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My French Inspired Living Room Spring 2019

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It’s been a long time since I shared pictures of my living room {some of you might refer to it as a sitting room} and so much has changed I thought it was time to share some updates!  If you want to save any of the pictures below, simply hover over the image and you’ll be able to instantly pin it to Pinterest to save for later!


Here’s a look at what my living  room used to look like.  I loved those mirrors!  But not that coffee table, which is great, but was from our old house and didn’t really match my current style.


Here’s how it looks today. This room has really transformed into one of my favorite rooms in the house.  I often find myself on the sofa every weekday around 3:00 waiting for my son to get home from school.

French wingback chairs and industrial coffee table


You might notice that the mirrors are gone.  While I loved them {and still do}, once I moved the piano out of this room {yes, there used to be a piano in the corner}, the black didn’t really work and they looked to visually heavy for the space.  I replaced both with some artwork that I found from  I like these prints because they just fade into the background, but will likely swap them out for something else in time.

French wingback chairs and slipcovered sofa in living room


Also tucked away in the corner is my favorite faux fiddle leaf fig tree, which I put in a vintage french market basket that I picked up a few months ago at an antique fair.

Faux fiddle leaf fig in an antique French market basket


I replaced the lumbar pillows that came with my chairs these cute blue velvet ruffle pillows that I picked up from HomeGoods.

French wingback chair with blue ruffle pillow


The side table is oversized, but not too big for the room.  It’s actually a wine tasting table that folds flat that I picked up from the local consignment store.  It’s a different wood tone than everything else in the room, but I mix and match my woods so it doesn’t both me.  Plus, it coordinates with my darker dining table in the adjacent room!

Wine tasting table with plant in ironstone tureen


Let’s talk about the coffee table….I saw a similar one at Michael from Art of Salvage’s house.  I was instantly in love with the juxtaposition of the rough, industrial table and the feminine lines of the furniture.

I looked for about a year and a half and then one day, I spotted this beauty on Craigslist!  The top is actually a pallet used to cut, cool and transport bricks 100 years ago in a Belgian brickworks.  I love furniture with history!

Industrial coffee table with basket centerpiece and pink roses



My sofa is slipcovered so that I can wash it, which I often need to do with two dogs and two kids who sit on it regularly.  The downside to this sofa is that it wrinkles, so if you’re someone who likes a crisp look, a linen slipcovered sofa isn’t the best option for you.

French inspired living room with wingback chairs, slipcovered sofa and mansard mirror above the mantel


I change out the accent pillows regularly, going lighter in the Spring and Summer, darker in Fall and Winter.  Right now I’m ready for Spring so I have some blue ruffle pillows on it, as well as a couple of antique grain sack pillows that I picked up at a garage sale.  You can also see in the picture below how my living room backs up to my dining room,  so it’s important to me that the two rooms work together harmoniously.

Grain sack pillows on a linen slipcovered sofa. Numbered dining chairs.


Behind the sofa, I purchased the Everett Foyer Table in Natural  from World Market because it’s so long and my old table was just too short for the length of the sofa. More places for me to show off some of my favorite things! {Tip: A sofa table looks best when it’s about 12″ shorter than the sofa, and the same height or slightly lower than the back of the sofa.}

Sofa table with vintage books and greenery in a French inspired living room


And underneath the window, tucked away, is a gorgeous bench from Park Hill that I had to put there so that my doggies could see out the window.  They like to watch the world go by and wait for me to come home and love having a place to sit.  Plus, it’s a treat for me to see their two little faces in the window when I walk up!

Maltese mix dogs on a linen bench


I said farewell to my gold-framed chalkboard that used to hang above my mantel {don’t worry, it’s now on the back porch} and replaced it with a mirror.  I’m obsessed with mansard mirrors and scooped up this beauty right away when I spotted it at HomeGoods.  Of course, when I found it, it was actually a weird orangey-brown color.  Nothing that a bit of paint couldn’t fix!


Mansard mirror updated with chalk paint


And that completes the tour of my living room.  It’s the first room that you see when you enter my home and a room that we use every single day.  I’m itching the change the wall color to something with less yellow in it, but other than that, I think I’ll leave it alone for a little while… :)

French inspired living room with wingback chairs, industrial coffee table and mansard mirror


You can shop this look by clicking on the images below.

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I hope you enjoyed today’s tour!  If you have any questions just leave me a comment below!









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