For those of you that follow me on Facebook, you’ll know that I literally packed up and headed to London Monday for a totally unexpected two-week trip – pinch me!  The stars aligned and I got a great deal on a ticket and the grandparents were able to watch the kids and with only 48 hours notice, here I am!  In beautiful London!

I won’t bombard you with details about tours and sights, but I wanted to take a minute to focus on the London architecture that is simply amazing.  Depending on where you are in larger, metropolitan London, you can see Roman influences, French influences, British design, etc. all of which combine to create a visually interesting and breathtaking city.  For me, the architecture of the city has inspired me to think about how I can add architectural details to my own home to create a unique living space.


So far, the combined buildings of the Houses of Parliament, Westminster Hall and Big Ben have been my absolute favorite.  Look at the amazing amount of detail on the buildings and the craftsmanship that went into creating these landmarks!






I also found the Tower of London very interesting, but my favorite part was the door to the Beefeater’s residence {also known as a Yeomen Warder}.  What a great way to brighten up a dull entrance!  A white jam with a pop of color on the door makes all the difference!




I’ve seen quite a few beautiful gas lamps around town {now converted to electric}, but this is the first blue one that I’ve encountered.  So gorgeous and such a statement!



The London Bridge is accented with beautiful shades of blue, including this bright turquoise that really makes it pop!  Combined with the natural stone and gold embellishments, it has quite a contemporary feel for such an old structure.




I just had to include a few photos from the Changing of the Guards ceremony that showcase my favorite part – the contrast of their red wool coats against the beautiful green, tree-lined street!





And last but not least, I wanted to share a few photos that I snapped while out and about.  The intricate carvings on the buildings continue to amaze me.  Even the public benches are beautifully designed!


TIDBITS&TWINE---Park-Bench   TIDBITS&TWINE---Rooftops - Copy


And because it’s so iconic….



My hope is that these photos gave you some ideas as to how you can add embellishments to your own home, whether in the form of paneling, carvings, pediments, or even a splash of color.


Feeling inspired?


Tomorrow is supposed to rain, so I’m planning to do a bit of shopping and will hopefully, sit down to write a decorating post for you that isn’t related to Europe…no promises, though!  :)


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  1. Kim, your photographs are absolutely stunning! The best I’ve ever seen of London. I hope you’ll show us more . . .

  2. Hello, London! What a great experience to look around with an eye toward embellishments. xo Leslie

  3. Kim,
    This is my favorite city in the world. I’ve asked to be buried in London, although I don’t think my family will accommodate my wishes! Have fun and feel free to do another post on decorating tied to London.

  4. Your trip to London sounds like so much fun!!! You took some really nice pictures; they are so crisp and clear! Hope you are having fun!

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