Get the scoop on 2024’s interior design trends that are here to stay! From timeless materials to versatile color schemes, these trends promise to keep your space looking fresh and inviting for years to come.

Usually, at the beginning of each year, I like to take a look at the upcoming interior design trends. This year, I’m a little late in getting this article out because I’ve been somewhat distracted by the never-ending kitchen remodel!

But this isn’t just an article about interior design trends. To me, what’s the point of writing about the trends if they’re just a short passing phase that will be gone by the following year? Instead, I like to narrow the list down to those trends that I think are worth paying attention to – the ones that I think will have some true staying power. Those that will be more timeless than trendy.

So without further ado, here are my predictions for the 2024 interior design trends that will last! You can use the Table of Contents below to navigate through the article!

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Should You Follow the Trends?

The short answer is no, you should do what makes you happy in your own home regardless of whether it’s “in” or “out”.

The long answer is that trends influence our tastes whether we realize it or not. And trends can inspire us to try something we might not have thought about before.

These little changes, whether you’re remodeling or simply changing out a few accent pieces, help our homes feel current and keep pace with our ever-evolving selves.

Personally, I don’t really follow the trends unless I think it’s something I love as much 10 years from now as I do today (unless it’s something small and inexpensive). I like trends that I think will be timeless.

To me, the best trends are ones that inspire us and broaden our interests, but that have staying power.

Want to know what’s considered timeless? Here are some great ways to create a timeless look in your home!

Top 2024 Interior Design Trends

I’ve spent a lot of time combing through research from the “experts” and scrolling social media to see what the influencers are doing. And one thing that is really apparent this year is that no one agrees on the trends for 2024! Everywhere I look there’s a different “expert” opinion.

But, I predict that you’ll see a lot of warm tones this year. From warm wood choices to various shades of browns on the walls and textiles. Plus, you’ll see beautiful patterned floors like herringbone. I think you’ll see lamps everywhere, colored bouclé, and dare I say it, chrome finishes regain popularity again!

What I love the most about 2024, is that individuality and uniqueness are really being celebrated. So there’s not one style that’s in while all others are out. 2024 is more about embracing your own style and making your home unique!

English Country Style

I am a true Anglophile, so the English Country design trend definitely appeals to me!

English country design style is a cozy and charming aesthetic inspired by the traditional homes of rural England. It typically features warm, inviting spaces with a mix of antique and rustic furnishings, floral patterns, and natural materials like wood and stone.

The color palette often includes soft, muted hues, while elements such as floral prints, plaid fabrics, and cozy textiles add to the inviting atmosphere. Overall, English country design exudes a sense of timeless elegance and relaxed comfort, drawing inspiration from the English countryside’s natural beauty and heritage.

Mostly where we’re seeing the English Country trend is in kitchens. You can read more about the specific kitchen trends in this article.

rustic kitchen with wood beams and industrial sconces and white cabinets and dark island

via Becca Interiors

white kitchen with black countertop and backsplash and brass hardware

via Whittney Parkinson

Brown Revival

We might have seen the last of gray everything and 2024 is all about warm brown and cozy colors.

Last year, we saw warm wood making an appearance in cabinetry. In 2024, browns tones are everywhere from cabinety to textiles, art and even wall paint!

I’m using the term “brown” rather broadly because it encompasses rich chocolate browns, caramel tones and even some terracotta.

via Kobel & Co.
via McGee & Co.

Swivel Chairs

This one might seem silly, but everywhere I look, there’s a swivel chair staring back at me! Swivel chairs have become the “it” chair for 2024 and why not? After all, they’re completely practical not to mention comfortable.

Thankfully, today’s swivel chairs are quite stylish and many have their swivel/glider mechanism hidden. So actually, you can’t even tell it’s a swivel chair sometimes!

via DISC Interiors

Herringbone Floors

It’s funny to list herringbone as a trend for 2024 when the reality is that it’s always been timeless. But it’s great to see this pattern get the attention it deserves!

Herringbone is beautiful and classic on floors, which is why I chose this pattern for my new kitchen tile.

But you’ll also see some beautiful herringbone brick floors, as well as herringbone tile walls! Also popular will be a chevron pattern if you want a slightly more contemporary look.


Many interior designers shun overhead lights, especially recessed lights, due to the somewhat harsh shadows they can create. So lamps are of course always “in”.

But what makes them trending for 2024 is that we’re seeing them used everywhere, from living rooms to kitchens and even bathrooms! And now there’s more emphasis on unique shapes such that the lamp itself is eye-catching.

via Kobel & Co.

Tip: If you’ve been wanting to dip your toe into the fluting trend, look for a fluted lamp!

Small lamps tucked away in the corner are trending in 2024. They add depth and create a cozy vibe. And with today’s rechargeable and/or battery-operated lights, you don’t even have to worry about having an outlet nearby!



Hello beautiful! Arches are timeless and I’m loving their resurgence in 2024. Not only are they elegant but they add unique architectural interest to an indoor space. Online influencers are rushing to transform their standard doorways into arches and it’s amazing how much of an impact this minor change can make.

But not only are arches being used in doorways, but also as focal points on the wall!

Quiet Luxury

Quiet luxury interior design is a design concept that prioritizes understated elegance, refined craftsmanship, and timeless sophistication. Unlike ostentatious or flashy styles, quiet luxury focuses on subtle details, high-quality materials, and minimalist aesthetics to create a sense of opulence without excess. It embraces simplicity, balance, and comfort, often incorporating natural elements and neutral color palettes to evoke a serene and harmonious atmosphere. Quiet luxury interiors exude a sense of calm and understated beauty, inviting occupants to relax and indulge in the finer things in life.

Updated Boucle

We really started to see bouclé furnishings last year, mostly leight beige sofas. And if you recall, I advised against jumping on the bouclé sofa bandwagon because it was trendy – and let’s be honest – not practical in terms of performance compared to other upholstery fabrics!

In case you’re not in the loop (pun intended), bouclé is a type of fabric made with looped yarn, giving it an overall nubby and textured appearance. It’s actually not new and first made it’s appearace in 1948 on the iconic Womb chair created by designer Ero Saarinen.

This year, we’re still seeing bouclé but in a much more practical use, like accessories and smaller-scale furnishings.

While 2023 was all about beige bouclé, 2024 will see a thicker version of bouclé with more color options, including bolder terracottas, greens, and blues.

via Mehgan Eisenberg


This makes me tear up a little since I’m currently installing unlacquered brass in my kitchen remodel, but I knew this day would come!

While brass is still very popular, I think the pendulum is starting to swing back toward chrome fixtures. So expect to see a little less brass this year and a little more chrome.

Many predicted the rise of black fixtures and faucets in 2023 but that didn’t last too long.

Luckily, what’s also trending in 2024 is the use of mixed metals! So it really doesn’t matter if you have both chrome and brass. Or black and brass for that matter!

via Park and Oak

via Jean Stoffer Design

Still Trending from 2023

Some things that were big in 2023 and still going strong this year! These include:

  • Brass fixtures
  • Rich wood furniture and cabinetry
  • Fluting on furniture, walls, and accessories
  • Mixed finishes
  • Wallpaper
  • Moody paint colors
  • Mix of modern and antique elements

What’s Out

There are a few things we’re saying goodbye to this year, including:

  • Modern farmhouse
  • All black fixtures
  • Open living concept
  • Beige boucle chairs
  • Ultra minimalist interiors
  • All gray everything

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