I’ve found that as I change as a person, my decorating style changes, too.  And when this happens, I sometimes find myself looking around the house thinking, “This room doesn’t look like me!”  As fun as it would be to say out with the old and in with the new, that’s just not going to happen within my budget.  This is where accessories come into play!

I like to think of the big furniture pieces (i.e. sofas, accent chairs, cabinets) as the backdrop and the accessories as the actors.  Accessories can communicate so much about a room and can contribute so much to the overall feel.  Sometimes, they reflect the season.  Other times, they can communicate the decorating style.  Is the room modern?  Is it traditional?  Accessories can also reflect the homeowner’s color preferences and personal taste.

I made the image below using Olioboard  to demonstrate just how different two rooms can feel based on the accessories alone.


Believe it or not, the big items in these rooms are exactly the same, as are the layouts.  The sofa, coffee table, flooring and doors do not differ between the two rooms and yet the feel is completely different.  The room on the left utilizes bold colors and patterns to create a modern yet chic look.  On the left, the colors are more subdued and texture comes into play giving it a more traditional and vintage feel.  Again, the accessories are the actors and are setting the stage for the room!

There are several ways you can work to switch out your accessories to reflect your current style, season or mood.  Yes, shopping is a fun way, but you can also reuse what you already have.  Find a fabric you love and recover your pillows.  Or try painting some of your accessories in your new favorite color!  (BTW, I just bought Annie Sloan’s chalk paint and have been testing it out on some scraps of wood and plaster.  So much fun!  More to come on this in another post.)

Remember, just because your budget may not allow you to start over with decorating your house doesn’t mean you can’t have your home reflect your style.  Never underestimate the power of accessories!




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