Just after Thanksgiving, I started on a major home improvement project – remodeling the downstairs guest bathroom!  If you didn’t see the start of the project, you can catch up {here}.  While the handyman completed construction before Christmas, I hadn’t yet shared the final result with you because I wasn’t quite done decorating.  But I am now and can’t wait to show you how it turned out! Are you ready for an amazing bathroom remodel with BEFORE and AFTER pictures?

1980’s Bathroom Before

You might recall, the bathroom started out as a builder-grade creation straight out of the ’80s, complete with cultured marble countertops and shower walls, brass everything, fluorescent lighting, and a mismatched patched flooring.

1980s bathroom with cultured marble countertop and gold fixtures - Before Makeover

My inspiration piece was an old dresser that I found at the antique fair that I wanted to use as a vanity.  The overall look that I wanted to achieve was a mixture of warm and cool tones paired with contemporary finishes and antique accents.

Bathroom Remodel AFTER

Here’s what it looks like now!

small bathroom with antique dresser used as a vanity and trellis wallpaper

It is *so* much brighter and as a result, feels so much bigger!  We removed the old vanity and countertop, along with the wall mirror, fluorescent lighting soffit, and toilet.  The new vanity isn’t quite as long as the old but actually offers more storage since it’s a bit taller and the drawers are deep.

Antique Dresser as a Vanity

bathroom with dresser as a vanity wainscotting and wallpaper

The old floor was replaced with 12×12 marble and we added matching subway tile in the shower.  I also asked my handyman to add a decorative panel that drops down from the crown moulding to hide the shower curtain tension rod.

Marble Subway Tile in Tub/Shower Combo

tub shower combo with marble subway tile and white ruffle shower curtain

Inside the shower there is a shampoo and soap recess and while it took forever to figure out how to align it properly with the wall, I love the end result.

Shower Shampoo Niche

shower shampoo niche made from marble subway tile

The shower curtain itself hides behind this decorative, ruffled panel.  The panel is actually an 84″ curtain panel that my mom lengthened for me over the holidays.

DIY Ruffle Shower Curtain Panel

diy white ruffle shower curtain panel for tub shower combo with silver table next to it

Next to it is a small table that holds extra soaps and Q-tips, but all of that decor can easily be moved and stored in the vanity if guests would prefer to keep extra towels or a change of clothes on the table.

Silver Butler Tray Bathroom Decor

silver butler tray in bathroom holding soaps and q-tips for bathroom decor

I have even more spare toiletries in a vintage sewing drawer on the back of the toilet.  The drawer holds a wash cloth, extra hand soap, travel sized shampoo and conditioner, room spray, nail files, and even a small sewing kit.

Guest Bathroom Essentials in a Sewing Drawer

vintage sewing drawer holding bathroom essentials for guests

Above the toilet is a small vintage hand mirror and compact that I have framed and placed a vintage comb from the late 1800’s above.

Bathroom Decor Ideas

Framed silver mirror and comb hanging on wall above toilet with sewing drawer holding essentials

The wall art on the back wall is a large gold and silver vintage hand mirror and I love the juxtaposition of it against the bright, contemporary wallpaper.

vintage silver hand mirror framed and hanging on bathroom wall

The vanity itself is still my favorite part.

Turn a Dresser into a Vanity!

French wooden dresser turned into a bathroom vanity with marble floors

I love that the paint looks like a warm, weathered patina with its mix of warm and cool tones and I love all of the carved details.

closeup of details on a chalk painted french dresser

The old faucet was replaced with this vintage-inspired one.

Vintage Style Faucet

closeup of a chrome vintage style faucet

Separate soap and lotion dispenser sit on a small tray on one side…

Beautiful Vintage Style Soap Dispensers

closeup of vintage inspired soap dispensers in a bathroom remodel

…while a boxwood sphere in a mercury compote dish sits on the other along with a small container that can be used to hold guest items such as tooth brushes, toothpaste, jewelry, watches, etc.

Cute Bathroom Decor

French bathroom container holding q-tips and mercury glass compote with preserved boxwood bathroom decor

Above the vanity, two sconces offer additional lighting.  The sconces are on a separate switch from the overhead lights and the overhead lights are on a dimmer, so all of the lighting can be customized to each person’s comfort level.  The mirror is actually the front of what used to be a medicine cabinet.  I love that its shape repeats the pattern in the wallpaper.

Sconces Flanking a Mirror

sconces with shades flank a wooden mirror in bathroom with dresser vanity wallpaper wainscotting and beadboard ceiling

From builder-grade…


…to beautiful!

bathroom makeover with dresser vanity trellis wallpaper beadboard ceiling and carrara marble

It is so nice to have a bathroom where the sink doesn’t drip, the toilet doesn’t leak, and the shower actually works!  This is now our favorite room in the house and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out!

For a full list of sources, please click {here}.
Signature Favorite Things 2014 {and a Gift for You!}


Want to see another bathroom remodel? Click see how our master bathroom turned out!

French master bathroom with carrara shower pony wall next to freestanding tub

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  1. Gorgeous! Beautifully done and inviting!

    1. Tidbits&Twine says:

      Thank you, Nancy!

  2. This is stunning! I love every detail. Sharing on my FB page ;)

    1. Tidbits&Twine says:

      Hi Jamie – Thank you so much for your kind comments and for sharing on your FB page! I really appreciate it! :) Kim

  3. Kim, this is beautiful! I love the dresser turned vanity. I would love to have that in a bathroom.

    1. Tidbits&Twine says:

      Hi Kim! Thank you so much! :) Kim

  4. Gorgeous! What a fantastic transformation! All of your little touches are fantastic also…I can see why this is your favorite room in the house!

    1. Tidbits&Twine says:

      Hi Julie! Thank you so much for your kind comments! :) Kim

  5. What a gorgeous makeover! I love all the choices you took to transform this bathroom, and I’m with you, my favorite is the vanity, beautiful!

    1. Tidbits&Twine says:

      Hi Cristina – Thank you so much much! :) Kim

  6. It turned out absolutely beautiful. Love the dresser turned vanity! I so want to do this..Just have to find the right piece. Thanks for the inspiration! I can see why y’all live it!

    1. Tidbits&Twine says:

      Hi Cecilia! Thank you so much! We weren’t even planning to redo the bathroom when I found the dresser but once I saw it, I just *had* to have it. :) I hope you find the one you’re looking for! -Kim

    1. Tidbits&Twine says:

      Hi Stacey! Thank you so much!

    1. Tidbits&Twine says:

      Thank you, Korrie!

    1. Tidbits&Twine says:

      Thank you, Susan!

  7. Holy Cow Kim! That is beautiful. And I think we had the same builder.. since we had the same “before” bathrooms.. My favorite was the “Cryst-all” faucet handles!

    Your after is beautiful!

    1. Tidbits&Twine says:

      Hi Kim! Thank you so much! I definitely don’t miss those faucet handles! I have the same ones in my master bath and I’m itching to replace them….someday I hope! :) Kim

  8. My favorite is definitely the vanity – beautiful! Clever idea of hiding the shower curtain rod too!

    1. Tidbits&Twine says:

      Thank you so much! Not seeing the curtain rod is nice and helps to give everything a more seamless look, especially since I never got around to buying a chrome one and I’m still using an oil-rubbed bronze rod that doesn’t match anything in the bathroom. Sssshhhh….don’t tell! :) Kim

      1. I had to go through the comments to see if you said how you put up a regular curtain panel for a shower curtain. This is as close as I found! Did you use two rods, one for a liner, one for a curtain? or did you somehow get the curtain on the shower hooks? HOW did you do this pray tell? It is an amazing room!

      2. Tidbits&Twine says:

        Hi Joanne!

        I only used the curtain as a stationary panel, so it’s purely decorative and is attached to the wooden panel above the tub. I have one shower curtain and it’s white and on a rod and tucks behind the decorative curtain when not in use. I hope that clarifies it for you!

        :) Kim

  9. No edit button. Frugal Frau’s Mansion Makeover. ( our homes are OUR mansion).

  10. You need a TV show – The Dollar-Wise Decorator. The Frugal Frau’s My Mandion Makeover. The Dump Decorater. Makeover My Manse. K. Enuf. I want to know why you didn’t go with the sconces uou originally chose. They had crystals so byooty-full. Ones you have are certainly nice but I do love the initial one you chose. K. What is the next project? Waiting impatiently. Decorating Dreams to you (another TV show name too!)

    1. Tidbits&Twine says:

      You are too funny! Love The Dump Decorator! I ended up not buying the crystal sconces because I decided that with the exception of the vanity, I wanted everything else to be a bit more typical for a bathroom and able to transition between styles. Really, I was thinking about resale value and how someone would react if they didn’t like the style I’ve chosen. Since the wall behind the vanity and the floor are completely finished, someone could easily put in a different vanity if they want and everything else works with other styles so I thought it was just a bit more practical. But yes, those original sconces were amazing!!

  11. Kim,
    It’s beautiful. What a huge difference. The vanity is great and I love all of the accessories and additions. Congratulations.

    1. Tidbits&Twine says:

      Hi Karen! Thank you so much!! :) Kim

    1. Tidbits&Twine says:

      Thank you!!! :) Kim

    1. Tidbits&Twine says:

      Thank you so much, Sue!

  12. By the number of comments you are getting, you must know this is a home run! I adore this room and all of it accessories are making me drool. I love the idea of the little table by the bath. Stunning!

    1. Tidbits&Twine says:

      Hi Robin – Thank you so much! I have had that little table for years and never really had a home for it so I was thrilled when I realized it could go in the bathroom! :) Kim

    1. Tidbits&Twine says:

      Thank you, Amber!

  13. Stellar! and when other decorators, bloggers, and designers make positive comments, you KNOW you’ve created a winner! Kudos for a magnifique transformation. Gonna steal some of your ideas…the best compliment!

    1. Tidbits&Twine says:

      Hi Kathryn! Thank you so much! I am beyond excited by all of the wonderful and supportive comments that I’ve been receiving! I really do read and appreciate each and every one. :) Kim

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