Discover the captivating designs of Jennifer Lincoln-Cutler, the creative force behind The French Nest Co Interior Design. With her unique blend of rustic and refined European style, Jennifer transforms spaces into cozy, curated havens.

You might remember that in the first post of our new series, Home & Garden Tidbits, I shared a picture of an adorable laundry room sink with a scalloped backsplash. Well, that was just the beginning. Today, get ready for a home tour filled with stunning home photos in this Designer Spotlight: the French Nest Co Interior Design.

blue cabinet laundry room with white sink and scalloped backsplash
Designed by The French Nest Co Interior Design

Jennifer Lincoln-Cutler is the owner and designer at The French Nest Co. Interior Design, an Arizona-based business. She occasionally shares client projects on her IG account, but mostly she shares tours of her own home as she renovates and decorates the space.

french european living room with styled coffee table and accent chair

I first stumbled across Jennifer’s IG account by accident. (That’s the beauty of IG!) I found her through a reel she had shared of her home and I probably played that reel about 10 times in a row. In it, I could see everything I loved…neutrals, texture, demijohns, French antiques, and even a Mora clock! So, I started stalking following her from that moment on!

the french nest family room with rock fireplace and european coffee table and demijohns

The French Nest Co Interior Design Style

Jennifer’s home is a dream come true for French decor enthusiasts. She describes her style as Rustic and Refine European Design and I think we can all admit, she’s nailed it!

european style home with brick nook and french writing desk

She pairs neutrals with tons of various textures to create incredibly captivating and cozy spaces. After seeing her home, no one can ever call neutrals boring.

If you take a closer look at her home, you’ll notice that all the walls are painted white (Dunn Edwards Swiss Coffee), creating the perfect backdrop for her beautifully curated decor.

french family room with wood coffee table white sofa and gold mirror

What does Jennifer love to use in her own home? Well, thankfully she’s made a list for us of things she loves! Keep this list in mind as you take the tour below.

Antique Doors ✔️
Stone ✔️
Chippy patina ✔️
European chandys ✔️
Original beams ✔️
Antique doors✔️
Fresh flowers ✔️
Diptyque ✔️
Pastoral oils✔️

I also noticed she has a few things she loves to collect, like antique bread boards, trophy cups, wicker demijohns, crocks, ironstone, cow creamers, art, and more.

wood armoire with collection of ironstone and cow creameers

Jennifer’s Home Tour

Interestingly, author/screewriter Larry McMurty (known for Brokeback Mountain, Lonesome Dove, Terms of Endearment, and more) once lived in this home. Jennifer likes to believe he left behind some of his creative energy, but personally, I think it’s her pure talent that has transformed this house into the home it is today.

Let’s begin the tour with her primary bathroom remodel. The before picture shows a typical American bathroom. It’s a bit outdated and a mix of design styles, but otherwise, has all of the elements you’d expect.

french nest co bathroom before remodel with rust colored tiles and vessel sinks

But look at the after! Jennifer has mixed French, Swedish, English, American and Turkish elements to create the most serene bathroom. She’s decorated it with items she’s collected over time, including her first piece of French art that hangs above the tub that she purchased many years ago.

european bath with exposed rock on wall behind freestanding tub

The shower is tadelakt (pronounced tad-eh-lact), a technique that has been used for centuries in Morocco. It looks similar to Venetian plaster except it’s actually waterproof! Yes, it’s an amazing alternative to tile and grout that gives a distinctive Old-World feel.

Every detail is stunning, transforming it from a traditional American bathroom into a space that feels like you’ve been instantly transported to Europe.

Take a look at this serene primary bedroom designed by Jennifer.

french bedroom with white linen bed and wood nightstand

And here you can see how the primary bed and bath connect…

french linen bed with view into primary bathroom with freestanding tub and exposed rock wall

Jennifer also cleverly carved out some space from an existing staircase and small nook in order to create a stunning en suite bathroom for the guest room.

guest bathroom with checkerboard floors french crystal chandelier and double doors

Even the laundry room is stunning in this home! And can you believe this was created from a windowless storage room that was only accessible from the garage?!

european laundry room with brick floors and french drapery table - cute laundry room design

Jennifer concealed her washer and dryer in cabinets for a polished look. The flooring choice is flawless, and the custom monogrammed table adds the perfect touch.

closeup of wood monogrammed french laundry table and wicker basket beneath

Jennifer thought of every detail, from the antique concrete sink, to the rotating soap dispenser brought back from France, right down to the dutch door she used in this space to corral her dogs while ensuring they don’t feel isolated!

dutch door laundry room with appliances hidden in custom cabinets white walls with brick floors

One of my favorite spaces that Jennifer has created is this serene room with lovely two-story rock fireplace and custom mantel. And for those of you wondering, the stone is Coronado Stone French Country Villa and the color is Champagne.

cozy family room with two story rock fireplace and euorpean antiques - gorgeous family room

In one of her IG posts, Jennifer talks about saying goodbye to the 2′ nook that used to be to the left of the fireplace (you might recall the nook was needed to create the en suite guest bath). She then shared a look at how this space changed over time and I must say, all of these designs are gorgeous!

Upstairs from this room, the back side of that grand fireplace is a beautifully decorated show-stopper.

old world rock wall with french sitting area in front of it and small side table

This space connects to the upstairs sitting room where Jennifer likes to spend her mornings.

cozy living room idea with european antiques sofa with side table and arched window

As I toured Jennifer’s home on IG, one thing that always caught my eye was the small framed antique art she uses throughout her home.

A word of design advice – spend your money on art. Not all pieces are thousands. Some only a few hundred. You’d spend that on mass-produced art. It’s so worth it.

Jennifer Lincoln-Cutler – The French Nest Co Interior Design
vignette idea with french iron urn holding seashells on a table with open book

With so many gorgeous antiques, you might be wondering what her favorite is. It’s her verdure tapestry from the 1800s, which she refers to as, “8′ of absolute gorgeousness!”

fireplace with wicker demijohns on mantel and large wall tapestry hanging on adjacent wall

I hope you enjoyed the tour and are now feeling inspired to decorate in your own home!

You can view more of the Designer Spotlight Series {here}.

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