Let’s go shopping! The weather was finally nice and hubby and I made one of our favorite outings to the Alameda Point Antique Fair.

This antique show takes place in Alameda, CA the first Sunday of every month. There is a huge variety of items and a wide assortment of vendors. You’ll see booths that are extensions of high-end stores and antique dealers, but also guys selling things they’ve picked up at garage sales out of the back of their trunks. You never know who’s coming and you never know what you’ll find!

While there is a huge variety of antique and vintage items, I only photographed the things that really caught my eye. I tend to like European antiques, so that’s my primary focus.

Are you ready to shop with me?

The antique fair is located right across from a large shipping port. I’m always amazed at how large these container ships are and they make for an interesting backdrop when shopping. And look at that sky! I took this around 8 AM.

container ship in the port of oakland

Upon entering, this dealer always has beautifully-displayed interesting curiosities. A lot of the Santos dolls I’ve shown in the past are from this vendor. But this child’s dress form really caught my attention this time. The condition was remarkable!

child's dress form hanging from 1982

And for no reason other than the pure anguish of the face, I snapped a photo of this guy.

santos doll with anguished face and no arms wearing blue shirt and red pants

Moving on, I stopped by one of my favorite vendors, Patine. They had this beautiful display of wicker demijons.

antique wicker demijohns on a wooden table

Patine is one of my favorite sources for grain sacks, but I didn’t see any of the style I really liked on this particular day.

table stacked with folded vintage european grain sacks

Just around the corner is the person I refer to as The Doll Lady. She always has dolls but they are often just doll parts! She also sometimes has Frozen Charlottes, but none this day.

basket full of doll heads
fabric doll bodies with legs and arms but no heads

Sometimes I feel like there’s a theme to the antique fair and April seemed to be all about art! There was so much framed art to choose from. I thought these were pretty and so I snapped a picture, but they were just a small sample of how many vendors had art for sale.

I was hoping to find a small framed still life that would work in my kitchen, but no luck!

framed art on an easel and on ground at antique fair

Architectural salvage was a big at the fair this month, too! Look at these posts and corbels!

vintage blue desk with white corbels and posts on top for sale
display of antique white corbels for sale at antique fair

Marina Natalia made it to the antique fair this month and I’m always happy to see her. I was looking for some small copper pieces but she had these gorgeous large pieces on display.

antique copper and kitchenware display from marina natalia

And if you ever need a gorgeous European champagne basket, look no further!

antique french campagne baskets from marina natalia
antique fair display with console table with bottles and baskets on top

I came across a man selling items that he’d dug up in his yard. I found this little bowl with $5 doll heads interesting.

antique porcelain doll head in a basket with vintage spoons
broken porcelain doll heads and arms in a basket with vintage spoons

I hadn’t seen this vendor selling antique doors and shutters before but he had some huge pieces! And for those of you wondering, the price on the doors was $375.

antique salvaged double doors with arched window at the top

He also had these antique chicken crates which some people add wheels to and use as a coffee table!

antique chicken crates on display at antique fair

And I thought this luggage display was interesting.

vintage luggage rack with antique suitcases and trunks stacked on top

And not that I necessarily liked these things, but I photographed them because they really caught my attention.

rows of blue and amber bottles lined up on a table for sale
steer skeleton heads lined up on the ground for sale
sitting stool with legs wearing jeans and shoes that looks like a person

While I didn’t find anything that I just had to have, my husband came home with a couple of items and we had the best time. So until next month!

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  1. Hi Kim. I thoroughly enjoyed this post. I swear I swooned over the fabric doll bodies. <3 Thank you for sharing :)

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