TidbitTuesdayDottyUsing stripes in decorating can work to your advantage by tricking the eye.  Horizontal stripes can make a small or narrow room appear wider (a fact I learned the hard way from an unfortunate purchase of horizontal striped pants!).  To make a room seem taller, use vertical stripes.


In your mind, you’re probably picturing striped painted walls, right?  Well, that’s one way to accomplish the look, but it’s a bolder step than many are willing to take.  Other, more subtle ways, include a striped rug or even hanging your curtains from floor to ceiling to create long, vertical lines within a space.  Just look how much taller the window on the right looks in the picture below!

Tidbits&Twine How to Hang Curtains
{via The Long and The Short of It}

Stripes are very classic and can work in any room and any style, but in general, horizontal stripes tend to be more modern looking than vertical.  Also, tone-on-tone stripes, or even using a single color but two different finishes, creates a more refined and muted look, whereas contrasting or bright colors creates a more playful or edgy feel.

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