I am a true believer that you have to LOVE every piece of furniture and every accessory in your home.  If you’re at the store deciding whether to purchase something and you think to yourself, “I like it.  It’s okay.”  Run the other way!  Don’t buy it!  Hold out for something that really inspires and speaks to you.

That being said, when deciding what we want for our home, it’s important to remember that not every item is (or should be) a superstar.  And that’s okay!  Just as in fashion or makeup, it’s better to have just a few items that take center stage and let the other items be the supporting cast.  Yes, there are always exceptions, but in general, this rule applies.  If you walk into a home where every item is a showstopper, it can be quite overwhelming and jarring.  And often times, the feeling that results is that the home is disorganized or cluttered, even if it isn’t.


Melanie Turner Interiors
Melanie Turner Interiors


As an example, this chair is obviously the focal point in this image with its large presence and pop of color.  Everything else around it, though, is just there to complement the chair.  Is the side table a “WOW”?  On its own, not really, but it’s beautiful next to the chair and adds a sense of elegance and warmth to the space.  Can you imagine how this would look if the side table had as much personality as the chair?  You wouldn’t know where to look!

Ideally, when walking into a room, you want your eye to be drawn to a focal point.  The focal point is typically a larger object in the room and could be an architectural feature of the home, an art piece, an interesting piece of furniture, whatever!  From there, you want your eye to move naturally around the space with your gaze flowing evening from one piece to the next.  Color, texture and even scale help to keep our eyes moving around the room.



This room has been done in all neutrals and yet your eye is immediately drawn to the oversized mirror above the fireplace.  Wow!  But look at the curtains.  On their own they are not incredibly special, but they work perfectly to complement the space.

So when you’re looking for a piece to buy, it doesn’t need to be a statement piece in order for you to love it.  You just need to love it for how it will work within the room as just a part of a whole.    Not every item is born to lead, some are born to follow  complement…



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  1. I love the large mirror clock above the fireplace. Can anyone tell me where to buy this?

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