Well, so much for getting our guest room makeover done before Thanksgiving, but better late than never!  While I had the best of intentions and a solid plan for getting the room redone in just a matter of weeks, a broken set of custom-made closet doors set the project back by several weeks.  If you read the original post, you’ll know that my guest room was really more of a storage room for art and other wall decor that was no longer in use.  In all honestly, it was a pretty sad place for guests.  At any rate, I’m so glad to have this project finally done!

Our guest room is a small, rectangular room with a small window and a closet – pretty much just a plain box.  Here’s what it looked like BEFORE:



After some planning and some work, this is our guest room AFTER:





I’m so happy with how my Craigslist furniture came out once it was painted black.  Remember this cabinet?



I think it looks much more sophisticated now painted all black.




And I had the *best* time styling the shelves!  I even found a use for one of my small vintage clipboards, using it to hold a picture of my sleeping baby boy.






My husband bought these sconces for me a couple of years ago when I initially started planning the guest bedroom, but they have been sitting in the closet all this time.  It’s so nice to have them installed, giving guests some task lighting for late night reading.  {They swivel so that they can be positioned as needed.}



And I love the vintage tungsten-filament bulbs.  :)



When it came to decorating above the bed, I knew I wanted to hang something but struggled with what exactly what to use.  Then I remembered this IKEA frame that I had purchased a while ago for a craft project and decided it would be the perfect thing!  I created a few pieces of chalkboard art and placed it in the frames with the glass removed.  Right now they say “His” and “Hers” but I made a couple of other pieces with different sayings so I can change up the look according to my mood or the season.



I kept the comforters that I originally had and added a second set of sheets.  Unfortunately, the ones I had originally purchased from Target were no longer available so I have two different sets in the room.  It wouldn’t have been practical or budget conscious to buy two new sets when I already had one that was fine, but a little part of me flinches just a bit every time I see these two different striped patterns.  :)



Remember these brass beauties that were always off the track?



The old closet door has been replaced with paneled bi-fold doors that are much more practical for the space.



Since there were no longer mirrored doors in the room, I added a full-length dressing mirror.  I love the carved details!



We also finally added overhead lighting, a much-needed improvement!



I decided to use sheers on the window since they overlap the glass a bit and I didn’t want to darken the room.  They are really more decorative than functional anyway.




And now for the chair.  You might recall it used to look like this:

Guest Room Antique 12 Tidbits&Twine


I used a vintage hemp linen sheet I had purchased at the antique faire and applied a graphic transfer to the center of the seat area.  I then used upholstery tacks to attach the linen.  Here’s a look at it now. {Post about the chair upholstering process and why I love the result, even though it’s not perfect, coming soon!}




And when the cabinet top is pulled out to create a work surface, the chair can pull right up to it creating a small desk space for guests.





The room isn’t quite finished yet as I still have a few details to add here and there and like every other room in my house, I’m always moving stuff around.  But at least now my guests have a much nicer place to stay when they come for a visit.



Many of the items were things that I already owned, but I’ve listed the sources for everything (new and old) that I could remember.



I hope you enjoyed the tour!
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93 comments on “Guest Room Makeover REVEAL”

  1. Not finished yet??…your room makeover is fabulous….it’s magazine worthy…I love everything about it…the piece between the two beds looks great painted black…the whole room is just perfect…You did a great job.

  2. Wow.. that is stunning. The dark painted furniture is beautiful. And I love how you dealt with those closet doors. I have similar brass sliding doors and I hate them. Your new ones are so perfect for the space. BEAUTIFUL!

    • Thank you, Kim! I am much happier having the white painted doors instead of the brass ones. Now if I could only remove all the brass from my bathroom…. :)

    • Kris – How sweet! Thank you! I had the light fixtures first and then added the chest so I was a little worried that they wouldn’t work together but I’m happy with how it turned out. :)

  3. This is gorgeous, Kim! I love how that cabinet turned out. It looks stunning in black. The beds look great, too. I wouldn’t spend too much time cringing over the different striped sheet sets. I think they look fine and can’t notice much difference in the pictures. This makeover was well worth your time. It is a great room and one any guest would be delighted to spend time in!

  4. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!
    I had the same issue with Target linens that were no longer available & I found the name of the style, then searched them out & found a match (still in the package) on EBay. Great deal, too.

    • Thank you, Bethany! I did look online but with no luck. :( So glad you had better results! Ebay is great for finding these types of things, isn’t it?!

    • Thank you for hopping over from DIY by Design for for the FB like! I really appreciate your visiting and taking the time to leave a comment. :)

  5. Your guest room makeover is stunning. What a wonderful job pulling everything together….

    I’m so glad I have a math background…helped me to leave a comment. :) HaHa


  6. I absolutely LOVE what you’ve done. If I were a guest, I’d never leave! Copying is the greatest flattery. I’d love to copy what you’ve done. I do have a small suggestion. I adore the lights next to the bed but the black cord is a bit distracting. Perhaps painting the cord the color of the wall would hide it in plain sight. If not the room is STILL FAAAAAbulous! Rita (glad I’m so good at math :-)

  7. Wow, that looks like a lot of work, but what a payoff! I especially love the grainsack look pillows, those are adorable, and the blue you chose is gorgeous!. I’d love it if you would share this at my first-ever link party at DIY:Done! at FlyingC-diy.com. The party is open now thru Sunday, and I’ll be partying every weekend, hope to see you there!

    • Hi Cori – Thank you so much for your kind comments and for the invite. Congrats on your first party! I will definitely link up.

    • Well, that is the downside to twin beds to be sure, but having previously had a queen bed in that room, we realized that the room was too small for such a large bed, making the space seem very cramped. Plus, our guests tend to be my kids’ friends when they have a sleepover, so twin beds are fine for them. :)

  8. I will be featuring this gorgeous room tonight at 8pm EST at my Winter Blues Wednesday party. Please stop by and pick up an I’ve Been Featured button. Thanks.

  9. Kim your room is so popular this week! It turned out so gorgeous. Maybe you can come help me finish my house!! Hope to see you soon at Paris Flea! -K

  10. Heirloom Court did a fantastic job on the painting! Made your room pop, gave it depth, interest and pizazz! As a designer I’ve had her do projects for me. Her work and color choices are always perfect! Nice room!!

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