Revamp your living space with my picks for the best coffee table decor. From eye-catching objects to functional boxes and even beautiful greenery, I’ve selected my favorite items to style your coffee table with a touch of casual elegance.

Let’s talk coffee table decor!

Once you find the perfect coffee table for your space, the next step is to accessorize it! Coffee table styling is an opportunity to showcase your style, your personality, and your hobbies.

I’ve previously written about how to style a coffee table with examples of 6 different decorating approaches and lots of coffee table decor ideas. Today’s post isn’t so much about how to style your table, but rather what decor pieces to style it with! And I’ve curated a big list of must-have items to bring your coffee table vignettes to life!

french coffee table styled with antique dough bowl full of old books with two brass candlesticks in background

No matter your decorating style, no matter whether you’re a maximalist or minimalist, there are some home decor things that always work well as part of a coffee table display:

  • Trays
  • Bowls/Boxes
  • Plants/Flowers
  • Vases
  • Candles
  • Books
  • Objects

So today I’m sharing my favorite accents in each of these categories so that you can find the perfect accessories for your coffee table.

Why Accessorize a Coffee Table?

In the world of home styling, coffee table decor isn’t just about looks—it’s about blending practicality with a touch of flair. Those cute decorative boxes or trays aren’t just for show; they’re like a cozy hideout for your remote controls, coasters, and other little must-haves, making sure your living room stays neat and tidy. This cool mix of usefulness and style turns your coffee table into this awesome center stage where your everyday essentials get their own space while still keeping things looking their best.

The plant stems you have on your coffee table ottoman? It isn’t just about adding to your color palette, but also including natural elements for an organic look. The oversized vase you have? Well, that makes a great centerpiece with varied heights, doesn’t it? All of these decorative items serve a purpose, they aren’t just clutter!

In fact, coffee table decor serves multiple purposes, enhancing both the aesthetic and functional aspects of your living space. Here are some key uses of coffee table decor:

  • Adds aesthetic appeal
  • Showcases your interests and personal style with your favorite things
  • Creates a focal point
  • Acts as a conversation starter
  • Helps with functionality and practical storage
  • Represents seasonality
  • Adds texture and layers

Coffee Table Trays

Never underestimate the power of a good tray! These are great for anchoring a space and grounding a group of objects together in a vignette. You can add a vase, a stack of books, a decorative object, or even a vase of fresh flowers. As with any vignette, it’s good to use different heights and textures to create visual interest and add dimension. And don’t forget to use items in odd numbers in your tray! I have a large woven tray that I love and use all the time, but here are some other great options.

Tip: Round coffee tables can be tricky and look overcrowded with too much. A tray is perfect to keep things organized on a round table.

neutral living room with wooden top coffee table with old books on top and a vase with olive branches next to santos doll with french wingback chair in background

Decorative Candles

I usually have a candle on my coffee table, especially during the winter months. My current favorite scented candle is Blue Orchard Skies from Bath & Body Works. In the warmer months, I often have a candle holder of some sort on my coffee table with a battery-operated candle inside.

Boxes & Bowls

Decorative boxes are a great way to hide (and keep track of) a remote control. But they’re also great to stack on top of books for interest or height. And a decorative bowl is always a great choice, whether empty or full! You can fill them with candles, lavender, small collections, and more. Frozen Charlotte heads anyone????


Vases, especially oversized ones, are great statement pieces or focal point for the coffee table. Clippings from the garden or even grocery store flowers are a great addition. And if you don’t have a green thumb, you can try some of my favorite faux flowers. There’s nothing like a beautiful vase of flowers to make a space feel welcoming!

Coffee Table Books

Coffee table books are a great way to show off your personal interest! Whether they showcase travel destinations, art collections, or niche topics, these books become conversation starters for guests. Additionally, they offer a nice, flat surface for which to stack other objects or even a vase. If you have a book whose cover you don’t particularly like, consider removing the book jacket if the hardcover underneath is more appealing.

Plants & Flowers

Here are some of my favorites, but for more, check out my favorite faux plants and my favorite fake flowers!

Decorative Objects

In truth, I probably have way too many objects to choose from when decorating my coffee table. A mix of sizes helps to create visual interest, but I also like to use these decorative objects to showcase a collection (like my collection of magnifying glasses) or things that just make me smile! Whether you choose beads, sculptural objects, collections, or natural elements, these objects will help your space feel more personal.

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