*UPDATE: I finished my guest bedroom makeover!  You can see how it turned out {here}.


The week leading up to Thanksgiving is always a crazy time around my house, but this year, more than ever.  I host about 30 people every year, so there’s always lots of planning and cleaning to do.  In addition, it’s my daughter’s birthday!  Today she is the big 6!  Both sets of grandparents are coming to stay with us but the guest room is completely unavailable because I’m still working on my decorating project.  Yikes!

I’ve actually made quite a bit of progress on the room, although nothing has actually been done yet…  I purchased new bi-fold closet doors so that we can finally be rid of our brass mirrored sliders.  Unfortunately, since my closets are 8′ tall, I had to special order the doors and it will be at least another two weeks before they are available.  Obviously, they won’t make it in time for my self-imposed Thanksgiving deadline, but the rest of the room should be good to go.



As you can see, the art graveyard has been cleared away.  I’ve also put a sample of the paint on each of the walls so that I could see how it looked.  I selected Sherwin-Williams Nomadic Desert for the wall color in an Eggshell finish.  It’s dark….darker than any other paint color in my home and I’m a little worried, but I wanted the room to feel cozy and I thought this color would help achieve the effect I wanted.

Nomadic Desert


I also selected a 5 7/8″ MDF crown for the room, which will definitely be large, but I’m really excited about the profile I chose.  I’m using MDF not only because it is less expensive, but also because given that it is crown (and not base), it is less likely to get dinged or damaged, and since it’s not in a room that will be exposed to moisture, I felt that MDF would be fine.  It will be painted in Kelly Moore Swiss Coffee.


The furniture has also been painted.  Here’s a reminder of how the hutch I found on Craigslist used to look.  It was pale yellow with gold trim.

Guest Room Antique 8 Tidbits&Twine


Now, here’s a sneak peek of what it looks like now:



The crazy high curtain rod will be lowered after the room is painted, but I’m still deciding on window treatments.  I’ve been to the Half Price Drapes showroom a couple of times in the past two weeks looking for neutrals and have narrowed my decision down to these four options:

{Open Weave Natural Linen Sheer}


{Hemp French Linen Curtain}


{Blanc White French Linen Curtain}


{Trinidad Natural Linen Blend Stripe}


Normally, I would choose the curtains before deciding on a paint, but there were a couple of factors that prohibited me from doing so in this case.  At any rate, since I’m going with a neutral curtain and something that is ready-made, I think I’ll be able to find one that works in the room.


The light fixture will be installed Saturday and the painting will begin.  With any luck, all work will be done by Sunday.  I also have a couple of other projects in the works this weekend…..and of course, there’s the 30 people coming for Thanksgiving that I need to prepare for!


Now I’m off to celebrate with my daughter.  Her Kindergarten class is putting on a Thanksgiving performance today.  I also have a special birthday dinner of pot roast, shrimp and instant rice to make.  A very odd combination of food to be sure, but it’s what the birthday girl requested!


Have a wonderful weekend!
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