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This time of year, as the weather changes, our homes begin to change, too.  Lightweight summer bedding is replaced with warmer blankets.  The air conditioner goes off and the fireplace comes on.  Slippers or thick socks become a household necessity and we spend more time indoors.  But above all, we strive to be….cozy

There are several ways that you can create this feeling in your home so today I’m sharing my tips for a warm and cozy home.

slipcovered living room sofa with blue pillows and blue rug underneath looking into french dining room with numbered chairs

Creating a Cozy Home

While a cozy feeling is most often associated with Fall or Winter, I think it’s important to create a cozy feeling all year round. What’s important to remember is that while a home can look cozy, it’s more important that it feels cozy.

Cozy isn’t a look, it’s a feeling – a feeling of warmth and comfort.

Tips To Make a Home Feel Cozy

1.  Surround Yourself With Things {and people} You Love

The most obvious way of being comfortable in your own home is to surround yourself with people you love and enjoy spending time with.  That aside, it’s also important to only buy items that you truly love and have a connection with.

It’s not about surrounding yourself with “stuff”, it’s about using things to make your home a reflection of you and your family.

2. Select a Warm Paint

While some might think that “white” walls are cold and boring, the truth is that there are so many shades of white you can find a neutral backdop that still feels warm and cozy! I’ve identified my 8 favorite warm whites for you that you can use as a basis for creating a cozy home.

wood demilune console table with green trumeau mirror above and french sconces on either side on ballet white painted wall

3. Add Texture

Heavier weight textures in soft materials are a great addition to making a space feel cozy.  Woven baskets, wood accents, and even plants (fake or real) help to add texture and create a sense of coziness. 

If adding texture is a new idea for you, I’ve put together a helpful guide all about Decorating with Texture!

neutral living room with wooden top coffee table with old books on top and a vase with olive branches next to santos doll with french wingback chair in background

4. Layer Your Rugs

Layering rugs is a great out-of-the-box idea for creating a cozy home. You can bring in texture, pattern and color, all which help to create a feeling of warmth. Whether you already have carpet or hardwood floors, just be sure to choose a rug that suites.

Need tips and ideas for how to layer rugs the right way? Here’s a Complete Guide to Rug Layering!

5. Include A Great Throw

Physically surrounding yourself with something cozy can instantly change the way you feel.  A great throw that is easily accessible so that you can curl up on the sofa with a good book or a movie is a must! 

Cashmere feels luxurious, but the price is often a deterrent to purchase.  Other cozy options include faux fur or a soft plush, like Minky.  A great throw is cozy when wrapped around you, but also helps to add texture to the space even when not in use.

Tip: Simply change out the weight of your throw depending on the time of year. Choose a lightweight option during warmer months and a heavy one during cold months. Either way, a throw visually represents a feeling of coziness.

white slipcovered sofa with blue chunky cableknit throw and blue and white decorative pillows and pumpkins in the background

6. Mix Old and New

Cozy doesn’t mean your home needs to look like a Pottery Barn showroom floor! A key element to creating a cozy home is that your home looks lived in.

Homes that have been lived in usually include vintage or antique pieces because they add character and charm. Whether they are family heirlooms or things you picked up at a secondhand shop doesn’t matter. The key is to mix the new with the old to create a comfortable, lived in and cozy look. I’ve had some great luck shopping on Craigslist and Facebook for vintage pieces, like this sweet little coffee table that I transformed with a coat of paint.

living room with white slipcovered sectional and blue throw pillows french coffee table with cherry blossoms in a vase on top

7. Use Mood Lighting

Having the right lighting is key year-round, but it is especially important if you want to create a cozy feeling in your home.  Turn off the overhead lights and instead use table lamps, task lighting, or even floor lamps.  The light from these types of lamps help to create shadows in a room, which adds texture and a sense of warmth.

Pssstt! This lamp isn’t actually wood! I created this faux wood look with paint!

Closeup of lamp painted to look like aged wood sitting on console table behind couch in living room

But don’t underestimate the importance of a flame when it comes to creating a cozy space.  The flicker of a flame is mesmerizing and relaxing.  If you have a fireplace, building a fire is a great way to generate warmth and creating a relaxing environment.

Even a non-working fireplace can still look cozy if styled correctly! But even if you don’t have a fireplace, consider lighting a few candles so that the flicker of the flames bounces off the walls.

Closeup of elegant fall dining table with blue and white pumpkins gold accents and purple flowers

8. Add a Familiar Scent

Isn’t it funny the way scent is connected to memory?  Certain scents immediately trigger memories of childhood, holidays, and happy times, so consider changing up the scent in your home to help trigger a cozy memory.  Apple spice, pumpkin pie and many other fall scents are great options!

{I am currently  obsessed with my Anthropologie candle and recently discovered their French dessert line of candles}
{I am currently obsessed with my Anthropologie candle and recently discovered their French dessert line of candles}

You can see all of these elements in my cozy living room below!

Elements of a Cozy Home

  1. Surround Yourself with Things {and people} You Love
  2. Select a Warm Paint
  3. Add Texture
  4. Layer Your Rugs
  5. Include a Great Throw
  6. Mix Old and New
  7. Use Mood Lighting
  8. Add a Familiar Scent

What’s your favorite go-to way to make your home feel cozy? Do you enjoy a cozy bedroom? Or perhaps a cozy living room? I’d love to hear what you do to make your home feel warm and welcoming!

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  1. I want to come home to that room. What color is that paint?

  2. I like the idea of using carpets to prevent warmth from escaping through floors! Thanks for the great ideas! By the way, foam mats present an excellent alternative to traditional carpets for insulation, particularly on cold floors. While they are commonly used in gyms and playrooms and may not be as aesthetically appealing as traditional carpets, they are highly effective for insulating against cold in homes and can be a good option for those who struggle with allergies. Foam mats are also a budget-friendly option compared to carpets or rugs.

  3. I love the wall clock on the first page – the one that has a mirror behind the clock face. Is it available and what is the cost?

  4. Beautiful room! What color is your paint?

  5. does anyone know what that cube is called that has the candles in? cant seem to find it anywhere online! :(

    1. I would like to know where to purchase the glass cube also. Did you find out?

    2. I have one that came from a florist shop.

  6. does anyone know what that cable is called that has the candles in? cant seem to find it anywhere online! :(

  7. I loved your tips! Sadly, I can’t keep my favorite throws out for long without the fur boys attacking them, but I love burning my favorite candles. :)

    1. User Avatar Tidbits&Twine says:

      Hi Dee – Oh dear! We’re on the wait list or a puppy…I sure hope he/she doesn’t attack my throws! What would I do without them?! Lol! Have a wonderful Halloween and a nice weekend. :)

      1. Please consider rescuing a dog — no waiting list …

  8. Every single time I see a cable knit sweater and flame I swear, I just want to curl up. Such a cozy thought! Great picks!

    1. User Avatar Tidbits&Twine says:

      Hi Kyla – Glad you liked the post! I think being cozy is one of the best things about the winter…it’s not quite cold enough where I live to break out the sweaters, but soon!

  9. Kim,
    This time of year is my favorite, in part because I love cool nights and in part because cozy is one of my favorite ways to feel at home.
    I liked the reminders…candles, throws, warm socks. Great post, as usual.

  10. Added some nubby textures in the sitting room with an old home made quilt and a braided rug. Aaahhh Fall… all about warmth and coziness.
    Great inspirational post.

  11. Oh my goodness there is not much I love more than a cozy space and I would love to have any of those accessories in mine this winter!! Will have to check out those pretty candles too!!
    xo. Leslie
    Segreto Finishes

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