Usually, when people post a Before, they have plans for an After. But I don’t know what the After will be yet and am hoping you’ll help me decide!

I purchased my beautiful early 1800’s Mora clock from Marina Natalia. Unlike most antique clocks, this one came with its original mechanism in working order. These original clock mechanisms look a bit rudimentary but have served their purpose for years! Finding someone who knows how to work on them is another matter altogether.

french style dining room with round number chairs white velvet head chairs vintage bread paddles on wall and antique mora clock

After much searching, I found someone willing to take on the task of getting my clock in working order. And when referring to clocks, working order doesn’t just mean “working” but rather, keeping time.

With a couple of months of work, my clock now keeps time beautifully! I wind it every week using a new key, as the antique one is too worn to keep a firm grasp anymore these days.

I love the shape of my Mora clock. It is beautifully balanced top to bottom with a simple hood and just a bit of carved detailing on the base. It’s been scraped down to reveal its original paint.

The hand-painted clock face is protected by a convex piece of glass on a hinged ring.

There are two cast-iron weights. One is for the pendulum and the other is for the chimes. Both need to be wound, as they slowly move down over time.

The weights, along with the pendulum, are both behind a single pane of viewing glass.

While I love, love, love my Mora clock, I don’t love the orange. What color do you think it should be?

I saw these paint samples at my local store over the weekend. They look a bit different in person than they do on my computer screen, but I’m thinking maybe a combination of all three with a bit of Yarn for highlights.

What color would you choose? One solid color or multiple?

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  1. Peggy McCoskey says:

    I have a reproduction Mora clock the hole in the belly has no glass on it. Can u tell me why? I purchased mine from Decor Steals it’s a beautiful clock. Very pleased with it. If I purchased a vintage mirror and attach it to the back of the hole look right. I looked and looked never found any info on that. Yours is just stunning. Thank You

    1. Hi Peggy! I would guess that your reproduction doesn’t have glass just as a way of keeping the cost down. If it has a pendulum and has glass, then it would need a door to access the pendulum. I have to assume that adding glass and a door would increase the cost so maybe it was easier to just keep it simple. I have reproduction from Target and it doesn’t have glass either.

  2. I think your plan to use all 3 paint colors will be fabulous. Your Moira clock is very beautiful and has 3 different woods which I think lends itself to the 3 paint colors. I can also see a touch of silver paint or the yarn as an accent. What a great score! Love your dining room.

  3. Kim, wanted to say distress it some too. ♥️

  4. Kim, I would paint it soft linen and use Elemental as the accent paint. It would be beautiful. I have a similar Mora clock picture, but couldn’t put it in comments. My husband passed October 28 and left behind over 150 clocks, two are Moras. One is complete and the other a shell. I do so want to keep the complete Mora. All others going to auction. Buying, selling and repairing clocks and pocket watches was his hobby for the last 20 or so years. ♥️

  5. I used yarn on my walls throughout my home and have never looked back! I would paint it depending your wall color but my Mora clock is grey with ivory trim around the face and two pieces of molding that are raised. I love the color combo! It looks good with anything as I have white chippy furniture, a antique secretary in wood finish along with a leather sofa and two antique bergere chairs. I have worked on this room for 2 years trying to get the right look. My Mora clock is my all time favorite of my entire home. Much success in your transformation!

  6. Marianne Davies says:

    I like it as is , but if painting work with the soft linen. Then as you mentioned blend in one of the other colors if needed.

  7. Gena Sumner says:

    I have used chalk paint on a lot of my 30 year old furniture. I would use the linen and then do some distressing around some of the edges so the original colors would peak out.

  8. Oh, I’m with the others – I’d leave it as it is. When I saw the photos, it didn’t “say” orange to me, it “said” wood. I think it’s gorgeous and fits right in with your decor just the way it is.

  9. Kathy Earp says:

    I believe that I would paint it solid and do it the yarn.

  10. While I truly understand wanting to paint the clock to get rid of the orange, I think it is beautiful just the way it is. Vintage is just that vintage. I think you should love it the way it is.

  11. Painting this clock may be a huge mistake. Go slowly. Research the colours used in Sweden. Good luck..

    1. Hi Anne – You might be right! I’ve consulted with a few antique appraisers because I don’t want to ruin the value of my clock…I’m thinking of painting over the existing paint so that worst-case scenario, someone could sand it back to its current look (or close to it anyway). I have several sample boards that I’m planning to paint first to see how it goes….I’ve had the clock for a few years now and haven’t painted it because I’m so nervous. But at the same time, I want to really love it and I just don’t love orange. Wish me luck!

      :) Kim

  12. Cheryl Oja says:

    I want a Mora so much. I think I would choose the soft linen and then work in the other shades. Have you considered chalk paint?

    1. Hi Cheryl! I’m going to use chalk paint since it’s forgiving and can help create an aged look. I like the soft linen, too!

      :) Kim

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