Let’s look at some easy and affordable summer decorating ideas to give your home a summer refresh! Changing up the style with the season keeps your home interesting and can be a breath of fresh air – literally!

Many homeowners decorate for the seasons – Fall, Christmas, Easter – but what about Summer? And for those of you with kids, Summer decorating doesn’t mean wet pool towels, goggles on the floor, and chip crumbs up the stairs! (Although let’s be honest, that’s realistic Summer decor in a home with young kids.)

Sometimes it’s just nice to change things around a bit for Summer to reflect the warmer weather and the longer days. I’ve rounded up 8 easy ideas for a Summer refresh. Use the Table of Contents below to quickly navigate to each section.

pink peonies mixed with white snap dragons lying on wood table


As the days grow warmer and longer, it’s time to infuse your living space with some easy-breezy summer vibes!

Sprucing up your home for the season doesn’t have to be complicated. With a few simple decorating ideas, you can create a laid-back and inviting atmosphere that captures the essence of summer. From swapping out your pillows, to changing your flowers, or even swapping out your art, these tips will help you transform your space into a sunny retreat.

Whether you’re working on your patio or updating your living room, get ready to bring a splash of summer indoors with these fun and effortless summer decorating ideas.


Adding flowers to your home will instantly brighten any room. I’m a fan of clippings from the garden or inexpensive grocery store flowers. But even faux flowers look pretty, add a pop of color, and reflect the long Summer days.

Want more ideas? I’ve rounded up 20 Ideas for Decorating with Flowers

purple white and green flowers in a white pitcher on a dining table set with white dishes and purple gingham napkins

In Winter, I like to use paperwhites, but for Summer, I love roses, peonies, hydrangea, stalk and more! Having the flowers in your home reflect the flowers currently in growing season is an easy way to bring the feel of Summer indoors.

Shop my favorite faux flowers!


New throw pillow combinations and arrangements can instantly change the way a room looks. As much as I like the look of tons of pillows on a sofa, it’s not actually practical. Instead, I like these groupings.

Using inserts with pillow covers is the most economical way to update throw pillows. I love the designs at Pottery Barn, but they do tend to be expensive. I sometimes find gorgeous pillows at amazing prices at discount stores like HomeGoods, though. If the insert isn’t down, I simply remove the cover and use my favorite inserts.

blue throw pillows on linen sofa with dining table in the background

If you love to mix and match patterns, go for it! If you want an easy combination, try for a pattern, a solid, and a geometric! This is a timeless combo that is fairly effortless to pull off!


Scent and memory are closely linked together. For me, the smell of jasmine instantly brings me back to my grandparent’s house. And the smell of sunscreen makes me think of the beach!

So have you ever considered changing your home’s scent for Summer? Perhaps something tropical, floral, or even just fresh.

side table vignette with diy paper mache bowl holding lavender stems next to an old book with glasses and small green plant

Want more ideas? I’ve written a guide to Choosing Your Home’s Signature Scent!


It’s surprising to me how many people don’t consider changing their art. I can understand not changing large, professionally framed art. But what about small art or even your Frame TV art?

Imagine the difference it can make to change out a Winter scene for a field of flowers or a beautiful lake! These little touches can make such a difference to the overall feel of a home and instantly give it a Summer refresh.

Gorgeous art is right at your fingertips – for FREE! Here’s a Designer Secret: Guide to Free Art

black cabinet styled with small framed art and vintage books


Like flowers, plants add life to a room! I no longer have a lot of real plants in my home since my cat keeps eating them. Instead, I use a lot of faux plants and pot them to look real. But even small bits of green like moss rocks, fern stems, and more will add a nice pop of green.

antique round dough bowl filled with faux moss rocks on coffee table next to french candlesticks

I’ve curated a list of my favorite Faux Plants that Look Real


Sometimes, just a bit of rearranging is all you need. In Winter, I use a lot of pinecones, candles, and textured items on my coffee table. Summer is a chance to lighten things up, though! Just some simple changes can instantly change the vibe from Winter to Summer.

clear vase with white peonies and roses on coffee table with frame vintage art above fireplace

In Summer, I love using roses or peonies as an organic element. Then maybe add a clear glass element, a bit of bling, or maybe even some shells!

Here are some of my favorite coffee table decor items. You can find even more HERE.

collage of the best coffee table decor

Sources: Black VaseStone BowlFaux TulipsGlass BoxBlue Bead GarlandMagnifying GlassMatch Stick HolderWhite VaseDistressed Finial ArtichokeGold TrayBlue BoxesMarble DishFernBook


The warmer weather provides a great opportunity to head outside to do a little painting or staining! Take your outdated or damaged furniture that you’ve been staring at all Winter and give it a little update.

I’m a huge fan of chalk-style paint for the simple reason that it’s foolproof and takes zero skill or prep. That’s my kind of painting project!

The mirror below was a HomeGoods score but the green color just wasn’t the look I was going for. A little paint and a couple of hours late and I’m in love with the new look!

trumeau mirror above entry table flanked by french sconces with demijohn and basket underneath the table


Just as it’s possible to update and upgrade the interior of your home without breaking the bank, it’s possible to add a bit of glamour to your backyard while working within a budget.

Whether you’re adding some solar lights, creating a focal point, or even doing some underplanting like I did below, you can turn your space into your own personal oasis.

million bells in red and purple underplanted in terracotta pot with vine

I have a love of European design, you’ll see that some of these ideas pull from European influences. So as you read through, think of the famous gardens you’ve seen or read about and think to what elements they include.

These are my favorite planters to use on the porch and patio:

collage of french country planters for the outdoor garden

Sources: 12345678910


Don’t worry, this isn’t quite what it sounds like! Redesign is the art of shopping your own home. So basically, taking what you have, mixing it all up, and coming up with a whole new look. That’s right. A free home makeover.

Redesigning is a great way to keep your home feeling “new” without spending a dime. Changing things up will allow you to create an environment that reflects your mood, style and taste at any given time.  Picture it like an artist sees a blank canvas – it’s a space to create!

Ready to redesign? Here are the 5 Steps to a Free Home Makeover

closeup of vintage flatware set tied together with twine and a purple flower on top of a purple checked napkin

Updating your home for the summer doesn’t have to cost a dime, but the fresh feel can be priceless! Do you have any other summer decorating ideas you want to share? Drop a comment below!


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