FREE Carl Holsoe artwork that you can save and print to use in your own home! Whether you use it as a big focal point, create a gallery wall, or even style a “shelfie”, art is a great accessory for any home.

Last week I stumbled across the beautiful work from Dutch artist, Carl Holsøe. I was so intrigued that I started researching everything I could and looking up all of his work. Today’s post is not only meant to introduce you to this great artist, but also to share his work with you for FREE!

Black cabinet styled with antique books, ironstone, and downloadable carl holsoe art

Now before your eyes glaze over, this is about decorating with art, not the art itself. I am not an artist nor am I an art aficionado. This article won’t delve into his influences and brush strokes, but rather look at how his art evokes a feeling that can be used to set the tone in your own home.

The Life & Work of Carl Holsøe

Carl Holsøe lived from 1863 to 1935 and was born in Aarhus, Denmark.

Self-portrait of Carl Holsoe
Carl Holsoe self-portrait c. 1920

Carl became most famous for his painting of interiors. He was drawn to polished mahogany furniture, white walls, and decorative accessories of the time.

Carl Holsoe art of woman sitting at dining table with baby and wall of artwork

While he does have some paintings of still life, many of his works include a woman, sitting or standing, in the background. His first wife, Emilie Heise, whom he married in 1884, was often his model. She passed away in 1930.

Carll Holsoe painting of woman in black dress with bun at desk writing

His work is mainly composed of muted tones and to me, evokes a soft, European feel.

Carl Holsoe painting of interior hallway with small side table and plates on wall

Decorating with Art

I’ve added 18 print-ready graphics of Carl Holsøe’s work to my site. You can simply save and print the images for your personal use once you sign up (free).

Not already signed up? No problem! Simply fill out the form below and you’ll be on your way.

I quickly swapped out the art in my guest bedroom for Carl Holsøe’s work to give you an idea as to how it could be used.

Closeup of black cabinet containing framed downloadable Carl Holsoe artwork and antique books

Here are some décor ideas to get your started…

Gold framed Carl Holsoe art of back of girl sitting reading book
Framed artwork of Carl Holsoe above nighstand with orchid and white bedding
Framed artwork of Carl Holsoe on shelf with antique books and old alarm clock

Thinking about a gallery wall? Here’s how you can combine images!

Five framed paintings from Carl Holsoe in a gallery wall above a white cabinet
Five Carl Holsoe painted framed on a wall

This art also looks beautiful paired with pieces from other artists. Here are some examples:

Six framed paintings in a gallery wall using Carl Holsoe art and art of flowers
A gallery wall of framed Carl Holsoe art and flower art on a white wall

You can download Carl Holsøe’s work, plus so much more {HERE}.

Want to save this article for later?

Black cabinet styled with ironstone antique books and free downloadable Carl Holsoe art

Enjoy! And if you use it in your home, I’d love to see a picture of what you did!

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    I am blown away by the beauty of his artwork! Thank you so much for sharing him with us.

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