My lavender sachets are now BACK IN STOCK!

It all started on our family vacation to France. We spent some time in the South of France and were fortunate enough to be there when all of the lavender fields were blooming.

the notre dame de senanque with lavender in bloom

Of course, I had visions of coming home and growing my own lavender fields as far as the eye could see.

lavender fields in provence france

But I live in the California Bay Area on a small parcel of land, so I don’t really have fields, but I do have a lot!

So at the end of last summer, I harvested and dried all of the lavender in my garden. I intended to bag the buds for sachets like I’ve sold in the past, but with the kitchen remodel happening, I just never got around to it.

side table vignette with diy paper mache bowl holding lavender stems next to an old book with glasses and small green plant

Well, last weekend I looked at my lavender again and decided it was time to put those sachets together! Even though I harvested it last year, it still smells absolutely amazing.

I now have two different lavender sachets available in my shop. The only difference is that one is marked and one is unmarked. Both versions are $6 each, including shipping within the continental United States.

Each sachet is a 3×4 cotton drawstring pouch filled with dried Grosso lavender buds that I harvested from my own yard. Each bag weighs between 7-8 oz.

Grosso is an English hybrid variety that produces one of the strongest fragrances among lavenders, regularly used for sachets and cosmetic oils. You can use a lavender sachet in cabinets or drawers to create a fresh scent, or under your pillow as a sleep aid.

If ever you feel the scent has faded, you can gently squeeze the bag to release more lavender oil from the buds. Alternatively, you can add a few drops of lavender essential oil should you wish.

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Prices include tax and shipping. Currently, I can only ship items within the U.S. All items will be shipped out in a padded envelope. If your item arrives broken or you are otherwise unhappy, please contact me right away!

You can click below to purchase or go directly to my online store, la Brocante Boutique.

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