Well, the kitchen remodel is certainly a test of my patience! What was supposed to be a 4-6 week project has turned into a 4-6 MONTH project.

So today is an update of where I’m at… including some good news and a life lesson.

The Good News: Bifold Doors

All of my cabinets are from Schrock. They are a combination of custom and semi-custom (mostly the latter) and a mix of frameless and framed. Because I’m doing full overlay doors, having pocket doors that slide back and in isn’t an option. But I still needed to be able to access my coffee station in the corner without a door sticking in my way!

I found some hardware made by a company in New Zealand that converted regular doors into bi-fold doors for kitchen cabinets. I really had no idea if this plan was going to work but I went ahead and ordered the hardware.

The doors were just installed last week and guess what?! They work!!

(Yes, I know the pendant needs to be cleaned. But there’s still so much work happening that there’s dust every day!)

I could have put regular knobs or handles on these doors, but I love a Cremone bolt. These don’t actually function as a bolt but rather as a handle.

The Good News: Loving the Details

I selected some high-end finishes for my kitchen, like my faucet and my cabinet hardware. When I tell you I am obsessed with these items it’s an understatement!

The Perrin & Rowe faucet is like a work of art. While we haven’t yet moved back into the kitchen or even started using it for that matter, the faucet is beginning to tarnish. This would drive some people nuts but I LOVE a good patina, which is why I chose unlacquered brass.

I’m also obsessed with the Howell drawer and appliance pulls that I chose. The one downside, in my opinion, to Rejuvenation cabinet hardware is that there’s no free shipping except once a year! As an avid online shopper, I like being able to get coupon codes or sales or at the very least, spend X amount and get free shipping!

Learning to Pivot – Searching for Tile

There was a major issue with my quartzite countertops. I’ll spare you the details but one issue that has had a major impact has taught me the importance of learning to pivot!

Around my window, I only have about 7 inches of drywall. I was planning to trim the entire window out with a 3 1/2″ casing, so I really wouldn’t have much wall showing at all! As such, I decided not to put any sort of backsplash on those remaining 3 1/2″.

That was until the fabricator left a large gap. With the gap, I have no choice but to add a backsplash to cover the hole!

I thought about just adding a piece of countertop, but it would be such a small sliver I thought it would look funny.

And here comes the pivot.

I have now decided to skip all of the wood trim and tile around the entire window instead. Of course Zellige is popular right now and I do love the look, but it’s a little more delicate and rustic than I want.

So, with the help of the amazing tile lady at my local store, I selected 2″x6″ Celine porcelain tile with a glossy finish. I’m going to do an offset subway pattern all around the window and then over by the beverage center as well.

I hope I love the look once it’s installed. I painstakingly poured over the details of the kitchen for months on end and this is more of a snap decision, but sometimes these things happen.

In the meantime, we aren’t actually using the kitchen yet and we don’t have our things moved back in, but I have started playing around with decor! I just couldn’t help myself.

PendantSmall Black VaseFaux BranchesDrawer PullsKnobs

Keep your fingers crossed for the tiling project. And the latest news is that my window was apparently never manufactured and will take another 2 months!

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  1. Bless your heart! So hard to wait! But someday it will finally be a thing of the past and you will be enjoying your beautiful new kitchen to your hearts content. Have loved following your journey..it won’t be long now!
    Jodie from Oregon

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