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TV Gallery Wall Reveal {From Drab to Fab!}

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Update: This gallery wall has gone through a few more updates.  To see the latest look, click {HERE}.

Over the weekend, we finally finished our gallery wall so today I’m sharing with you the BEFORE and AFTER photos of this project!

Many months ago, we sold our TV cabinet and opted to mount the TV to the wall on a large, articulating arm.  We wanted to accomplish this project quickly and with minimal cost and so chose not to hide the cords thinking that I might be able to artfully hide them with decor.  Nothing like a challenge, right?!

The wall our TV is mounted on is just a small section of wall in the corner of our family room, so there isn’t a lot of space to work with and I knew from the get-go that the TV would dominate the space.  Here’s a look at the “Before”.

Tidbits&Twine-TV-Wall-BEFOREI know…yikes!  And that *blah* wall color isn’t doing anything to help matters, but painting this part of the house isn’t going to happen in the foreseeable future.


Ever since we hung the TV I knew I wanted to surround it with art so that it felt less like it was floating alone on the wall and more like it was part of a grouping.  I love having family photos around, as well as images that represent our family, so,  over time, I’ve been purchasing framed art, as well as empty frames, that I could include as part of a gallery wall; however, since I like a collected look, I wanted to include a few other elements.  Finding these other elements has proven to be a challenge, though!  Luckily, I found the last couple of pieces at the antique faire last weekend and so was finally able to put the wall together.

In a previous post, I gave tips for creating a collected gallery wall.  With those tips in mind, when I started shopping, my criteria for the elements were as follows:

  1. All pieces needed to stay in the brown, black, white and creme color scheme in order to maintain a consistent feel among varying pieces.
  2. There needs to be some uniformity among the frame sizes, so I needed at least 2 of any given size.
  3. Objects should be included in addition to framed pieces.
  4. Only things that I really loved could be included.


One of my favorite framed pieces that I found is this schematic of the Eiffel Tower that is in a floating frame.  I also really like this image of the moon because it reminds me of my husband’s astrophotography.  Now before you think I’ve left his work off of this wall, let me assure you that I’ll be swapping out one of the images for one of his nebula pictures, but we haven’t gotten around to having one printed just yet.



I love, love, love clocks and was excited to find this old clock face from France at the antique faire last weekend.  (Okay, between you and me, just by looking at it, there’s really no way to tell it’s from France so I feel like I paid more for the history than for the clock face itself, which is rather nondescript.  But it is made out of metal and most new clock faces that are made to look old tend to be made from cardboard or pressboard, so the fact that it’s metal is a plus, right?)



I was also thrilled to find these two street signs!  The brown/black one is an original street sign from L.A. in the 1930’s and the other is a vintage porcelain sign.  I chose these two because their coloring works well with my scheme and they also add just a bit of the industrial look that my husband loves.



I also purchased an assortment of pieces that were medium- and small-sized to help fill in the wall.  I was able to finally frame my grandmother’s leather baby gloves in one of the frames!



When I finally found a layout that I liked, I started hanging everything on the wall.  (I have a really easy method for both finding a layout and hanging it on the wall, so I’ll share that with you in a separate post soon.)  Now that it’s finished, here’s a look at our updated TV space:



You might notice that the TV is hung a bit higher than normal above the console and that’s because we have a chair that sits in front of it.  We also usually angle the TV so that it faces the sofa and kitchen.



I feel like the whole room looks different now and the TV no longer looks so lonely in the corner.



For other ideas on how to disguise your flat screen TV, you can read my previous post here.   I should also mention that all of the art and frames are from HomeGoods, as is the media console, which helped to keep the cost of this project low.  Never hesitate to shop at discount stores for wall art.  They have great pieces and even if you don’t like the art, you can always change it out for something else and still nab a great deal on the frame!  (I am in no way affiliated with HomeGoods or sponsored by them, but I always love to share my favorite shopping haunts with you!)


Now that this is done, maybe I’ll finally get around to some of the other projects on my list!


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