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The 2019 Decorating Trends {that will last}

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It’s that time of year again.  Stores have put away their holiday decor and we eagerly wander in to find out what’s new for 2019.  While decorating your home solely based on what’s trendy is never a good idea from an economical perspective, it can be fun to see what’s new so that it can help inspire us and maybe even nudge us in a decorating direction we hadn’t considered before.  And following a trend isn’t necessarily a bad thing, particularly if it has some staying power.  So before you rush to the checkout line with your basket overflowing with the latest and greatest, you might want to consider not only whether it’ll still be trendy a year from now, but more importantly,

Will you still like it a year from now? 


Let’s look at SEVEN of the 2019 decorating trends that I think will last and give you the biggest bang for your buck.

2019 Decorating Trends


I’ve always been a fan of mixing and matching furniture because unless your goal is to make your home look like a catalog, an curated mix will give your home more of a cozy, lived-in look and feel!  There’s no need to buy furniture from one set, or even one store for that matter.  Remember, the goal is to make your home feel like you.  Just as you have many different facets to your personality, so should your home.

French Spring Dining Room

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When mixing and matching, be sure to keep scale in mind.  Scale doesn’t just refer to measurements, but also the visual weight of varying objects.  Using a uniform scale among differing piece helps create a sense of balance and gives differing pieces something in common.

For more tips on how to Mix & Match with ease, you can read {THIS POST}.




In for 2019 are soft linens and velvet bedding and in my opinion, luxury never goes out of style!  This “trend” looks great, feels great, and adds some subtle texture to your bedroom, which is often overlooked.  But don’t be fooled into thinking that luxurious means expensive or hard to care for.  Today’s linen and velvet options are much more affordable and durable!  Think crushed velvet and stonewashed linen – fabrics that don’t need to be pressed and ironed and are meant to have a casual look with a luxurious feel.

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Long gone are the days when we’d stare at our rooms and wonder which wall was going to be our accent wall!  The trend for 2019 is textured wallpaper….okay, technically, it also includes murals and bold colors, but since this post is about trends that I think will have longevity in the design world, I’m consciously leaving those parts out.  So let’s just focus on textured wallpaper.  The texture adds some subtle interest to your space and if you stick with a color palette that you love, that’ll help ensure that you love it for years to come.

A guest bathroom transformation: from builder-grade to beautiful! Beadboard ceiling, wallpaper, sconces, marble floors, and a vanity converted from a vintage dresser!
You can see details and shop this room {HERE}



If you spend any length of time looking at catalogs or browsing store isles, you’ll know that brass fixtures are still big.  Also still big?  Copper.  And for 2019?  Black.  So what that means to me is that mixing metals is in!  Actually, I wrote a Guide to Mixing Metals back in 2014, so maybe I was ahead of the trend?  Lol!  At any rate, not only do mixed metals add interest and dimension, they help keep a space from feeling like it was just purchased from the showroom floor  – it’s a collected look!  Plus, mixing your metal finishes can be more economical during a renovation or update.

Fall farmhouse kitchen
Mixed metal in the kitchen


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Natural stone will always be in style, but let’s face it, it can be expensive and difficult to maintain.  Not to mention that you never know exactly what you’re going to get in terms of coloring, since colors vary depending on quarry location.  These days,  there are some really beautiful porcelain options and some look so close to the real thing, you really have to touch it to verify!

In a recent episode of Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles, I even saw the porcelain fireplace below touted as a selling point, and you have to admit, it looks like stone!

via Open Listings
Porcelain tile that mimics Carrara. Find it {HERE}



Ceilings are often overlooked, aren’t they?  We notice floors because we watch our step, we look around and see the walls, but how often do we enter a space and look up?  Usually, there’s never a reason to, right?  I mean, it’s just sheetrock!  Well not anymore if 2019 has its way!

Inspired ceilings are “in” including anything from beadboard, to beams, wallaper, interesting paint colors, and more!  While wallpaper and vibrant colors on the ceiling aren’t likely to last, architectural details will.  Wooden beams, whether faux or real, add a lot of texture and interest, as do coffered ceilings.  So pay attention to the detail on your ceilings when planning your next remodel.  And keep in mind that today’s faux wood beams are not the same as those of the past.  They come in all styles, sizes and colors and have a very realistic look.

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Okay, admittedly this one might not have the longevity as the other six listed above, but I sure hope it does because I am IN LOVE with exposed pipe showers!  Exposed pipe showers bring a big of industrial to the bathroom and are made in all finishes and all styles, so there’s something for everyone.

via Egon Walesch Interiors & Flowers


A final thought about 2019 trends…while floral patterns, bold geometrics and pops of color might also be trending this year, think about how they relate to your decorating style.  Don’t jump on board just because they’re trendy!  But if you like the look, stop and think, will you like it in a year?  What about in 10 years?

Always try to pick up elements of a trend that you think you’ll like for sometime to come.


What do you think?  Will you be adopting any of these 2019 trends?  Or maybe you’ve been doing them all along!


And although this might be taboo….I think 2019 will be the death of Farmhouse.  *gasp*








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