I’m not typically a tie back kind of gal, but the arrangement of my guest bedroom dictates that a tieback will be necessary to keep the curtains from covering too much of the windows.  So, I’ve been on the hunt for some unique tieback ideas and thought I’d share my 8 favorites with you.

At one time, the most popular form of curtain tie backs seemed to be the store-bought, ready-made tassles.  Whenever I think of a tieback, one of two things come to mind.  Either I am reminded of my grandma’s super formal braided cord tieback with tassles that was made to match her draperies, or I think of the typical hook-shaped tieback.  Both options are fine if they are your style, but neither would work well in my home.  Thankfully, today’s choices are much more varied and unique so that they can play into your decorating style, theme or personality!


8 Unique Curtain Tiebacks


1. Vintage Door Knob

How cute is this door knob!  It is completely practical and adds a bit of sparkle!  While the image below isn’t an actual door knob, if gives you an idea as to what it would look like.  You can find tiebacks that resemble door knobs, such as pictured below, or you can purchase a dummy knob at the hardware store that you can screw directly into the wall.

Tidbits&Twine Vintage Doorknob Tieback


2. Belt

Isn’t this a great idea if you have some old, weathered belts you can use?

Tidbits&Twine Belt Tieback


3. Ribbon

This is a very simple and affordable idea that adds a touch of femininity.

Tidbits&Twine Ribbon Tieback
{Chateau Chic}


4. Vintage Necklace

Have any necklaces lying around that you no longer wear but you don’t want to part with?  Maybe they would work as a tie back!

Tidbits&Twine Vintage Necklace Tieback


5. Rope

This could work well with a nautical or industrial theme, as well as with European decor.


Tidbits&Twine Rope Tieback
{Stonk Knots}

If you don’t want to make one, you can purchase a rope tieback from Restoration Hardware.

6. Antlers

This isn’t something that I could use in my home, but I just got back from Lake Tahoe and these would look great in the cabin we stayed at!

Tidbits&Twine Antler Tieback


7. Corset

Okay, this one isn’t practical if you need your curtains to functions, but it’s so clever!

Tidbits&Twine Corset Tieback
{Details Pattern Company}


8. Burlap

This is a very simple tieback that adds texture in a neutral palette.

Tidbits&Twine Burlap Tieback
{Chateau Chic}



What I like about the ideas above is that they add a bit of interest to the room but are primarily, items that you can buy and don’t require you to sew or create anything (with the exception of the corset), so you can change them out easily when your style or decor changes.  Keep in mind that unless your curtain panels are purely decorative, your tie backs will need to be both functional and stylish.


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  1. You are giving important information curtain tie backs.Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Love the door knob as a tie back. Thanks for sharing.

    1. User Avatar Tidbits&Twine says:

      Sarah – The doorknob might just be my favorite! So much more personality than a traditional post tieback, don’t you think?!

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