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5 Tips for {Nontraditional} Fall Decorating

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If you look in a store at their Fall decor section, you’ll likely find lots of silk red and yellow flowers, cornucopias galore, scarecrows, and cute signs with sayings like “Happy Fall Y’all”.  While I love all these things, they don’t really fit my decorating style… So if there are others who, like me, don’t decorate with the traditional Fall colors and items, you have to get a bit creative in your approach to Fall decorating.

Here are 5 tips to help you decorate for Fall!  You can click on the photos and/or text to bring up more details about each of these Fall decorating ideas.


1. Bring the Outside In

Fall is a time of change and a great resource for decorating!  When you step outside, nature immediately gives you clues as to the season and adding a bit of nature to your home will help create the same feeling.  Branches, berries, leaves, eucalyptus, pinecones, feathers, and more, all all great items to add to your home for touches of Fall, even if they aren’t in the traditional Fall colors.

2. Think Beyond Orange

When it comes to pumpkins, think beyond orange!  While orange is a traditional color for pumpkins, they come in all colors, shapes, and sizes, so use what works best for your home.  And if you can’t find what you want, paint is your friend!  You can easily paint pumpkins to match your decor.

3. Shop the Grocery Store

The grocery store is a great resource for Fall decorating!  Not only can you find flowers and nuts, but even produce can lend itself to a Fall feel when displayed in your kitchen.

4. Dried Flowers Work Year-Round

Dried flowers are reminiscent of Fall, but even if they aren’t in traditional Fall colors, they can still provide a Fall feeling and what’s even better, they work year-round.  So pull them out to use again in Spring!

5. Add Lots of Texture

As leaves drop and rain begins to fall, more and more texture becomes apparent in nature and bringing in this variety of textures to your decor will to create a sense of coziness in your home.

Just because you may not like the typical Fall decor items found in stores doesn’t mean you have to miss out on decorating for Fall!  Look for nature for your inspiration and think outside of the box {or in this case, beyond the orange}!

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