Even if you don’t recognize the name, I’m pretty sure you’ll recognize her style and her work because it is truly inspiring. Today’s Designer Spotlight focuses on the fabulous Brooke Giannetti, a California-based interior decorator, book author, and owner of the blog Velvet & Linen.

Tidbits and Twine Designer Spotlight Brooke Giannetti

Brooke frequently collaborates with her husband Steven Giannetti, an architect. Together they run Giannetti Home, a Santa Barbara, CA based store specializing in custom furniture, imported antiques, and clothing. They’ve also written three books together, including the book Patina Farm, which focuses on their home based in Ojai, CA.

Patina Farm by Brooke and Steve Giannetti
Patina Farm available on Amazon.com

Her Design Style

Brooke calls her design style “Patina Style” because it’s full of natural materials that age well over time. She uses a lot antiques and vintage pieces and celebrates the patina and imperfections in time-worn antiques and materials.

Tidbits and Twine - Brooke Giannetti Dining Room and Fireplace
Patina Farm in Ojai, California with architecture by Steve Giannetti and design by Brooke Giannetti. Photographs by Lisa Romerein. Source: Giannetti Home

When you look at the type of furnishings she tends to use, you’ll notice a lot of Swedish antiques and imported pieces from Europe.

They aren’t so precious, and they are very forgiving for use with children and animals.

Brooke Giannetti

Her personal style uses timeworn, yet elegant, antique furniture and a relies on a calm and neutral palette. Together, the mix creates a warm and relaxing style.

Tidbits and Twine - Brooke Giannetti Patina Farm master bedroom
Master Bedroom with white walls, metal and glass french doors looking out to garden and green meadow near hillside, white bed with beige throw, upholstered ottoman, lounge and fireplace. Source: Giannetti Home

To help keep the neutral palette interesting, she incorporates a lot of texture in her rooms, including baskets, leather, old books, plants, Belgian linens, and more.

Tidbits and Twine - Brooke Giannetti Patina Farm antique books and Gustavian furniture
Wooden table an chairs in white room against built in wall shelves with various old distressed books on them with wood and glass door going into other room with high ceilings with exposed llight wood beams. Source: Giannetti Home

Her Home: Patina Farm

Brooke and Steve have made their own home, Patina Farm, the most magical juxtaposition of old and new, inspired by their travels to France and Belgium.

Tidbits and Twine - Brooke Giannetti Patina Farm Gardens
via Romantic Homes

Steve designed the home from scratch to include stunning plaster walls, antique barn beams, and one type of limestone that helped tie the indoor and outdoor spaces together.

Tidbits and Twine - Brooke Giannetti Patina Farm
via Romantic Homes

Brooke incorporated stunning antiques throughout this modern home.

We wanted it to feel timeless, so that people couldn’t tell if it was old or new.

Brooke Giannetti
Tidbits and Twine - Brooke Giannetti Patina Farm Fireplace
via Romantic Homes

Design Work

Below is a selection of her client design portfolio. The furniture in this room have so much sophistication to them, yet the room pulls together in a casual, approachable manner.

Tidbits and Twine - Brooke Giannetti living room with antiques
via Giannetti Home

This kitchen in Atherton, CA is so bright and airy, but I can’t stop staring at the gorgeous legs on that table.

This bookcase has been styled to perfection with an amazing collection of antique books.

This peaceful and dreamy bedroom in Connecticut seamlessly incorporates old and new.

Tidbits and Twine - Brooke Giannetti bedroom with beige linen and purple accents
Interiors designed by Giannetti Home in Roxbury Connecticut. via Giannetti Home

I hope you’re as inspired by her work as I am! You can follow her work or shop online at her store {HERE}.

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  1. Marlene Stephenson says:

    Beautiful home and she and her husband enjoy what they do and is displayed in their home. Thank you for this tour and stay safe and healthy.

  2. Brook has the most elegant home ever! Serenity personified. Ty so much for sharing!

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