Here are some inspiring Christmas garland ideas for your holiday home this season! Find out unique places to display garland, get ideas for how to hang it, and learn what you can do to embellish it!

One of the things that excites me the most about decorating for the holidays is garland.  I love that something so simple and natural can make such a huge impact in a room!  You can of course purchase a traditional holiday garland and put it on the mantel, but if you want a different look this holiday season, there are three things you can do.  It’s all about the Where, How, & the What!

Cedar and Magnolia Garland

1. Where You Hang It

Sometimes, it’s not the garland itself that is unique, but rather where you put it!  The mantel is a traditional spot, but here are some alternative uses.

I love to wrap garland around my chandelier to give it a different look for the holiday season.


I’ve also skipped using it on the mantel and have instead used it to decorate my gold-framed chalkboard.  You could do the same with a large piece of art or a mirror that is above the mantel.


Using garland around a doorway makes a welcome entrance to any room, but here it’s been turned into a unique holiday card display!

{via Nine & Sixteen Home}
{via Nine & Sixteen Home}

Okay, and there was that one time that I used garland to create a holiday skirt for my antique dress form…

2. How You Hang It

While this cedar garland isn’t unique in and of itself, the way it’s been generously draped across the mantel makes a statement.

You can also skip using garland to outline an architectural feature, like windows and doors, and instead drape it across or extend it above!

{via Pottery Barn}
{via Pottery Barn}
{via Ballard Designs}
{via Ballard Designs}

One year, I even used garland on my media console…

3. What You Use to Embellish It

Embellishments can completely change the look of a garland and can also help change-up the look from year to year.


Lisa Luby Ryan and updated a traditional Christmas garland with magnolia branches and fruits like pears, lemons, and limes to give it an elegant look.

Greenery collected from the garden {or bought at the store} can be grouped together above a mirror but what makes this one so special, are the crystal strands that have been added for some extra sparkle.

{via Timothy De Clue Design LLC}
{via Timothy De Clue Design LLC}

Courtney is such a talented stylist and photographer and what she’s done with Balsam Hill’s Magnolia Leaf garland is gorgeous!  She took the faux magnolia garland and added some roses and seeded eucalyptus to give it an elegant look!

Personally, I’m a fan of fresh garland because it smells so amazing, but it’s not always possible or practical.  Thankfully, there are some great preserved and faux varieties available and if you dress them up a bit with live accents, sometimes, you really can’t tell the difference!

Gorgeous Faux Garland

Here are a few of my favorite faux garlands that I rounded up online…

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The holidays are fast approaching – are you ready??

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  1. Love the display with fresh fruit and the beads on the mirror. Thanks for the ideals.

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