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Our Holiday Home Tour 2013

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I feel like I’m a bit late getting my home decorated for Christmas but I think I’m finally done and ready to share!  I used a lot of natural greenery this year, which is new for me, and I must say that I love the way the house smells with pine everywhere!




The weather is nice and the reindeer are out front grazing, so come for a visit!



Let’s start in the dining room.  I was worried about how I’d set the table for Christmas dinner and so did a trial run back in November, which I then had to dismantle for Thanksgiving dinner!  I haven’t set it again, but at least I know what I’m going to do.  Now if I only knew what we were having for dinner!  For more tablescape photos and details, visit {here}.




And here’s a look the rest of the dining room as it currently looks.  Did you notice that I moved my DIY wreath from the front door to the mirror?






Our Christmas tree is in the living room and is a live Noble Fir (from Home Depot!).  We have just one tree so it has a mixture of my decorative ornaments, my keepsake ornaments and my kids’ homemade ones.  There isn’t a theme, but it’s meaningful and we spend the day together as a family decorating it while listening to Christmas music, drinking cider and eating popcorn.  It’s a tradition.


If it looks like there are a lot of lights on there, you’re right!  This 8ft tree has 2,600 lights on it!  It took me half a day just to put the lights on it, but every night, I decide it was worth it.



I kept our kitchen simple by using touches of Christmas color.  You can see more photos of my kitchen {here}.





I also decorated my bedroom for the first time this year, sticking with green, white and silver for a more elegant look.





While my bedroom and living room are a bit more grown-up, the family room is a different story!  The family room houses the kids’ stockings, musical stufties and handmade Christmas gifts.  It is also where the kids Rainbow Loom, which is why I deliberately kept the coffee table clear.  It took me about 10 minutes just to clean up all of the little rubber bands just so I could take this picture!

Tidbits&Twine-Christmas-Family-Room-2I thought it would be nice to group together some of the kids’ school projects and so put them in a tray on the coffee table.  My daughter had made me a pine cone Christmas tree in preschool last year and because it’s a bit delicate, I put it under a small cloche.


Near the fireplace, I have a vintage olive bucket and I’ve added a bit of red ribbon for a festive look.


But out of all the Christmas decorations in our home, everyone’s favorite is our Charlie Brown Christmas tree.



I hope you’ve enjoyed the tour of my holiday home.  Thanks so much for stopping by!


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