Do you ever look at your phone and realize that while your back was turned, your kids have taken a zillion funny photos of themselves?  Or worse yet, they’ve taken photos of you that you didn’t know about?!  My kids love to take silly pictures and were thrilled when they found the Photo Booth app on my iPad because it allows them to take all kinds of crazy pictures with the touch of a button.  Here’s a look at the icon on my iPad:

Tidbits&Twine Photo Booth App



There are several photo booth apps that are available, but I use Apple’s Photo Booth since it came installed on my iPad.  You can choose from seven different special effects using this app and while my daughter and I were having a funny photo session recently, I realized that the X-Ray effect is perfect for Halloween!



Simply tap the X-Ray button on the main screen and then take a picture using the camera icon.  With the X-Ray effect, dark areas turn light and light turn dark.

Tidbits&Twine Halloween Art(Nice…just realized that I haven’t shared a picture of myself on the site yet and when I finally do, it’s a crazy Halloween picture!!!)  :)


Making a face for the camera creates even more of a spooky effect, as does taking the photo at an unusual angle.

Tidbits&Twine Halloween Art 4


Even Kitty got in on the action!  Don’t her whiskers look creepy?

Tidbits&Twine Halloween Art 3


As you might notice, the photos have a bit of a blue glow.  You can change the image to basic black & white in a post processing program like Photoshop, but I left it as is because it gives it more of a paranormal look.  And unless you have a way to print from your iPad (which I don’t), you’ll need to email the photos to yourself and open them on another computer to print.Tidbits&Twine Halloween Art 5


Once printed, there are lots of projects you can do with your Halloween X-Ray photos, like display them in an apothecary…

Hallween Apothecary

…or even decoupage them onto a bottle.

Spirit Bottle


But I decided to print and frame them to use as part of a new Halloween display in my entryway.  I’ll show you the entire display later this week, but for now, here’s a sneak peek.

Tidbits&Twine Halloween Display 2

Tidbits&Twine Pumpkins and Spiders


My kids saw this latest Halloween display when they came home from school today and were both so excited because they took the pictures and are now a part of the decor!  My kids love craft projects, but sometimes, I just don’t have the time or the patience to deal with the glue, the glitter, the paper scraps and the mess.  This is one project that they have fun with and doesn’t require any clean up, so that’s a win-win!





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  1. The apothocary jar is marvelous. My husband loves Halloween…me, I can take it or leave it. Christmas is my holiday. The jar strikes just the right balance. Very creative of you. Thanks so much for sharing this idea.

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