly appreciate it!

  4. This is such a beautiful bathroom. You did a great job! Can you please tell me what tile you used on your bench seat and on top of the pony wall?

    1. Hi Debbie!

      Thank you so much! It’s Serenity Bianco from Vadara Quartz.

      :) Kim

      1. Such a lovely selection! Is the top of your pony wall capped with the same quartz as your shower bench?

  5. Brenda Lee Stanley says:

    Love, Love , Love your bathroom!!!!! Could you please let me know where you purchased the shower door handle? I am going for your same look for my new shower and love the look of the handle.

    1. User Avatar Tidbits&Twine says:

      Hi Brenda! That’s a great question because I never mentioned it! The handle was an upgrade when I purchased the custom-made glass enclosure. I’ll give them a call today to see if they can tell me the name of the handle in case it’s something that can be purchased separately.

      1. Thank you so much!! I really appreciate you doing that for me!

      2. User Avatar Tidbits&Twine says:

        Hi Brenda – I actually just found the invoice that had the handle upgrade listed. Here it is: 8″ Portals Symphony series handle, model #: L.11.114

        :) Kim

      3. You are such a sweetheart!!! Thank you very much!!!

  6. What did you do as far as sealing? Has it stained or changed color at all?

    1. User Avatar Tidbits&Twine says:

      Hi Denise!

      I honestly don’t recall what the installer used to seal the floor, but it’s been almost two years now and we have had zero staining or discoloration. I should add that we tend to be messy, too! I definitely wouldn’t risk marble on my bathroom counter, so I’m glad we went with quartz, but the floors and shower look just like the day they were installed….with one exception. The grout!! White grout is difficult to keep clean in high-traffic areas. A light gray would have been more practical, but so far, I’ve been able to clean the grout and it’s been fine. The shower has never had any dirt or grout issues, it’s just the area by the door and in front of our sinks.

      I hope that helps!

      :) Kim

  7. What are the dimensions of your shower?

    1. User Avatar Tidbits&Twine says:

      Hi Laura,

      The interior dimensions of my shower are 51″ x 46″. The bench is 11″ deep. I hope that helps! :) Kim

  8. Michele M. says:

    *Gulp* Wow, wow, wow is that an AMAZING transformation. I cannot even believe it is the same place.
    You did a fabulous job. I would looooove to do that, but at my age I am afraid white grout and my disinterest in keeping it clean don’t mix. I’d have to go with a dark grey or at least grey or I would lose my mind. But dream bathroom? I think you nailed it. it is incredible. Well done, ma’am!

    1. User Avatar Tidbits&Twine says:

      Hi Michele! Thank you for your sweet note! I’ll admit, the white grout IS hard to take care of. Actually, I’m looking at having a custom runner made that runs the length of our bathroom just to help cut down on the dirt that settles in the grout. But I’m so glad you enjoyed the makeover! :) Kim

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