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How to Make Easter Bunny Footprints: An Easy & Magical DIY


Make Easter morning magical with this fun and easy Easter tradition! The kids will be so surprised when they SEE these cute Easter bunny footprints and know that the Easter bunny “hopped” by. Free bunny footprint template and instructions HERE!

Did you know that the Easter Bunny leaves white, snowy, magical footprints behind on Easter morning?  Well, at least he does at our house!  The kids have just as much fun tracking the Easter Bunny’s footprints through the yard as they do finding their Easter eggs.  And guess what?  The {magical} footprints are quite easy to make!

Outdoor image showing magcial easter bunny fooprints on the patio


TIDBITS&TWINE Bunny Footprint Supplies

Option 1 {easiest}

  • Footprint template {can be downloaded here}
  • Baby Powder
  • Garbage Can

Option 2

  • Footprint template {can be downloaded here}
  • Flour {or powdered sugar}
  • Sifter
  • Small Plate
  • Garbage Can

Step 1: Print Footprint Template

Below is my Easter Bunny footprint template for you to use.  You can click and save the photo or you can use {this link}.

I recommend printing this on a heavier paper, like cardstock, for this project because it holds up better underneath the weight of the sifted flour and you will be less likely to leave a trail of magical bunny dust behind as you hop along.


Step 2: Cut

Cut our the pink ovals to create your template.  I like to use curved nail scissors for this job because they are small and the curved tips making cutting the ovals a bit easier.

TIDBITS&TWINE - Easter Bunny Cutout

Step 3: Dust With Magical Bunny Fur {aka Flour}

I prefer to use baby powder for this activity because I can just sprinkle it from the container and there’s no need for a sifter. If you think your kids might try to eat it, though, opt for flour or sugar. Flower will attract fewer bugs, but you could just as easily use powdered sugar.  The benefit to powdered sugar, of course, is that it tastes much better should your kids sample it! 

Regardless of whether you use powder, flour, or surgar, simply sprinkle a layer into the openings of the template.  If you use a sifter, when done sifting, place the sifter back on the plate so that you do not accidentally spill any flour outside of the template.

TIDBITS&TWINE -Bunny Footprint Closeup

Step 4: Discard Excess

This step I learned as a result of lots of practice!  It is very important to dump the excess flour off of your template into a garbage can, bucket, bowl, etc. after each use.  The flour quickly builds up on the template and will easily spill as you move from footprint to footprint, not only leaving a trail behind you, but also creating fuzzy edges on your footprints.

TIDBITS&TWINE - Easter Bunny Footprints

I usually make a series of footprints that lead from the garden into the house and another series that looks as if the Easter Bunny is leaving the house.  I do these the night before and they still look great Easter morning. We always do our egg hunts outside, but you can just as easily do this project indoors so long as you don’t mind a bit of a mess.  :)

Have a wonderful weekend and Hoppy Easter!