*Update* My bathroom remodel is done!  You can read all about it {HERE} or see a pic at the bottom of this post.


My husband said that the next project on the To Do list should be our master bath.  So despite the fact that his idea of “next” is about 10 years from now, I’ve started gathering some ideas in preparation and thought I’d share some of my favorites with you.

In putting this together, I realized that the majority of these rooms feature white cabinetry, which I didn’t realize I was drawn to until now.  After giving it some thought, I suppose I’m drawn to the white for two reasons:  1) it makes the room seem brighter and my master bath doesn’t have a lot of natural light and 2) I love vintage pieces and they tend to be darker and will “pop” better against lighter backgrounds.  So my inspiration for my master bath remodel is to create a sophisticated and serene space where I can relax…



20 Sophisticated & Serene Bathrooms to Inspire!


1. The showerhead and marble surround give a luxurious quality to this bathroom!  Clean, sophisticated and timeless!

Tidbits & Twine Sophisticated Bathroom 23
{via Pinterest}


2. I love the glass chandelier and repeating arches.

Tidbits & Twine Sophisticated Bathroom
{via Hendel Homes}


3. An amazing built-in cabinet paired with the more rustic look of exposed plumbing in a bronze finish.

Tidbits & Twine Sophisticated Bathroom 22
{via Sköna Hem}


4. The soft coral walls add a touch of femininity to this space.

Tidbits & Twine Sophisticated Bathroom 21
{via Pinterest}


5. I love that the tile backsplash extends up the entire wall and that the dividers in the cabinetry tie in with the window.

Tidbits & Twine Sophisticated Bathroom 15
{via Pinterest}


6. The dark frame on the mirror adds warmth to the room, as does that gorgeous fireplace!

Tidbits & Twine Sophisticated Bathroom 24
{via Pinterest}


7. I love the gold mirror leaning behind the tub and OMG!  That shower!

Tidbits & Twine Sophisticated Bathroom 20
{via Amy Morris}


8. The curtains add drama and texture to this space.

Tidbits & Twine Sophisticated Bathroom 14
{via Hotel Borgo Santo Pietro Italy}


9. The sconce mounted to the cabinetry add grace and dimension.

Tidbits & Twine Sophisticated Bathroom 10
{via Houzz}


10. I’ve been thinking of adding a similar light fixture to my dressing area…

Tidbits & Twine Sophisticated Bathroom 4
{via Alexandra Ray}


11. A soothing white room.  Love the cabinets beside the tub!

Tidbits & Twine Sophisticated Bathroom 3
{via Veranda}


12. This room is so glamorous with its corner, enclosed marble shower, dark floors and large chandelier.

Tidbits & Twine Sophisticated Bathroom 8
{via Kravitz Design}


13. A very classic wallpaper really makes a statement in this space.  And what’s not to love about that oversized vanity that overlooks the yard?!

Tidbits & Twine Sophisticated Bathroom 7
{via RLH Studio}


14. The tub is set apart in this bathroom, giving it some privacy from the rest of the room.

Tidbits & Twine Sophisticated Bathroom 13
{via Palm Design Group}


15. Look at this amazing sink and faucet!

Tidbits & Twine Sophisticated Bathroom 11
{via Pinterest}


16. I love the warmth that the exposed brick adds, as well as the character of the barreled ceiling.

Tidbits & Twine Sophisticated Bathroom 6
{via Pinterest}


17. A beautiful space with so many charming details!

Tidbits & Twine Sophisticated Bathroom 19
{via Pinterest}


18.The sconces mounted to the mirror add extra light to this small space.

Tidbits & Twine Sophisticated Bathroom 12
{via Palm Design Group}


19. This rustic table has been turned into a vanity to create a custom look!

Tidbits & Twine Sophisticated Bathroom 18
{via Pinterest}


20. The crystal and marble make this such a sophisticated space while the pop of pink adds some playfulness.

Tidbits & Twine Sophisticated Bathroom 5
{via Interior Intuitions}


Bonus: My newly renovated master bath:

Elegant french master bathroom with freestanding tub and ornate wood floor mirror


You can see more of my favorite bathrooms on Pinterest.


So tell me…

Which one is your favorite?


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    Love your bathroom and your tub. We are actually looking for that exact shape tub. Would you mind sharing the brand /style name?

  2. So many beautiful baths!
    Love the barrel ceiling, the exposed brick, and the rustic table vanity. Those are my favorite parts of several. I have a huge bath my husband decided to pull the tub out of, in a moment of remodeling inspiration.
    Lol. Your husband and mine would be friends!

  3. I love the ideas!!! I am thinking about remodelling my bathroom since my brother is going off to college. Lots of lovely ideas here. I’m thinking about replacing the outdated 70s mirrors with old windows with mirrors in the windowpanes, and I might install some vintage candelabras. Great blog!

    1. User Avatar Tidbits&Twine says:

      Brad – sounds like you have some great ideas for your bathroom remodel! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! :)

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