What better way to chase away the Winter blues than to freshen things up a bit!  With all of the Christmas decor taken down and put away, the house can feel a little bit bare.  One way to overcome this without breaking the bank is to just make small tweaks and as always, start by shopping your house.


TV Gallery Wall Mini-Makeover

My TV gallery wall has been in place for a while now and after taking apart its Christmas look {you can see it HERE}, I decided to move some things around.  I actually intended to make updates to this wall way back in Spring, but got so sidetracked with other projects that I tackle it until now.

You might recall that when we first moved our TV to this wall in our family room, it just looked bare.



I created a gallery wall around it a while ago {post HERE} and although my current changes are minor, I wasn’t ready to overhaul the look just yet, but I still wanted to freshen it up a bit.  I was too lazy busy to change the entire layout, so I simply used the existing layout and just moved a few nails to accommodate different sized frames.  Here’s how it looks today.



The idea for changing up my gallery wall started on my trip to Europe last Spring.  I was obsessed with the architecture and attention to detail and fell in love with the blue metal address numbers that are used in France.  When I saw some for sale, I grabbed them right away and decided to add those to the wall near the top to fill a gap that had been bothering me.  I’m sure mine are reproductions, but you can find some amazing vintage ones on Etsy like these from LaBelleRuche.

Vintage House Numbers from LaBelleRuche
{via LaBelleRuche on Etsy}



If you followed me last Spring then you’ll already know I took a gazillion photos while in Europe.  My picture of Notre Dame is one of my favorites because it was one of the few places I got to visit with Hubby {he was otherwise working most of the time}.  I swapped out the art that was in the top center frame for my picture of Notre Dame.

TIDBITS&TWINE-Notre Dame Spring 2015


Tip: It’s sometimes less expensive to buy fully framed artwork at a discount store like HomeGoods or Marshalls than it is to buy a frame at another store.  And if you don’t like the image in the frame, change it out for something else!  Simply cut three sides of the paper so and fold it back to access the artwork.  Then just take out the existing art and replace it with an image of your choosing just as would with any other store-bought frame.

I also collected some color prints of places and scenes that were memorable to me, so I decided to put those on the wall as well.



And while there’s no particular reason why I needed newspaper images of animals wearing diamond print sweaters, I just couldn’t pass them up when I saw them in the store.  They’ve been hanging out in my family room for a few months while I thought about where they might find a more permanent home, and so I ultimately decided to replace two frames on the wall with my new dog and fox artwork, whom I’ve named Willy and Chauncey, respectively.



Tip: Always decorate with things you LOVE and your home will always feel right to you {even if it means you come home with animals wearing argyle}!


And last but not least, I finally made use of the mailbox doors that I bought long ago at the antique fair.  Do you remember these???



The glass had been painted so that people couldn’t look into one another’s mailboxes, but I used a bit of nail polish remover and some manpower {or womanpower as the case may be} to take off the paint.  With clear glass, don’t you think they make adorable vintage picture frames!  I haven’t yet decided what to frame so for now, I just added decorative paper to each one to play off the patterns in the animal sweaters.



I’m always changing up the vignettes that sit on top of my media console but currently, one side is dedicated to glass.  I loved the feathers under the cloche that I used in my Fall Home Tour and used them again along with abandoned eggs from my finch, Lola.




Updating your home doesn’t require a renovation or major project – sometimes, just a little tweaking is all that is needed to give a room a fresh look and feel.



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  1. Elizabeth Elizabeth Lara says:

    Wow the out come was fabulous, that gave some ideas for my still bare walls.

  2. I always enjoy reading about your inspirations for your decorating ideas.

  3. Kim,
    I’ve always admired your wall gallery. Your tweaks enhanced it and it looks great. What a fun idea with the post office box fronts.

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