Today I’m sharing an update on where I’m at in my kitchen design process. I’m showing you my floor selection, hardware, lighting options, and more. And be sure to take the poll near the end to vote on my pendant lighting!

My renovation doesn’t happen until September, but with supply chain issues, I’ve had to plan far in advance. I’ve previously shared some of my selections with you:

Today, I’m revealing a few more options that I’ve chosen! Here’s a look at my current moodboard. You’ll see that I’m focusing on neutrals, with a mix of elegant and rustic finishes.

Cabinet Color

All of my perimeter cabinets, uppers and lowers, will be white. Just white! Simple, classic, and timeless. My island will be a maple stain called Morel. It’s a true taupe, in my opinion. It’s warm but has a bit of gray in it to balance out the yellow.

Cabinet Hardware

For my cabinets, I’ve selected the Howell pulls and knobs from Rejuvenation. I absolutely love the way they look and feel! I’m buying them in unlacquered brass, so the color will patina over time.

For the knobs, I might go with the Massey from Rejuvenation. It’s a bit simpler, which I like. The only issue that it’s ever so slightly shorter, which means that there’s less finger space.

I’m also planning to use cremone bolts on two cabinets. I found these at House of Antique Hardware. When they arrived, they have already started to age. You can see the difference between the new and aged unlacquered brass below.

Kitchen Faucet

On the subject of hardware, let’s talk about the jewel of the kitchen – the faucet! I easily spent two months going back and forth about which faucet to buy. You can see all of my considerations HERE. In the end, I chose the Perrin & Rowe Georgian Era Bridge Faucet in unlacquered brass.

It’s so pretty but I’ll be honest with you, it isn’t practical. For one, you have to touch two separte handles for hot and cold, so if your hands are messy, it’s not ideal. Plus, the side spray is separate so that’s another hole in the counter. But I don’t really cook so….

For more options, check out my Vintage-Style Brass Faucet roundup!


The floor was a tricky one for me. I would love to have hardwood floors in my kitchen because I like the warm color and feeling that they add to the space. Unfortunately, my hardwood floors have been discontinued.

I decided to go with tile and after way too many trips to various stores, I found these 8″ x 48″ plank tiles that look like hardwood from Elysium. The color and style I chose is called Planches Noisette. You can see the coloring here, but I’m planning to lay my floor in a herringbone pattern.


Since my ceilings are lower than standard 8′, my pendant lights need to be shorter than most. That really limits my options…

While my heart loves a beautiful white shade, I’m thinking that I might want to keep my view unobstructed. If that’s the case, clear glass might be the best option for me.

Hood Pendant from Rejuventation

Initially, I had my mind set on the Hood Classic Pendant from Rejuvention. What I like about Rejuvenation is that you can customize the color, size, and shade of most of their pendants. That means that I can create a short version that will work for my ceilings! They are rather pricey though…

Donovan Pendant from Lamps Plus

So then I found this cute Donovan pendant from Lamps Plus. I thought it had a lot of character and is much more affordable. I also came across a few on Etsy that look cute!

The pendant lights all have a pretty short shipping timeframe, so at this point, I think I’ll wait until my cabinets are in to make a decision on which light.

Which do you like best? Click your preferred image and click VOTE to let me know!


Which pendant do you like best?

Counter stooLs

Since my island seating backs up to my refrigerator, I decided to go with backless counter stools. This way, when not in use, I can tuck them all the way under the counter. I might go with a bentwood style that coordinates with my kitchen chairs, but right now, I’m leaning toward black instead.

I almost purchased these gorgeous ones from Ballard Designs. But if I’m completely honest, I forgot to put the seating in my budget for this project so anything I spend will be “over budget”. I looked for a dupe and found this great option! I’ve ordered them and am just waiting for them to arrive.

You can easily find dupes using my Guide to Reverse Image Search!

I still have a lot of details to figure out, like whether I want cushions on my counter stools and what type of rug I need. But for now, I’m just glad to have the big things done!

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  1. Kim,
    I couldn’t be sure my vote was received but I really like the Donovan light. I think all of your choices are lovely and I’m excited for you. I’ve only done 2 complete kitchen renovations and I really enjoyed selecting the details that I knew would make sense for my use of the kitchen.
    Karen B.

  2. How exciting! And I love your color choices! We are going through a full bathroom remodel now. I was so relieved when I finally got all the pieces ordered. This is an old ranch house in the middle of nowhere. Modern fixtures would look so out of place. I tried to be intentional about every piece, tile, plumbing fixture. There are a lot of choices out there!

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