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Decorating with Preserved Boxwood

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It’s no secret that I love decorating with preserved boxwoods, so when I saw the most recent sale at Antique Farmhouse, I had to restrain myself!



I am actually pretty good about taking care of live plants and so have several around my home, but I still really like using preserved boxwoods because you get the beauty of a live plant without any of the work!  Preserved boxwoods are made from live boxwood clippings that have been soaked in a solution of dye and glycerin and then allowed to dry.  Once ready, they will stay green year round without any maintenance.  I’ve never tried making one myself, but came across a great tutorial here in case you want to try making your own.


I have a large boxwood wreath that hangs in my dining room…

Tidbits&Twine Buffet
{Image via Tidbits&Twine}


…and a few topiaries that I use decoratively.

Tidbits&Twine French Cabinet Vintage Scale
{Image via Tidbits&Twine}
{Image via Tidbits&Twine}


Even my little finches have their own wreath.  This is our little guy Sparky (my son wanted him to have a “tough guy” name):





I love that boxwood can work in any room of the house, even a kitchen!

Tidbits&Twine Boxwood Wreath Kitchen
{Image via Miss Mustard Seed}



And in this entryway, they provide such a fresh and welcoming look.

{Image via Pinterest}


And in addition to being easy to care for, I love that preserved boxwood can look either casual or formal depending on what items it’s paired with.  These holiday table settings look so elegant!

Tidbits&Twine Boxwood Tablescape
{Image via Pinterest}
Tidbits&Twine Boxwood Wreath Namecard
{Image via Pinterest}

{Okay, so the tablescape doesn’t look like it’s a preserved boxwood but rather a faux one, but you can imagine…}


I really don’t need any more topiaries, but now I have my eye on these mini wreaths because they would be so cute on my dining chairs!

{Image via Williams Sonoma}



So now I’m curious, what’s your go-to plant or flower?


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