Spring always brings with it a sense of new life, delicate beauty and renewal.  As the seasons change, our moods change and thus, our homes change.  Winter decorating tends to be cozier, with heavier textures and darker colors.  Spring, on the other hand, is lighter, brighter, and fresher.  It’s not too late to get ideas for spring decorating and change up your home to reflect the season, so below are 7 ways you can welcome Spring into your home!


1.  Greenery

Okay, this one might seem a bit obvious but it wouldn’t have been right to leave it off the list!  Houseplants are a great way to freshen up our homes and add some life to otherwise, empty areas.

White marble bathroom with window behind freestanding tub and large fiddle leaf fig in corner
{via Small Shop}

And if you don’t have a green thumb or just don’t feel like caring for a living plant, other greenery options do exist.  Consider preserved boxwood….

Closeup of silver butler tray in bathroom with small soaps and Q-tips on top and preserved boxwood ball

…or even a vase of leafy stems!

Closeup of green tufted ottoman with wood tray on top with large vase of leaves books and a candle
Faux fig branches in a rustic white vase in front of a window
{via Pottery Barn}

2. Shells

Seashells have a way of reminding us of warm days spent in the sun at the beach.  You can bring those restful memories into your home by using shells as decorative accents.   Large shells can be used as bowls, planters or even standalone sculptures.

Large piece of fan coral hanging on the wall above jars with seashells and a small wooden boat
{via Pottery Barn}

Smaller shells look beautiful in a vase, collected in a small dish or even mixed into your shelves.  Just remember, as with all collections, they look more organized and less cluttered when grouped together.

Shelves holding a variety of shells and vintage books on display
{via Pinterest}
Closeup of two glass vases filled with sand and seashells
{via Houzz}

Even items made from shells or made to resemble shells can bring the tranquility of the sea into our homes!

Closeup of two pillows on a beige sofa one pillow is blue and white and one is a white seashell pillow
{via Centsational Girl}

3. Spring’s Color Palette

Sometimes just bringing in the colors of Spring can alter the mood of your home.  The crisp blues, grass greens, sun yellows, and even cloud whites!  Whether you go bold or just use these colors as accents, they can breathe new life into our homes.

Small chest of drawers with blue and green seaglass in a white dish and mirror above
{via Centsational Girl}

4. Animals

Don’t worry, I’m not suggesting that you bring any furry creatures into your home, but rather that you think about animals that remind you of Spring: butterflies, birds, bunnies, and even nests and bird eggs.  Incorporating images or other representations of these animals is one way to welcome Spring.

Spring vignette with purple flowers, ironstone and feathers
Closeup of bird's nest with moss on one side and six small white finch eggs inside

5. Botanical Prints

Another way to bring the outdoors in is through the use of botanical prints.  Framed prints on the wall are beautiful, whether purchased from the store or even homemade!  {Here’s a link to an interesting tutorial for microwave flower pressing.}

Bedroom with blue wingback bed and eight flower prints hanging on the wall above
{via Ballard Designs}

You can also look for textiles with botanical prints, such as bedding or throw pillows.

Bedroom with tufted headboard with floral bedding and two plug-in sconces on sides of bed
{via Pottery Barn}

6. Flowers

Fresh flowers always bring beauty into a home, whether they are cut flowers or flowering plants!

Closeup of bottle drying rack holding clear coffee mugs next to vase of cherry blossoms and plate of scones
Closeup of pink peonies and white stock in a white ceramic pitcher
Rustic kitchen with tall arrangement of pink flowers in window behind sink and vintage bread boards on wall
{via Home Life}
Living room with beige swivel chairs and large orchid arrangement on a dark wood coffee table
{via Atlanta Homes & Lifestyle}

7. Scents

Our home’s scent can be easy to overlook since it isn’t something tangible, but scent is am important element.  Fall and Winter remind us of apples, cinnamon, cloves, pumpkin, and cedar.  Alternatively, Spring scents include magnolia, cherry blossom, ocean breeze, etc.  My personal favorite scent to use is Fresh Linen because it’s a faint and keeps the house smelling fresh and clean.

So say farewell dark colors, traditional plaids and furs throws! It’s time for greenery, flowers and a fresh look!

How will you add a bit of Spring to your home?

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  1. On the 4th of January, I went to the mall to find a cocktail dress for my husband’s office holiday party. They had already packed them all up and brought out swimming suits. I thought for sure I’d be able to find a decent cocktail dress on sale right after the first of the year! They are completely rushing the seasons too much for me.

    Although… I am completely ready for switching to spring decor. I think we need to invent an in between season for the period between the holidays and spring… Because we’re all tired of winter, but we’re just not quite ready to pull out the cooler fabrics.

    1. User Avatar Tidbits&Twine says:

      Oh dear! I hope you were able to find a dress! I knew that swimsuits were on sale now but I didn’t realize that cocktail dresses were already gone, which means I’m in trouble because I have yet to buy one for an upcoming event. An in between season sounds like a great idea to me…!

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