At a friend’s house over the holidays, I noticed that they had decorated the inside of their non working fireplace with beautiful logs wrapped in white Christmas lights.  In lieu of a fire, the string of lights provided a beautiful glow in the room!  Whether you have a non working fireplace or a working one that you’re not currently using, you can make use of the space with these creative and decorative ideas for non working fireplaces.


1. Candles

Candles are an instant way to add the flicker or a flame.

{via Decor4All}
{via Decor4All}

2. Logs

Or you could fill the opening with decorative logs, either natural or painted.

3. Shadow Box

The firebox can also be used as a giant shadow box to highlight your favorite items in a large-scale vignette.

{via One Kings Lane}
{via One Kings Lane}
{via Homedit}
{via Homedit}

4. Bookcase

If you add a few shelves, you can make it a unique bookcase.

5. Canvas

Close it up and paint it with chalkboard paint and you’ll have an instant canvas to showcase your creativity!

TIDBITS & TWINE Childrens Chalkboard Fireplace
{via Nibs}

6. Seasonal

You can always rotate out the decor and dress it up seasonally!

7. Collections

You can also use it to showcase your collections.

{via Design Sponge}
{via Picklee}
{via Picklee}

8. Pet Bed

Looking for a cozy spot for your pet!  Try turning your fireplace into a pet bed.

TIDBITS & TWINE Fireplace Dog Bed
{via Dwell}

9. Planter

A plant {or even several} can add some color and organic texture to an otherwise sterile space.

{via Apartment Therapy}
{via Apartment Therapy}

10. Wood

And when all else fails, just add a few logs and no one will know the difference…

{via Picklee}
{via Picklee}

Which of these ideas for non working fireplaces would you be willing to try in your home?

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  1. lauryne gentzler says:

    I love the first one pictured as I have a corner in my dining room that I have never known quite what to do with. I live in the desert and do not have a fireplace. Frankly, people who do, only use them once in a blue moon. I would love to know how to get something like the first one, A little less ornate, but I love it! My house is shabby chic! Thanks!

  2. Stunning & phenomenal article. Just brilliant & lovely. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful article. Keep this up.

  3. I absolutely love the fire wood stacked within the hearth! Great feature!
    xo. Leslie
    Segreto Finishes

  4. Kim,
    What original ideas for a fireplace opening. We have a fireplace and I love it. We burn real wood and during the winter months I use it nearly nightly. Still, I have a very good friend that has a fireplace that cannot draw properly. The candle idea is wonderful and just as warm and glowing as a fire. I also like the idea of the twinkle light lit logs.

  5. I absolutely adore the idea of setting up candles in the fireplace, looks so romantic and elegant. I found the doggy bed idea cute as well, I just hope the vent was closed off so the dog stays warm. :) Thank you for sharing!

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