Trying to figure out what to give your teen? I’ve put together a great list of gifts for teen boys that they’ll actually want to receive! Includes a variety of price points to fit any budget!

Is there anyone more difficult to shop for than your husband? Yes, let me introduce you to the teen boy!

The illusive teen boy either does the silent shrug or says “whatever” whenever asked what they want. But the truth is, they actually have very specific wants, needs, and tastes.

Yes, they generally do like cash or gift cards, and I’ll tell you exactly which gift cards to get below!

But what about a tangible present that they can actually unwrap?

I’ve highlighted some of my top picks below and included links to the rest. You can use the Table of Contents below to quickly navigate to the section you want.

Best Gift for Teen Boys

I had my teen son text his friends to get a list of ideas from them (because that’s how they communicate, right?!). So this is a list of stuff from the source themselves!

I’ve compiled all of their suggestions into one great list of ideas of gifts for teen boys. I’ve tried to include a variety of price points covering everything from computer gadgets, to practical needs, and fun ideas.


Nintendo Switch

Play anywhere anytime. Get the gaming system that lets you play the games you want, wherever you are, however you like. Bring the full home gaming system experience with you to the park, on an airplane, in a car, or to a friend’s apartment.

Ducky One 3 RGB

According to my teen, this is a high-quality keyboard perfect for PC gamers and budding authors due to its low latency. It has per-key programmable colors which look cool, but the feel of the keypad is what makes it so unique. Comes in a variety of colors and sizes.

AirPod Case

If your teen already owns a pair of AirPods, they might like a charging case. While AirPods come with a case, everyone’s looks the same! One way to keep track of your AirPods is to have a case that is all your own. And much like the use of stickers, these cases help show off your teen’s personality. You can get anything from a basic black or leather case, to fun ones that look like Gatorade, Tabasco, Takis, and more!

Mini Fridge

This little fridge allows them to have a few cold snacks and drinks without ever leaving the comfort of their room!

Clothing & Accessories

Black Fanny Pack

Who knew fanny packs would be “in” again?! But they are. Except teens don’t wear them around their waists. Instead, they wear them crossbody with the bag in the front. My son tested a few and declared this particular bag the best because it’s big enough to hold a lot and be noticeable, but not so big that it’s bulky.

Photo Bracelet

Do you have a teen headed off to college? They might like this discreet photo bracelet. A personalized photo is added that can be viewed with your phone camera. Available in nylon or stainless steel.

Nike Air Force 1 Shoes

Air Force 1’s are trending and classic white is a bestseller. Air Force 1 is the b-ball OG that puts a fresh spin on what you know best: durably stitched overlays, clean finishes and the perfect amount of flash to make you shine.

Room Decor

Redbubble Stickers

Teens love to personalize their water bottles, laptops, helmets, rooms, and more! There are tons of funny stickers available so that they can choose the ones that represent them the most!

Inflatable Lounger

In case you didn’t know, teens love to lounge! This lounger doesn’t require a pump – you just whisk it through to air to inflate! Durable, waterproof, easy to transport and with a pillow headrest means your teen will be napping comfortably.

LED Strip Lights

The popularlity of LED lights has been around for a few years now and if your teen hasn’t jumped on the band wagon, now’s the time! Be sure to get a set that has lots of color options and a remote control so they can change the vibe of their room without getting up.

Bob Ross Chia Pet

Everything retro is cool again and that definitely includes Bob Ross! While too young to have watched him on TV, teens find humor in a Bob Ross chia pet. They enjoy the joy of watching his hair grow! Note: This is more of a gift you can give in addition to something else. I wouldn’t advise this be the main gift.

Personal Care

Ultimate Snack Pack

This snack pack comes with a variety of 45 different snacks, both sweet and salty! Each is individually wrapped and ordering from Amazon makes this the perfect gift to have delivered directly to the recipient, so you don’t even need to worry about wrapping it!

Burrito Blanket

I promise. Teens love a novelty burrito blanket. I think they find it funny but my daughter owns this one and it’s her favorite because it’s so soft. While not thick and heavy, it’s super cozy and perfect for wrapping up while doing homework or playing games online.

Weighted Blanket

Teens face so much pressure these days and weighted blankets have been shown to have a calming effect. This highly-rated blanket from YnM contains glass beads that add weight with a breathable fabric cover. Look for a blanket that is roughly 10% of your body weight to maximum comfort.

Flask Water Bottle

You might have already been through the HydroFlask trend, but this is the Iron Flask! It’s a Best Seller on Amazon because it’s sweat-free and keeps your cold drinks cold for a whopping 24 hours! You can also use it for hot drinks for 12 hours.

Toys & Games

Lego Sets

Teens aren’t too old for Lego! But their taste in Lego now leans a bit more toward collectible sets. If your teen likes Star Wars, there’s the Millennium Falcon or helmet sets like Mandalorian or Boba Fett. A Marvel-lover might like the Infinity Gauntlet. There is also the Architecture Series that includes Paris, London, India and more.

Electric Skateboard w/ Remote

The WOOKRAYS skateboard comes with a 2.4GHz wireless remote control that controls forward, backward, accelerate, and brake. Its control distance can reach 14m. With led indicators, keep you informed of the skateboard battery level. It is made of 7 layers rock-hard maple deck that has better flex, more stable, and durable. It can withstand all kinds of stamping collisions without deformation.

Gift Cards

Teens love gift cards, so here are some of their favorites:

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