Don’t miss these seven home décor trends for 2021! From paint, to fabrics and even plants these are the 2021 trends everyone can do.

As the holiday decorations leave the shelves, they’re replaced by fun, new home décor. And a look at what’s happening in the consumer and designer markets help give some insight as to what new trends we’ll be seeing in 2021! Depending on who you ask or what you read, you’ll see TONS of trend predictions for 2021. I’ve done my own research and am narrowing down the list to just seven trends that I think will resonate the most with my readers. {This post contains affiliate links.  You can read my full disclosure policy HERE}

And then I took it a step further! I’ll not only tell you what the trend is, but I’ll also explain how to realistically {and affordably} incorporate it into your own home.

While I myself don’t tend to change my style up too much based on trends, it’s still fun to get new ideas! So let’s take a look at my top seven home décor trends for 2021.


The Decorating Trend: The “Color of the Year” really depends on who you ask. According to Pantone, it’s actually two colors, Ultimate Gray and Illuminating. These choices were Pantone’s nod to the pandemic.

Pantone 2021 color of the year gray showing gray and yellow coffee mugs and lemons on a gray background

According to Pantone, Ultimate Gray represents, “time in which we had to insulate ourselves from the world and curl up in monochrome blankets at home.” Illumination is described as, “the light at the end of the tunnel, the sun rising over a dark landscape, the dawning of hope that comes with the possibility of a vaccine.”

So, in other words fancy names for the colors Cement and Lemon.

According to Sherwin Williams, this year is all about Urbane Bronze. They describe this hue “whose natural simplicity and nature-inspired energy cultivate a sense of calm from the ground up.”

Dark brown bedroom wall with four poster bed and nightstand with light wood floors

Personally, I find this dark, warm brown to be very sophisticated. For an entire room, it would be too dark for my taste but I love it as a feature wall or even on painted furniture!

In stark contrast, Benajamin Moore has picked a palette of 12 colors for 2021, including Kingsport Gray, part of the Historic Color Collection.

Benjamin Moore Kingsport Gray painted wall with picture frames laying on the ground

Again, this color is a bit dark for me for all the walls, but Foggy Morning and Muslin are also part of the 2021 palette and are quite beautiful!

Behr also chose a selection of hues for 2021 instead of just one color. They describe their palette as, “a curated selection of hues to create a desired mood that complements your style in any space.”

Of their collection, I really love Jean Jack Blue, Nocturne Blue, and Almond Wisp, shown below.

Living room painted Behr Almond Wisp with tan sofa and rattan side chair

The Real Trend: Pinterest tracks search words on their platform and based on searches, publishes their predictions for 2021. Pinterest has seen an uptick in the search term “neutral color palette earth tones” and based on that, I’m guessing that neutrals will continue to reign supreme in 2021. The other color palettes mentioned above, along with Blush and Green, will likely show up in accent pieces, as opposed to entire room makeovers.


The Decorating Trend: Items made from natural materials like rattan, wicker, raffia, seagrass and bamboo, cane will continue to be popular in 2021. What’s great about these materials is that they add an organic layer to a room and bring warmth with their texture.

The Real Trend: Some might start to introduce wicker or rattan furniture into their homes.

If you purchase rattan furniture, pair it with an unexpected texture like velvet for a bit of luxury.

Living room with white sofa and two rattan side chairs and layered area rugs
Image via Serena and Lily

Sources: Rattan Chairs | Sofa | Striped Ottoman | Printed Rug | Braided Rug | Chandelier | Round Tray | Gray Pillow

Realistically, though, most will use texture in their accesssories like baskets, jute rugs, or even wall decor!

White living room with picture frame molding and white sectional with tan side chairs and oversized coffee table
Image via Serena and Lily

Sources: Accent Chair | Coffee Table | Sectional| Chandelier |Floor Lamp | Rattan Mirror | Linen Throw | Basket


The Decorating Trend: In a time of uncertainty, many are remembering their days of youth as they search for confort.

Enter Granny Chic!

Think of this as a modern twist on things you might find in homes during the 20’s or 30’s. These design elements include wallpaper, fringe, ruffles, crocheted throws, fretwork, skirted furniture, and vintage prints. What was considered elegant and beautiful then, has since been thought of as stuffy or outdated…until now.

The Real Trend: While designers might show you rooms completely decked out with all of these elements combined, that’s a bit much.

Red floral wallpaper on accent wall with red and white striped rug and white fuzzy ottoman
via One Kings Lane

The Real Trend: Instead, try introducing just one or two of these elements so that your room is reminiscent of older days while not looking like you actually just recreated your grandparents home.

Maybe a fun fabric like chintz?

White bedroom with blue chintz upholstered bed with white bedding
via The Inside

Or what about a great wallpaper like the blue palm leaf!

Tall entryway with blue leaf wallpaper and blue painted door and upholstered entry bench

I’m actually considering this Priano wallpaper from Serena and Lily for my guest bedroom.

Bedroom with blue and white wallpaper white planked ceiling and blue tufted upholstered headboard


The Decorating Trend: Must like Grandmillenial style, this 2021 décor trend is a nod to earlier times. This is simply introducing some timeless Old-World décor elements into modern-day rooms. Think darker, moodier paint choices {maybe Urbane Bronze?}, darker wood tones, rustic beams, old oil painting, heavy textured fabrics, etc.

The Real Trend: A little goes a long way! Similar to Grandmillenial, pick just one or two of these elements to put in a room. I love the idea of creating a gallery of old oil paintings.

Gray grasscloth dining room with dark wood round table and modern light fixture and antique oil paintings on wall

You can even download some old images from my site to print and frame for your own home! Click {HERE} for vintage landscapes!

Pottery Barn bedroom with wooden bed frame and marble desk as a side table


With so many kids being homeschooled and adults working from home these days, it’s really no surprise that Pinterest has seen a surge in terms like cloffice.

Mini offices tucked away in closets.

Closet + Office + Cloffice

Not everyone has a spare closet, though. Any double-duty space or piece of furniture makes a home more practical.

Not using your dining room? Consider turning it into an office!

I love the idea of using a small writing desk as a bedside table. This one is great because it has a marble top for some Old-World beauty!

Image via Pottery Barn

Source: Marble Desk | Bed Frame | Duvet Cover

I’ve also written before about the versatility of a sofa table {or console table} that doubles as a writing desk!

Traditional living room with console table behind sofa that is used as a desk


With everyone home more than usual, gone are the days of sofa that can’t be sit on or rooms that can’t be lived in! And 2020 also taught us the importance of being able to clean our homes thoroughly.

2021 will see a rise in durable, performance fabrics and materials that can easily be cleaned while still withstanding life at home with a family. Thankfully, we don’t have to sacrifice pretty to get practical.

My slipcovered sectional is so easy to wash and still in keeping with current decorating trends.

French Farmhouse Family Room with EKTORP sectional and blue striped curtains

Similarly, quartz countertops are easy to clean and maintain and still quite beautiful!

White master bathroom vanity with makeup area and sconces

Also expect to see more stylish, energy-efficient lighting in 2021. With everyone home more, we’re seeing a rise in energy bills. Energy-efficient lighting itself isn’t new, but it hasn’t always been the prettiest…And if you have kids, I’m sure you’re already aware of the LED light strip trend!


The Decorating Trend: Indoor plants help to freshen the air and are also an important layer for decorating! {Read THIS POST for details} With so many people at home these days, they have more time to care for a plant and enjoy its beauty. As such, we’ll continue to see indoor plants incorporated into decorating in 2021.

Living room with white sofa and blue throw pillows with potted fiddle leaf figs

The Real Trend: Okay, not everyone has the proper lighting or a green thumb. While live plants are idea, sometime fake is the best option! Below are some of my personal favorites that have a more realistic look to them.

So those are my predictions for the best home décor trends for 2021! Are there any here that you think you’ll try?

Collage image showing three of the seven decorating trends for 2021 from Tidbits&Twine

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  1. Hi, Thanks for sharing this post. It is lovely to see such awesome home decor trends..

  2. Great post! Granny Chic might be my favourite name for a style EVER!

    I think it’s going to only get bigger too! Do you know how many people I’ve seen at the vintage fair these past few weeks picking up old furniture that would never have gone a few years ago?! Sustainability is the hot thing right now I guess.

  3. Such an awesome post!
    I’m still feeling greens and blues (I am always for green!)

    Last year’s color of the year was blue, and within a month of two of the new year, the world shut down and I didn’t get to get out and go junkin’ for more blue treasures to add to my home. I am still going for adding more blues to my overall neutral scheme in 2021. Blue is classic anyway!

    I can’t feel that gray with spring and summer on the way, but pops and yellow are always fun!

    Beautiful photos to pin!

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