My 9 top kitchen organization ideas that are simple and budget-friendly, making tidying up a breeze. Here’s how to get organized and stay organized without breaking the bank!

Let’s talk about kitchen organization! Full transparency, I am not a naturally organized person. I’m someone who really has to work to get organized and then work to stay organized.

When it was finally time to unpack our boxes and move back into the kitchen, the one thing that was really important to me was to try and start out organized so that I could hopefully stay that way.

I don’t even want to admit how many different organization options I purchased from Amazon in the span of two weeks. Everything and anything I’d ever seen on Instagram was in my Amazon cart. Everything Amazon recommended or that had amazing reviews was in my cart! Canned good racks? Yes, please! Trash bag holders? Sign me up! Containers for everything? Okay, let’s give it a go!

So what I’m saying, is that I tried out a lot of different kitchen organization options. I kept the ones that really worked and helped and returned those that I didn’t feel were going to help. And at this point, I’ve been using these organization solutions all for about a month.

Today, I’m sharing my 9 favorite kitchen organization ideas (some might be a stretch to be called organization, but let’s use the definition loosely!).
The prices of my picks range from $7 to $30. I have a few that I’m not sharing today because the verdict is still out, but I’ll update the post as I form my opinions.

Kitchen Organization Ideas

Having a well-organized kitchen at home is a game-changer! It’s not just about making things look tidy (although that’s nice too), but it actually helps in so many practical ways.

When everything has its place, from spices to utensils, cooking becomes much more efficient and enjoyable. You spend less time searching for ingredients or digging through cluttered drawers. Plus, an organized kitchen can be safer—fewer chances of accidentally knocking things over or burning yourself because everything is neatly arranged. It also makes cleaning up a breeze when you’re done cooking.

This article will cover:

1. Drawer Dividers

For wide drawers, these bamboo adjustable dividers are a must! They help to keep things organized into sections instead of getting jumbled together. I’m using these expandable dividers for my cooking utensils, but you could easily use them for tupperware, bowls, baking dishes, etc.

kitchen cooking utensil drawer with bamboo dividers and black utensils in white kitchen

2. Soap Dispensers

I like to keep my hand soap and my dish soap on the counter for convenience. I found these soap dispensers on Amazon that come with six cute waterproof labels! They are available with 7 different metal colors are made of glass. I’ve been using them for about a year and have had no issues with the pump breaking or clogging.

amber glass kitchen soap dispensers on white tray next to sink in kitchen

Sources: Soap DispensersScrub BrushFaux Flowers

3. Mug Holders

These might not seem like a big deal, but I had never seen this type of mug holder before. I’ve seen hooks and they’re great, but I really like these better because the mugs easily slide on and off. They’re heavy duty but we found that the key was to install them all the way to the back so that the back wall helps to support the weight.

And don’t judge the size of our coffee mugs! We love our coffee…lol!

coffee cabinet with white mugs hanging from racks and tea supplies down below

4. Tupperware Organizer

Once upon a time, all of my plastic wear was stored in a box inside of a cabinet. I never knew where lids were and I was constantly buying more just so I’d have a complete set!

This organizer has solved my issue. I’m using this as an organizer for all of my plastic bowls, but you could use this same system for dishes, pots and lids, etc.

pullout drawer in kitchen with clear and red tupperware organized on peg holder

Source: Rubbermaid Food StoragePeg OrganizerBrass Handles

It looks like the picture below and you just push the pegs down into the holes to secure your items in place. It comes with 16 pegs, which was way more than I needed.

5. Spice Jars

Before our remodel, my spices were kept on a wire organizer attached to the back of the pantry door. Most of the jars fit, but the larger ones didn’t so I kept them elsewhere.

These cute jars keep everything organized and pretty! The jars come empty with a small funnel so that you can transfer your spices into the jars. Waterproof labels come with the jars with tons of pre-labeled common spice names, plus some blank labels to write in your own.

drawer with spice jars and matching labels in white kitchen black ILVE range

To get them to sit upright like this, I used these acrylic risers that are made for spice jars.

6. Appliance Sliders

I wish I had known about these sooner! We often slide appliances on the countertop, whether to pull the coffee maker out or move the toaster out from underneath a cabinet.

These appliance sliders are a game-changer! I tried an appliance shelf where the entire appliance sits on a plastic tray that slides forward, but it was bulky and took up extra space.

black ninja air fryer in kitchen cabinet with light and microwave above

These appliance feet are just small plastic circles with adhesive on the back that you just stick to the bottom of any appliance. I have them on our air flyer, coffee makers, electric kettle, and toaster.

7. Sleek Outlet

People love these outlets mostly behind furniture so that you can slide your furniture all the way back to the wall but still plug something in.

In my case, I wish I had the installer move the outlet to the side of my cabinet so that I wasn’t staring at cords. Well, I didn’t so instead, I’m using this outlet cover with extension cord to hide all the plugs. Plus, it gives me more than just two outlets if I want to plug something else in!

slim outlet plug with extension cord in kitchen appliance cabinet

8. Motion Sensor Lights

I’m obsessed with these stick-on motion sensor lights. Other brands are slightly sleeker but they require charging. I didn’t want to have to keep track of cords or wait while the lights were being charged, so I opted for battery-operated lights.

I have one light in each of my tall cabinets plus one in my corner cabinet so that I can see everything in the back! They detect motion within 10 feet within a 120 degree range.

kitchen coffee cabinet with mugs on racks and coffee maker below with motion sensor light in cabinet

I’m obviously using them in the kitchen, but they would be great in a bathroom, kids bedroom, stairs, and more.

9. Sponge Holder

While I keep my soap on the sink, I don’t actually want to see my sponge. Yuck! This little suction cup holder is great because it keeps the sponge (or dish rag) accessible but not in plain sight. It also allows the sponge to dry out when not in use.

clear plastic sponge holder on side of white kitchen sink holding blue sponge

Bonus: Pot Rack

Okay, this one doesn’t really count but it’s pretty so I’m counting it anyway! Lol! I’m obsessed with my pot rack. They usually have to be mounted directly into the backsplash. I was hesitant to drill into the stone, though, because I change my mind so often and was worried I’d grow tired of the pot rack eventually. Instead, I found this hardware on Amazon and painted it gold. I then purchased the pot rail with hooks but no mounting hardware. It works perfectly!

I suppose if you were using it to actually hold your real pots and pans you could consider it part of your kitchen organization. For me, it’s purely decorative.

brass pot rail hanging above black range with antique copper pots hanging from it

Sources: Pot Rail and HooksCopper PotsILVE RangeGold Measuring SpoonsTopiaryPepper Mill

I’m still in the process of organizing the pantry and under the sink. I’ll update this post if I come across some great kitchen organization ideas for either of those areas that are reasonably priced. To be honest, I’m shocked at the cost of some of these organizers! Who knew?!

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